Costco Phonak Brio 4 (Product Information)

Update 9/23/2020

Phonak Brio 4 is a family of hearing instruments available from Costco with features similar to Phonak M90 products. It replaces the Phonak Brio 3 product line.

BTE Models:
• Brio 4 B-312 (312 battery, wireless, direct connectivity, t-coil, earhook or thin tube, 60 gain)
• Brio 4 B-13 (13 battery, wireless, direct connectivity, t-coil, earhook, 80 gain)

ITE Models:
• Brio 4 I-10 NW O (10 battery, non-wireless, t-coil, 3 power levels)
• Brio 4 I-312 (312 battery, wireless, direct connectivity, directional mics, volume switch, 4 power levels)

• Automatic 3.0 premium
• Own voice pick-up (excludes Brio 4 I-10 NW O)
• Balance
• Loud noise (excludes Brio 4 I-10 NW O)
• Car
• Echo
• Speech direct (excludes Brio 4 I-10 NW O)
• HiFrequency protect+
• Directional microphone premium (excludes Brio 4 I-10 NW O)
• DuoTel (excludes Brio 4 I-10 NW O)
• Real ear effect (excludes Brio 4 I-10 NW O and Brio 4 I-312)
• 20 fine-tuning channels, 9 automatic programs, 3 manual programs

Wireless Accessories:
• TV Connector
• PartnerMic
• RemoteControl


Phonak Brio 4 B-312.pdf (98.6 KB)
Phonak Brio 4 B-13.pdf (188.9 KB)
Phonak Brio 4 I-10 NW O.pdf (239.4 KB)
Phonak Brio 4 I-312.pdf (211.1 KB)

myPhonak app for Apple iOS:

myPhonak app for Android:


Thanks! Few questions:
1)I see it uses the My Phonak app. Is this limited to the Brio 4 or does the KS9 now support the MyPhonak app (perhaps with a firmware upgrade?) Do these have the ability to pair with more than one device? If so, do KS9 gain this feature?
2)I see it supports PartnerMic. Will KS9 also?

The KS9 uses the Easy Line Remote app. Brio 4 can pair with two Bluetooth devices. And PartnerMic does not support the KS9.

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After a quick look it appears the Brio 4 is basically the same as the KS9 but a BTE with the Phonak app, Partner Mic and Remote Control.
Sound about right?

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And can pair to 2 x Bluetooth devices.

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I didn’t see that when I looked.
My bad.

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What’s the price?
Is size-13-battery version available?

Pricing depends on where you’re located, but in general, $1249.99/ea. A size 13 battery version is not available.


Does this appear to be an improvement on the KS9? Or just pretty much the same only a BTE version?

It appears to be a noticeable upgrade. Basically it seems to have the firmware upgrade that allows pairing with 2 BT devices, the improved app and the PartnerMic. From Rasmus, none of those are available in the KS9. However, if you don’t care about apps, only use one BT device and don’t want a PartnerMic, it would have no advantages (unless you prefer BTE)

Just went to the and this site showed a brio 4 and brio 3. When you click on Brio 4 then Phonak Brio 4 comes on and it shows a RIC picture with videos. When you click on the Brio3 it shows a BTE.
Please correct me if I am wrong on this site, but it looks like the Brio4 is an RIC.

Your link is wrong. It’s I agree that the picture looks like a RIC, but it says it a BTE. I trust RasmusBraun to have the correct info and he says it’s a BTE,

Sorry for the typo for the web site. I am hoping Phonak releases the Brio 4 in an RIC model before I decide my next set of HAs this summer. I like the Brio 4 accessories and app better than those offered by RS9.

@Lau2046 here’s the details for the Brio 4. :slight_smile:

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I have been using Costco BRIO-1 hearing aids for 5 years and it is time to upgrade for direct Bluetooth support and to get other improved technologies with the BRIO-4. My BRIO-1 units are also starting to show their age with repair problems. I have not seen on this forum real use reviews on the BRIO-4 as to switching from a RIC to a BTE speakers or other benefits or problems. Also other comments on the new improvements to the BRIO-4 technology and the Android phone application and other “real life” comments with this new model would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Has anyone seen the dimensions listed for the Brio 4? I’m wondering how it compares in size to the KS9 or Marvel 312? Thanks, Bob.

This is just a guess but I bet the Bolero M 312 would be very similar.

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Does this include Remote fitting sessions? Will Costco have the ability to perform Remote fitting sessions with the Brio 4 BTE?

Also, will Costco have the ability to setup CROS/BiCROS fittings?

I have no idea. I’d guess no to the Remote Fittings but could imagine them considering it depending on how Covid-19 plays out. I feel more confident of my guess that they will not deal with CROS/BiCROS, but again I don’t know. Perhaps @rasmus_braun has definitive answers to these questions?

Some Costco locations are already set up to perform remote adjustments for ReSound and Rexton models. I don’t believe Phonak is available yet. And Brio 4 is not compatible with CROS/BiCROS.

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