Costco Kirkland Signature 8.0 (Product Information)



I’m not sure what you are asking. I have the KS8.0 with the HP receivers. I am currently using double-domes but I’m going back on the 15th to get impressions made for custom molds. The molds are cheap, $39 each, and are returnable for refund if they don’t work. You can try the hearing aids with domes if you want, before you get the molds.


You are talking about an Ultra Power receiver. They require molds. You are talking $78. Often clinics will charge 10% and that based often on a $6K+ price. I’m a bit surprised they are fitting you. Normally, they would want you in a BTE aid. That’d be $800 more at Costco.


Yes, Kirkland KS8 13 now available with the telecoil and 13 battery. One sample product has been sent to each Costco and Costco has to order that direct. The battery door is a little larger and the aid will sit slightly different behind the ear.


Don and Ken, Thanks for the info.


KenP, what is an Ultra Power receiver; who needs them? What do they do?: how do they do what they do?; and how much do they cost?


There are 3 standard receivers and a 4th that requires mold rather than droms. They are the item that your dome/mold surrounds.

It is based on output capacity. As they get more powerful, there true fidelity decreases somewhat. So, one uses the lowest level possible considering their loss for optimum results. There’s also a size progression.

They are included with the aid and not considered a profit center. You get replacements under warranty. You can see or buy them on ebay.

You can look at their specs on any of the manufacturers sites.


Thanks for the explanation, Ken.


We have just spent our first afternoon with new KS 8s with Telecoil which had just arrived at our Costco. We aren’t sure when we will first experience the clarity of Telecoil as we’re also facing first doses of Zytiga, Prednisone, and Xgeva. Tough days with much pain and a recent hernia surgery to boot.

The KS 8s are outstanding. We have our usual six program selections but stayed with automatic for today which was perfect with no voices on TV having loud buzzing at all! I spoke without thinking if I was too loud or too soft.

We were treated like royalty at our Costco. Tonight my husband went to a well-deserved rest (he also wrestled a hose down our sewer line.) You don’t want to know any more about our day or lives. Tonight I plugged in the dryer device which is under the piano and will shut off automatically. Now if the Zytiga works to bring down that PSA we may have more than a few months to listen to books, music, and each other. Thanks for listening yourselves. Let us know how these amazing hearing aids work for you. Mrs. S

P.S. The connection between the iPhone 6 and KS 8 couldn’t have been better in the store and talking to an out-of-state family member. Bravo Apple and Costco!


We know that it seems to be basically a Rexton 80 8c with a different shell, because “Rexton” appears in some KS8 web places and the device reportedly says “80 8C” inside the battery compartment. But, other than the corporate relationship, what’s the basis for listing Signia 7Nx similarity? Just asking; not arguing :slight_smile:


Rexton and Signia products are manufactured by the same company. The main difference is on the business side. Rexton is primarily sold by big-box stores and drugstores, while Signia is carried by independent audiologists and dispensers. The 8c and Nx platforms have a similar feature set. Only the names have been changed to protect the innocent.


Rexton is a marketing brand for Signia. You can find more information on the Signia website than the Rexton.


I’d say the biggest difference is that the Signia version of Connexx allows a lot more fine tuning than the Rexton version. I also think certain features are excluded–notch therapy for instance. (edit–see Rasmus’s note–I was in error) That said, my experience so far says most audiologists/hearing aid fitters don’t find it helpful to get into the intricacies of the software.


Tinnitus notch therapy is available with 8c products (but not KS8).


Does anyone know how good Smart Transmitter 2.4 is for TV streaming to KS 8 hearing aids? Can other people hear the sound as well? And how much does it cost?


I can just comment on the Signia version, which I’m pretty sure is the same thing with a different name. It works great. What other people hear depends on the sound level of the TV. They won’t hear the transmitted sound (unless your hearing aids are really cranked up!) Don’t know about cost. I’d guess in the $200-$250 range from other experience with Costco.


Are you talking about the Rexton TV transmitter? It works great. I have program 2 on the hearing aids set for the TV transmitter. It depends on how you hook up the transmitter, whether other people can still hear the TV. If you hook up to the headphone jack of the TV, the TV speakers may not work. I go from the Dish Network Hopper3 to the sound system with HDMI. The Hopper also has a Toslink that is active and I hook that up to the Rexton transmitter. You can split and/or convert almost any signal so you may have to just lay out your options and figure what’s the best way for you.

Let me know your specific layout and I can throw some options out there.


The transmitter is one of the accessories discussed under Kirkland Signature 8.0 FAQs where it says, “Direct streaming TV requires the Smart Transmitter 2.4 accessory”. Since KS 8 is similar to a Rexton model (80 8c?) and is made by Rexton for Costco (as I understand) these two accessories may be identical.

I have not bought KS 8 yet but if I buy I will discuss the connection issue further. I will use the Toslink audio output to connect to the Smart Transmitter and I do not want others to be able to hear.
“Connecting to your electronic device
You can connect the transmitter to your electronic device
with the TOSLINK cable or with the RCA cable. We
recommend using the TOSLINK connection. Use the
supplied cables and adapters.”


Regarding other people hearing the TV audio I presently use a Sony or a Sennsheiser wireless RF headphone connected to the Toslink output and do not use the hearing aids. I have put an amplifier in between the Toslink and the transmitter to get quite loud sound which I can adjust at the headphone. No sound is leaked out. With these RF devices I can hear sound even outside the apartment (not that I do!). Only problem is the interference with microwaves if I am within a few feet of the cooker.

I have to decide if I keep the present equipment or go for streaming to the hearing aids using a Smart Transmitter.

BTW, when I stream music/audio from my iPod to my present OPN1 hearing aid I do not think any one apart from myself can hear it, but I have not done the actual test to check.


I asked on the phone to my local Costco about the cost the other day: a cent or two less than $90.


Thanks brec. Definitely worth trying this to compare with the sound I get from my Sony MDR-DS6500 or Sennheiser HDR 170 or RS 120.