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I know this topic has come up before but here is my personal experience. I purchased my Zerena HA’s about 2 months after first trying a pair of Brio 2’s which I returned because I just did not like the sound and the fact I had to use the Com Pilot. I tried to work through the issues with the Brio 2 but the fitter, who is also the department manager, was not especially sensitive to my issues. She had it in her head from the beginning this was the product for me and nothing was going to change her mind. Needless to say we did not have a warm and fuzzy relationship. I finally just gave up and returned them much to her very obvious dislike.

When the Zerena aids became available and after settling in to the fact that I really needed hearing aids I decided to try again but with a different fitter. At the time of purchase I was led to believe that having a t-coil would be of value and that since it used the 312 batteries it be the same size as the ones without the t-coil. Well, when I got the aids they were noticeably larger and then I found out there is no place that I go that has supports the t-coil technology.

At my first post purchase fitting I expressed my satisfaction with the product but said I want to swap them for a pair without the t-coil. Which would shrink the size and free up a program spot since they are limited to 4. The fitter was not pleased but certainly not angry. She said I would need to purchase a new pair and return these when I was ready. I figured I would wait for a while just to make sure I wanted to keep this particular brand. She agreed.

Fast forward to today. The adjustments have made and these HA’s very wearable. Thanks Volusiano for telling me how to have the auto program set so it would not go in and out. I once again told her I want to swap these for the one without the t-coil. She said she spoke to her manager and there is no simple swap. I said I realize I would have to purchase a new pair and return these. She said if I do that that will be my third pair and I would no longer be able to purchase hearing aids from Costco. I explained that i was sold a product sight unseen and it was not as described. No matter three strikes and you are out. I also said if that is policy than it should be so stated somewhere to which she replied “maybe it is somewhere”. Be assured I am going to return these and if Costco no longer wants my business I can live with that. I have read posts on a number of sites that talk about the attitude of employees in the Hearing Center, many of which are not very complimentary. I had one good and one bad. My current fitter is new and is under the thumb of the ugly manager so I certainly do not blame her. She has been so good to work with on fittings. The end.

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If that is the Costco policy, they should be up front about it. It doesn’t sound like something Costco would be proud of. They’re about as buyer friendly as exists in today’s marketplace.

This happened to another poster a while back. He appealed to the division manager for hearing aids and whatever the rule is was adjusted.

I wouldn’t think the t-coil/size would make a huge difference. It doesn’t change much. But, you should have the option.

I saw a recent article about L.L. Bean doing away with their lifetime guarantee. There aren’t a lot of places left with great customer service. It is always sad to see another bite the dust.



Ken, It is not a huge difference in size but it is obvious some of which is the addition of another button. I was concerned when I made my initial purchase and asked to see both. They only had a sample of the one without the t-coil which interestingly is the one she suggested. I liked her so I believe her when she said they were the same size. They were so new to Costco that I suppose they didn’t have many sales. If I need to wear HA’s I want the smallest ones that fit my needs.

I am probably going to send an email complaint to Corporate. You are correct if this their policy then put in the 180 day statement. I fully understand the need to draw a line on returns but I can think of something better. In this case I was give erroneous information so I should only be credited with two returns. After three returns how about a waiting period of 2 or 3 years before you can have another return. I was told I could not purchase another HA from Costco, they should have said I could not return another HA. Why would they care how many I purchase? Generally, I really like Costco but the Hearing Department needs some attention.



Is it possible to try another Costco location. If not there’s always the store general manager, from there there should be a regional manager. You get the idea. Good luck.



I also had a less than accommodating fitter (the department manager) at Costco – but he was good, and I learned some things from him (after wearing HAs for 20-years!)… ANYWAY, I wanted to return the KS6’s I bought to trial something else. He basically pleaded with me not to because it would count against him. So, I have KS6’s and they’re OK, but prefer the sound of my Rextons so look forward to KS8’s when I can justify the expense.



Not sure how it works elsewhere, including other provinces in Canada but, where I am, all Costcos have access to my file. That only changed two or three years ago and I think it’s a good thing. Well, as long as the record is positive, anyway.



I am sure they are connected but the bigger issue is why is this policy not made public and I understand why they would want to limit returns. From a business standpoint why should someone get new HA’s every 6 months, assuming they wanted to go through the buy return hassle. Years ago Costco would let you purchase a high end camera and the return policy was open ended. Guess what, every time Sony or whom ever came out with a new camera the returns skyrocketed. I just felt like I was looked at as a want something for nothing customer and it pissed me off. If they had samples of the t-coil model I would never have purchased it.



Makes sense. They may not be on commission but they beat them up if they get too many returns.




I don’t know what Costco you are visiting, but we had my father into the one in Sarasota two years ago, they were very good then. Of course, that could have all changed by now.




I believe that Any Costco store/HD can access your account with the proper ID. If you were visiting a country that has a Costco you are able to use your membership card [now Visa] and it would be accepted.



I don’t understand,what do you mean?



Combined card. (Canada)



Ok, thanks, Visa threw me.



Via card is also your Costco Membership Card,



It’s Capital One Platinum Master Card in Canada and you need to be a Costco member to get the exclusive MC. Not sure about elsewhere.



It is a Citibank card here. Same rebates but for some reason you can’t use it in place of your Costco card. You could when it was American Express.



This page seems to say the US Citi card can double as the membership.



Doesn’t work at the gas pump for me. I need to put the membership card in and then the Visa.



Maybe they have to be linked or something. I don’t know. I don’t have Costco credit cards.



My Citi Card works in their gas pumps in California. I do not have a membership card other than my Visa. Perhaps it’s different state by state?