Disappointed with oticon intents feedback

As @e1405 posted, your problem is related to the HAs interpreting certain tones as feedback, and attempting to correct it even though it isn’t feedback.
The warble you hear at these frequencies is very annoying. It’s also known as TTTF (Talking Through The Fan) effect.
This problem was introduced with the OPN S series and the “Feedback Shield” they used to manage feedback.
As you can tell, it is still being employed!!
The good news is your HCP can correct it in the Genie2 fitting program, as @e1405 screen capped earlier.
The setting is in Automatics>Feedback Manager.
If it is still audible after reducing the setting to Low or Off, the older feedback tool is still available to use.


My audiologist fixed it with my OPNS1 by giving me more powerful receivers so my aids had more overhead to work with, and also allowed my aids to be adjusted to my maximum output for my hearing loss. This gave me so much better speech understanding. Technically I could have 85db receivers, but my aids have 105db receivers. With the custom ear molds I don’t have any feedback at all. And something of interest is that my Real1 aids have larger vents than my More1 aids. The programming and fitting is basically the same. It will be interesting what my ear molds will be like.


She gave me the 85db. Not sure she will change it, but I can ask next week.


It would help if we could see your audiogram.

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Did your audi order the Intents for you, yet? Didn’t he fit you for the new ear molds?

Have demo aids now, new ones next week. Using power domes currently, she wants to see how they are before talking about getting custom molds.

Actually i just checked my VA records online and my INTENT1 aids and connect clip has been received and is recorded in my records. The INTENT1 have acrylic semi skeleton ear molds. But I am not scheduled to get them until 21st of June. My impressions are on record with Oticon in 3D digital media format.


And if “asking” doesn’t get your audiogram for you on your first try, make your second try a smiling, sweetly uttered DEMAND, and don’t take any answer until YOUR audiogram is in YOUR hand.

Domes. Darn little piece of matter sure can mess up my hearing aids.

A trick…put your index fingers in your ear. If the volume is getting louder then your domes are letting the sound out…

I use Power Domes too.
I have tried different sizes. Medium. Large. My Right ear is a Large. My Left ear is neither Medium or Large. If I use a Large, I find the ear canal gets itchy after a few days.
A thought…since I have Phonak hearing aids a setting must be changed in Target, the Phonak programming software that the audi uses to set up my Phonak Audeo Paradise P90R’s.
So…maybe you have the wrong size Power Domes. I bought some from Amazon so I could try different sizes/

I decided to ask for custom molds on my next meeting.
I’m not too sure about your test for domes leaking. I have HF loss and my understanding is that domes need to let in some low frequency sound.
I may be wrong on this. I do not want that plugged up feeling when using domes.

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The power domes are the ones that are unvented? Do they seal, meaning, once in place, are they a little hard to get out until you break the seal?

Are you sure they are the right size and pushed in far enough? You may have to do trial and error to get the right size. Painful after a day or two = too large. Doesn’t seal or moves out slightly = too small.

When you push them in, is the wire flat against your head?

Turning down the gain to stop feedback would not be acceptable to me.

It’s easy. Just put your hearing aids on, domes in your ear. Put your index finger in far enough…they seal against the ear canal. Pull them out. They’re gone. While my fingers were in my ear the volume from my hearing aids was much louder. Take them out, and they were quiet. I had closed domes at that time (two tiny holes.)They didn’t seal right.

I cannot recommend custom earmold highly enough for feedback issues. My right ear is definitely worse than my left and after my last adjustment feedback even with power domes was more than I could take. Have silicone custom ear mold - - made very short (ie does not go far into ear) because of sensitivity in that ear and feedback is GONE!!!

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Thanks, I was going to ask if I should get soft or hard molds.

attaching pictures
I am in love with the silicone / soft molds. These are my first custom molds but my husband had the hard ones because back when he was wearing aids that was all that was available and they were a pain.
I did not know they could make them that do not go down into the ear canal - - but this is wonderful for me because that ear canal is extremely sensitive and the least little thing in it HURTS.
My brother has similar but without the “keeper” added “tail” I like having it fit the ear shell with the keeper.
And this SOLVED my feedback issues.
I honestly FORGET that I am wearing aids - - power dome in the other ear. I put them in as soon as I get up in the morning and take them out (and actually switch to an OLD pair of Resound) at night. I have gotten in the shower with them more than once because I forget I have them on!


Did your audi run the feedback management when she changed to power domes? You will hear a loud strange noise and the software auto sets the feedback control. Each time you change to a different dome feedback management should be done.

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Yes, she did run it again. That may not be fitting properly, I can push them more to the point I get occlusion. I’m going to ask her for custom molds.

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Sometimes our ear canals have an odd shape and no mold works well, especially at higher gain levels. I dont have your aids (i have Resound One’s) but i do have severe high freq loss in my left ear and still dont use a custom mold yet because i like the natural lower freq sounds, and i have zero feedback even when cupping my hand over my ear. But i have profound loss in my right ear and definitely need to mold with a very small vent. I was using zero vent but found comprehension didnt improve over a tiny vent. And it did take trying 3 different mold types till i found one that stays sealed and doesnt leak (skeleton type) at all. Best wishes

Thanks for sharing. Waiting for my next appt.

Hello flashb 1024

A while back you responded to my (borserv) post complaining of intermittent distorting warble (TTTF) of either my own or other persons louder speech with Oticon Real1. I discussed your suggestions with my audiologist, he turned off the feedback manager in my left ear and reduced the gain for loud sounds for both. This distortion problem continues and my hearing aids sound a little soft with some feedback in the left ear. I see this problem continues with the Intents. My past experience with Oticon Epoq 1 no distortion, Alta 1, no distortion, Opn 1 no distortion but intermittent shut down then restart of hearing aids in the presence of my own or other persons loud speech.

My Real 1’s are fit with properly sealing non vented 105 dB acrylic c shells with canal locks and a matt nonslip coating. I also have used the same molds with pinhole vents. Aside from issues with the Oticon applied coating peeling off under ninety-day warranty the remade molds coating is now holding up better and feedback is really not an issue. Occlusion without the pinhole vents is annoying but streamed music is excellent and phone streaming clarity has improved. My hearing loss and poor word discrimination present a difficult fix with hearing aids and cochlear implants have been discussed but I’m still not quite ready to make that move. Perhaps were pushing the RIC’s too hard?

I have an upcoming appointment with my audiologist and am reaching out for any other suggestions you may have and for where my audi can find this older version of the feedback tool.