Costco Kirkland Signature 9.0 (Product Information)

I will check that out.
I know my Beyond and Venture Phonaks have mute that is not one of the programs.
Love the mute function.

Once upon a time in the West…oh man, I love that song…

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Ordered my jet black KS9s today…looking forward to sharing my experience in a couple of weeks. I’ve spotted the Noahlink Wireless on a couple of German websites for €99 - seems a very good price, just wondered if anyone had experience of ordering from over there?

And I predict, you will love it and many others even more when streaming from your computer. The TV connector is well worth the $, its as if the music is taking place in your head. Said the 75 year old teenager.


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I currently have I believe KS4 (very old, about 8-9 years) and just ordered the KS9’s. Super excited! And I therefore have some questions.

My KS4’s had a charger / dryer that I bought with it and I believe this has kept them lasting longer than they probably needed to.

Does the KS9 have a dryer too?

What’s your battery life like? I know it’s not great but a number of days would be good.

I’ve seen mention of the TV streamer. Are there other accessories?

I’m super excited about the Bluetooth functionality. What’s the app called on iOS? I’d like to download and check it out.

No dryer/charger, as this model while very advanced is very reasonable $. The TV connector in my opinion is a must, but must be ordered, not apparently an in stock item, so check. My loss is great so battery life for me is 5 days if I switch the batteries at night, left to right. If not 4 days. You have to open the battery door every night or whenever you take them off anyway so switching isn’t a problem. I noticed that the right side always went dead first so got the idea to switch back and forth. Your old ones shut off with a push, was handy when wanting to mute, doing loud work, etc. The Ks9 does have a mute, but you may need to ask for it, it is activated by a long push on either lower button.


Thanks for the info.

I currently do the battery switch left-right every night as my one ear is worse than the other and the one side kept dying before.

I’ll find out about the TV connector. The closed captioning is driving my wife nuts! It annoys me too getting in the way but at least I know what’s going on!

I’ll definitely ask for the mute. I know when I’ve been back with my KS4’s they’ve sometimes forgotten to put the mute function back and it’s very annoying. The mute on the KS9 looks neat on how it works with the BT.

A little BT information. The KS9’s will only hook up to one BT device at a time and re-pairing becomes tiresome. So commonly the HA’s are paired to your smartphone, a requirement for the Easyline App. to work anyway. So if you are steaming say music from your phone, you can do a long low push to mute the surround, you can not mute when talking on the phone via BT. So for everything else, the TV, Stereo, computer, etc. the TV Connectors are the answer as they will link to the HA’s by a simple button push on the TV connector, and stream the sound, different than BT. I have 3 TV connectors and going from one to the other only requires you to link with this button push, once you like the sound volume, you can then Mute the surround sound. A little experience with this is all that is required.


Either a short touch to either button which will unmute and raise or lower the volume by one, or a single long push on the high side which will disconnect the streaming and unmute. A long push on the low side will unmute at the point it was muted.

EDit to note: This was in answer as to what to do if you were streaming with mute on, and someone approached for a conversation.


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Ks9 hearing aids

Do phone calls ring in hearing aids?

Do alert tones sound in hearing aids?

Question for users migrating from ks6 with an iPhone to ks9. How do you rate connectivity and sound quality between the two hearing aids?

I’m considering a ks9 trial. I feel apple mfi has gone backwards in the past four years.

Yes, and yes. I’ve set my phone to auto answer after two rings also, it even announces who is calling if in my contacts. Pretty funny.


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RDB, How did you do this. I’ve tried with my iPhone but to no avail. Please advise.

Some of these sort of things you stumble across. I have android, S8, and under Sounds in Settings it was shown as “answering and ending calls” at the bottom under “Looking for something else.” I clicked on it and found it to both answer auto, and say the name. It says the name pretty fast and it took a while to realize it was actually working. LOL


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If you have an iPhone and ks9 hearing aids do phone calls and texts sound in your hearing aids?

I couldn’t find that setting on my Android version 9, but I do have an app called “Shouter” that announces all my calls and texts and various other things I chose when I’m anywhere except in my car.

In my car, Alexa announces calls and reads texts at my request, and also at my request I can dictate replies which Alexa reads back to me for accuracy before sending. It even pauses my news or music program to make these announcements, and then resumes mid-sentence or mid-note when finished.

Two different apps for two different situations.

Also, I’ve started following the Marvel threads here on Hearingtracker, and have been interested to find that, even though the Marvel has a few more features, they seem to have the same complaints about the same frustrations and the same enjoyment of what is going well with the Marvels as we do with the KS9s. It’s added some insight for me. We are very lucky to get that Connector for $99 from Costco whereas they are paying about $250 for exactly the same unit.

Many complaints there about Phonak’s implementation of bluetooth breaking up, and getting around it using the Airstream TV connector for superior sound and clarity where possible.

To have your IPhone announce calls
Announce Calls - Select your choice

Yes, my iPhone speaker always announces the caller’s ID (I selected the “Always” option under Announce calls). But how do I get my KS9 HAs to announce it? I tried both the “Headphones Only” and “Headphones and Car” options. Neither worked.

I’m sorry I must have misunderstood, my phone announces the call not my hearing aids

No problem. My question arose when RBD reported that he did it (using his S8 phone).
Has anyone done it with an iPhone?