Costco ReSound Forte (Product Information)



Possibly convertible with parts from Resound? The Linx 3D does have a rechargeable feature. Don’t know if parts are switchable or not. Still, as asked, Costco does not have a rechargeable version.


Thanks everybody for your comments. You all basically said I was expecting to much from my Forte aids. I guess I will have to continue using my Sennheiser bluetooth headphones when I want to listen to ITunes music on my iPhone.

I still am very happy with my Forte aids. Using them for phone calls , resturant environments, and sitting on the patio while the birds chirp away is amazing. All this at what I think is a reasonable price of $2800!


I don’t see why you can’t use your Sennheiser Bluetooth headphones in conjuction with your hearing aids for the best experience.


I just tried using my Sennheiser Bluetooth headphones in conjuction with my hearing aids. You are right - it is a very good sound experience!


I’ll be interested in reading how they work for you in noisey locations, like crowded restaurants. I’m looking to replace mine. I’ve been using the KS6’s for about 18 months, love that I can control them from my phone, but not happy with the performance with background noise.


I am no expert, but I think Forte excels with phone calls, the ability to use an iPhone to adjust, and crowded restaurant situations. I can finally carry on a conversation and really understand all the words spoken in a noisy environment.


When it comes to your hearing you are the expert.


No, Resound’s rechargeable is a separate product line. If they are keeping to their usual cycle, it won’t land at Costco for another year.


I never thought of it that way - you are right :blush:


Am I understanding correctly then that the ReSound Forte now available at Costco is the same as the Lynx 3D, except for Tinnitus and ReSound Assist features? If so, that’s an amazing price!


Your assumption is correct, @sydney.


Thank you, KenP. That’s $3,000 less than my audi quoted. Amazing!


I just came across the following on another thread:

“The Costco Specialist said the Forte has two mikes while the Audiologist said the Linx 3D has seven mikes.” Any idea if this is correct?


From what I’ve now researched, this is not the case (two mikes vs. seven). So please ignore my last question, and thanks again!


My first trial on first pair I’m ever going to have is the Forte 8 -312 RIC. I’m giving up the loop (would rarely need/use) & giving up the longer battery life. The 50% thicker on the 13 RIC bothered me with my glasses. I wont get them until we’re back from a trip on 10/24 but I will report back, once I start wearing.


I ordered a pair of Fortes, 312 battery, Oct. 9, and expect to get them on the 20th. I returned the Brio2 I’ve been wearing since May, and went back to my KS6s in the interim. I don’t think I ever did adjust to the Brio2, and had an issue in the car where the automatic program could never figure out how to deal with the competing sounds of road and wind noise and music. It was driving me to distraction.

Looking forward to getting the Fortes, and have a new respect for my KS6s, and not having to mess with a ComPilot for streaming.


Had the new Resound Forte 8 13 replace my 3 year old KS6s Oct 11.
iPhone 8+, Apple Watch S3, Resound TV Streamer.
My hearing is Severe, near Profound loss.

Costco Audi was super; I have been with her for 7 years, 4 HAs, and this is par. Spent one hour with me when we ordered them 2 weeks earlier. 1:15 to adjust them on the 11. I have two follow up , 1 week, 1 month later. That is as good as it gets in service.

It’s too soon for a full evaluation. Here are my 1st impressions:

  1. Speech comprehension has improved markedly. Subjectively on a scale of 10, from 5 to 8+
  2. iPhone app has so many features it’s going to take time to use all of the. One in particular, Restaurant setting speech focus… our Achilles heel. Speech Enhancement, Noise Reduction are accessible on the opening app screen. Treble, bass are available over a range of frequencies.
  3. the Watch app is not loading consistently but whenever it’s on it changes everything! No fumbling for the phone, just discreet access to all the features… what can I say.
    Audio streaming from the phone is controllable on the Watch ‘Now Playing’ app (native app, not resound app). Again, if somebody talks to me while streaming I don’t have to ask to wait, fumble with my phone to stop streaming… just tap the Watch face, best feature ever.
  4. my 3 year old Resound TV streamer still works as good or better with the Forte; no need for subtitles.

For us relying so much on our HAs the Watch is becoming a very good friend.
After things settle down, i’ll make more complete separate reviews on hearing, app, and iPhone/Watch.


The Resound Forte 8 3D RIC 312 battery is $2600/pair.


The Forte 8 with 13 batteries is $2800. I stream a lot, so I hope the larger 13 batteries will have better endurance. 3 Days with the KS6s; hoping over 5 Days with the 13. We’ll see…
The slightly larger size of the HAs is not noticeable for me.


Prices are higher in California.