Costco Rexton M-Core (Product Information)

Thanks MDB. I have an appointment for 10/23 at Costco for an updated hearing test and will update the group with my findings. Seems like the Rexton model is identical to the Signia 7X model with 48 channels.

I will be getting my RextonMCore R this week. They were $1800 for pair. My first hearing aids.


What platform is this hearing aid based on? I’m trying to research it right now. There’s a lot of different Signia 7x’s in the comparison tool on this page: Compare Hearing Aids - Hearing Aid Comparison Tool

Can anyone specify what platform/model the M-Core is based on? I’m trying to decide between this of the KS9. My Audiologist is pushing the MCore, but I just want to get the best/most technologically advanced hearing aid. TIA

Similar to Signia Pure 7X. They’re both fine hearing aids. Good luck figuring out which one is the “best/most technologically advanced…” What’s important to you? If you’re a die hard Android fan, the KS9 is an obvious choice. My personal experience with a previous Rexton model is that I like the domes better than Phonaks and I liked the push button functionality much better. If you definitely want a rechargeable aid, the Rexton is the obvious choice. If you’re finding it hard to make a choice, flip a coin and try one. Assuming you’re in the US, you’ve got 180 days to sort it out.


Thanks. I’ve heard a few people mention the Android thing. And I’d rather avoid rechargeable if possible. That helps a lot, thank you.

Hi all,

I got my first fit of the adore iX. Here is a snapshot of the fit. Can anyone comment on what i am seeing? I really like the aids, but comparing to the ks7, i am not getting the same experience at all (ITC vs BTE of course). The fitting felt rushed. Left ear felt pretty good, but did not correct much for my high frequency loss (>4k). Right ear felt much louder than left, and ended up unusable due to “crackling” (sounded like speaker saturation) around 250-500hz.

I went back to costco a couple of days later, different audiologist just went in the software (after connecting directly to the aids by wire, unlike the first audi who struggled with a wireless connection). They did not redo any REM, they just went in a setting where they selected some “experienced user” mode. The feeling changed dramatically, the left ear lost even more of its high frequency boost, and the right ear no longer “crackles”. It does not feel bad, but it does not seem to correct much either. It mostly feels like i hear everything louder at any given frequency, with maybe a boost in the 1000Hz range where both my ears have a dip. I didnt get a chance to take a snapshot of the curve, but it was much “simpler” and everything seemed to overlap. What did they do? What is this “experienced user” setting? Could we not have simply removed the crackling distortion?

Thanks for your input,


I just got my new Rexton hearing aids in September from Costco and as a new user I am trying to understand what I need to know to maximize their effectiveness! Love the easy rechargability.

Posting your audiogram would help. Those are some sort of gain curves. To me (no expert) it looks like a simulation and that they are not connected to the hearing aids. From the gain curves and targets it looks like you have a fairly mild, flat loss, but then again your audiogram would help. Basically keep going back and tell them what problems you’re having. Hopefully you’ll find somebody who seems to have more success and stick with them. If it doesn’t start getting better you could ask that they call the Rexton rep and see if they can help.

Wear them routinely would be the biggest. If you have any issues with them (like having difficulties hearing/understanding in certain situations), schedule an appointment and let them know what problems you’re having. After you’re used to them, ask if they have you at full prescription.


Rexton M-Core I have this for a few weeks and love it, they are fantastic HA, The speech recognition is awesome on adaptive and on conversation . Such a difference between Kirkland 7.

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I am really happy with them Rexton M=Core, Sound crystal clear, I do not need to change to conversation. On adaptive is pretty good, Speech recognition much improved. Custom molds, BTE


Apparently this is just being launched in the US today.

Ralph: Are you happy with the purchase?

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Pretty much my experience with the Rexton M-Core. All around improvement over my KS-6s.

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I use them for 9 months and could not be happier , the speech recognition is awesome, especially English is my second language, I do not bother to change the programs, the Adaptive one is just perfect, I am very happy with that purchase

I’m replacing Costco KS 7 , I don’t want rechargable devices , I can’t deal with 19 hours of charge life. Current devices last 6 days with #312’s , on at 6AM, off at 11PM .
Costco indicates they can provide Rexton M-Core RIC 312 80 (non recharagble) . My question is , is there anyone who can provide user satisfaction or dis satisfaction with the M-Core 80’s . I’m guessing the basic electronics in the new rechargable devices is the same as the non rechargable devices
Thanks for any input.


I can’t answer your question but I also hope they keep replaceable batteries as an option in the future. My KS9’s will last for a long time I hope.

I wouldn’t expect 312 batteries to last as long in the new ones as the KS7. The KS7 didn’t have bluetooth.

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Ya but I can carry a lot of 312 batteries into the back country easier than a charger and and a big battery to run the charger. I leave the aids on at night so I can hear the bears, LOL

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I have them run on 312 batteries and I am extremely satisfied with the HA. Batteries from costco last for 9 days for me