Costco ReSound Forte (Product Information)



I now have a pair of these. I have discovered some additional functionality that is missing from the Smart 3D app when used with the Resound Forte.

Specifically, the Sound Enhancer functionality (second level of drill down within the various programs) has been dumbed down.

For example, in the Restaurant program, the Sound Enhancer does not permit the user to control the degree of microphone focus nor the amount of noise reduction - only tonal balance.

I am disappointed with this discovery, as I had hoped to experiment with these settings to find my “best” Restaurant settings, which I felt was a notable weakness with my KS5 aids (similar to Resound Verso).

This missing functionality was present in the now discontinued Resound Cala, and similar functionality is presently available in the KS7 and Brio2. This is strictly a Resound marketing decision and a curious one. I knew I would not have the remote programming or tinnitus features of the Linx3D, but I was not expecting this.

There is a lot to like about these aids, but right now I am not happy about this omission.


The Sound Enhancer functionality has not been dumbed down. Speech focus and noise reduction adjustments are only available on Forte 8. It’s also possible that your fitter changed the directionality setting in your Restaurant program to fixed instead of adaptive, and the noise tracker setting to per environment. These changes will cause speech focus and noise reduction to be unavailable in the app.


Thank you Rasmus! I do have the Forte 8. This is very helpful.


I have Cala 8s. Wondering if any better technology in Forte 8s would improve my hearing experience? I know the app is different.


Are you still in the 180 day trial, @25Firefighter? If so, I’d return them for the newer model. If not, the changes aren’t likely to be that great. The hype for the 3D was remote adjustments and that is disabled in the Costco model. Other changes would be incremental and may not even be noticed by many users. The Cala is 3rd generation software and pretty well optimized.


I tried the Calas’. There was no improvement over my KS6s. The streaming, which is important to me, was actually slightly worse, so I returned them.
I’ve had the Forte 8s 13 for a week and they are keepers. For me, much better speech, streaming, and MFi integration Smart 3D app is near perfect.
Still, we need to remember that speech performance is dependent on the HAs and on the Audi programming. Looks like mine hit the sweet spot…


I realize it is only a software change but the new Resound App for the Linx3D & Forte is amazingly good. Anyone can download it and try it in demo mode.

If you just want basic volume control and program switching then that is all you have to see. If you want more and wish to really get “under the hood” with the settings and even save your settings as custom programs, then that is readily available as well.


If you don’t have access to your Audi, the ability to remotely reprogram/adjust the Lynx 3D HAs could help. Still, no match for a direct fitting.
The All-Around Smart 3D app has Speech enhancement (tried it, works), noise reduction, bass-middle-treble adjust curve (you can save), wind noise reduction.
The Restaurant has noise filter, speech focus or hear everyone, wind … the speech focus shows graphically the angle of focus with default set at about 30deg…


One more data point,
Battery life with audio, tv, phone streaming:
KS6s 312 batteries 3 Days
Forte 8 13 batteries 6 Days
Battery cost same for both



The Costco aid is suppose to have remote adjustments disabled.


You are right. Unlike the Lynx 3D, the remote on the Forte 8 is disabled.
I was saying that if you had easy access to your Audi, face-to-face sessions are likely to be more productive. Otherwise, the Forte 8 uses the same excellent Smart 3D software.


Please help me understand The smart 3d app(iPhone) for the Costco Forte 8 HA

will work or not?


I live a hour + drive to my Costco for Adjustments,which is O.K. when I need twerking of the Aids.

C P Ron


It does work according to reports.


I think Baywood is referring to Remote Programing that the Forte does not have. I have the Forte’s and the Smart3D app. The app does work and it is awesome.


The Smart 3D app on the iPhone works, perfectly.
It also works on the Apple Watch! All you do is raise your wrist and you have control. No fumbling with your phone. I know it is expensive, but so are wearables… the ability to stream and control at a lift of a wrist is priceleesss if you have severe/profound hearing loss.
It’s a lifestyle changer helping me in just 1 week to reconnect with family and friends


Now I see said the blind man LoL:sunglasses:



Long but interesting article on Resound strategies employed by the Linx3D (and now also the Forte)

Audiology Online article on Resound Linx3D

“At ReSound, we have been working on Binaural Directionality III for a long time. Many years ago, however, our head of research had the idea that we needed to create a directional system that did not force people to listen in a tunnel. He firmly believed that it was absolutely possible to hear everything around while still gaining the signal-to-noise ratio benefit that you would get from a directional microphone. My first thought was that I had spent a fair amount of my career developing directional microphones, and now he wants us to go in a different direction?”


Thanks for an informative article for us that are using the Forte 8s. Never hurts to know more about the process.
I can attest to the Binaural Directionality, something I noticed clearly but did not have a label for before reading this article. After I was fitted with the Forte, I could walk side by side with my friend and not to have to turn my head to keep up with our conversation. Same with my wife when I’m not directly looking at her.


I purchased a pair of the Resound Forte 8 two weeks ago after having had the Costco KS5 (Resound Verso similar) since September 2013. At the time I purchased the KS5, I also purchased the Phone Clip + and Mini Microphone.

As I was averaging a little over 4 days of battery life with the KS5. I chose the Forte version using the size 13 battery hoping to obtain “one functional week” between battery changes (Monday morning through Sunday night). It presently looks like I am going to be able to achieve this.

The Forte with the size 13 battery is slightly thicker, but also has a smaller profile than the KS5 with 312 battery. It seems no larger or heavier overall. The Forte / 312 is really small which is also appealing.

My older model Mini Microphone will not pair with Forte. Since Resound now sells two newer versions (Micro & Multi Microphone), it appears my version is being “obsoleted”. Disappointing.

I am still assessing the sound quality in various “more difficult” environments. My early thoughts are that the All Around program and Restaurant program are both very much improved over what I have had.

The new App is fantastic.

I do have an iPhone and find the “Made for iPhone” aspects liberating. I do still have an important application for my Phone Clip +. I no longer wear it, but instead have it stationed at work on my desk for use with my office landline / Bluetooth transmitter. Resound does a good job in integrating these various functions, and everything works together without issue.


Any idea about transient noise like sudden sharp sound too loud or reduced to comfortable level and how echo large room speech is?