Costco Rexton M-Core (Product Information)

Ralph: Are you happy with the purchase?

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Pretty much my experience with the Rexton M-Core. All around improvement over my KS-6s.

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I use them for 9 months and could not be happier , the speech recognition is awesome, especially English is my second language, I do not bother to change the programs, the Adaptive one is just perfect, I am very happy with that purchase

I’m replacing Costco KS 7 , I don’t want rechargable devices , I can’t deal with 19 hours of charge life. Current devices last 6 days with #312’s , on at 6AM, off at 11PM .
Costco indicates they can provide Rexton M-Core RIC 312 80 (non recharagble) . My question is , is there anyone who can provide user satisfaction or dis satisfaction with the M-Core 80’s . I’m guessing the basic electronics in the new rechargable devices is the same as the non rechargable devices
Thanks for any input.


I can’t answer your question but I also hope they keep replaceable batteries as an option in the future. My KS9’s will last for a long time I hope.

I wouldn’t expect 312 batteries to last as long in the new ones as the KS7. The KS7 didn’t have bluetooth.

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Ya but I can carry a lot of 312 batteries into the back country easier than a charger and and a big battery to run the charger. I leave the aids on at night so I can hear the bears, LOL

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I have them run on 312 batteries and I am extremely satisfied with the HA. Batteries from costco last for 9 days for me