Costco Kirkland Signature 8.0 (Product Information)



There seems to be a lot of disagreement about how the KS8s work with the iPhone for streaming phone calls. For me, phone calls automatically ring in my HAs. I still have to answer the call from my iPhone. I can place the iPhone in my shirt pocket, with the microphone end of it upwards, and it works well as “hands free”. I’ve put the iPhone down on a counter and it still works, but not if you get too far away. I’ve been 12 to 15 feet away and it still works, but am told that I sound a little far away. As far as I can tell, the microphone on the iPhone works with the hearing aids the same way it does as when you’re on speaker.


My main problem is with the clarity of the sound while streaming on the iPhone. Don’t get me wrong-it’s clear enough to hear and understand well, but it’s just not close to the sound quality of the iPhone’s earbuds. Some people aren’t reporting this problem, and I don’t understand why I’m having it.


It’s been 24 hours and I have not received a response from the support people at Rexton. Not so much as an acknowledgement of having received my message. I generated it from inside the Smart Direct app, so it should have gone to the right place…Still occasionally getting the clicking, as someone else pointed out, it sounds like the beat of a snare drum.


I received a reply this afternoon. They stated that this issue is a function of Apple’s implementation of Low Energy Bluetooth. They recommend either unpairing/repairing them, or stopping and restarting the audio stream. Apparently this issue has been reported to Apple and they have hopes that it will be addressed in future IOS updates.


There is no comparing,the Resounds Fortes are so much better then the K8"s I will turn in my K8’s as soon as I get back from my trip,I had the Resounds for 6 years with hardly any problems with them,I then when to the K7’s did not like at all,got a refund and now have the K8"s not any better then the 7! will go back to the new Resound when I returned from my trip.


Thank you for your thorough review. Please continue to post updates. I am thinking of getting them also. I had the Bernafon Juna9 last year…not good. Tried the KS7 last summer…not any better.


No, you can stream music and calls from your connected iPhone without an intermediary accessory. Unfortunately for Android users, this direct connectivity isn’t available, and this applies to just about all hearing aids. It’s due to the nature of Android as an operating system. But from both iPhone and Android you can control volume, program selection and microphone directionality as with the KS 7’s.

The KS 8’s have MFi capability, IP68 (moisture and dust resistance), and motion detection for starters.


On your iPhone, you can use the Smart Direct app to control the volume, program change etc.


Same here, but iPhone to BlackBerry to Android to iPhone. Loved BB10 (like your DP). You may like the iPhone X and above with its swipe gestures which are very BB10-like. Many people enjoy their hearing aids connecting to their phones without having to wear a big device around their necks. It’s all a matter of personal preference but Apple is getting into healthcare in a big way.


For those not wanting to spend 300 dollars for the accessory (smart mic) to stream music from Android to thier Kirkland 8.0 hearing aids…I found a really cheap workaround solution.

I went to swappa and bought a cheap used older iPhone for 35 dollars.

Any iPhone 4 S. And newer will work. The iPhone 4 will not, so note the “S”.

I then popped in my current sim just to setup the phone, then took it out and back into my Android.

Then I just hotspot wifi tether the iPhone to my Android phone for internet. I have all my music apps and can stream anything over the iPhone wifi.

This will definitely put that accessory unsellable now. Lol. So they should get native Android support soon.


Well…how about that. User @filtered over at this thread might be very interested to know that.

Your Android part…not so fast. :slight_smile: You’re still needing the made for iphone connectivity for that “last mile” stereo to the HA’s.

Any way for you to test audio-lag delay with a video playing on the Android but hearing it through the HA’s via the iphone?

But all very well for streaming audio but how will you use the Android phone through the iphone? That expensive mic can handle phone calls.


There is no lag since you are streaming from the iphone. Your Android is simply a WiFi hotspot.

The point is to spend 35 dollars vs. 300.

If you desire to answer calls on the iPhone, you can use your sim card…


Get Google voice and use that as on the iPhone


I understand the hotspot thing. I was wondering if you were to watch a video on the Android screen but stream its audio to the iphone and on up to the HA’s whether there would be any lag. I’m not even sure it’s possible.

I understand the point. I thought it was great of you to share. I think the guy in that other thread would be interested to know that it works.

I understand being able to answer calls on the iphone. I was wondering what you might be able to do with answering calls on the Android and bringing the audio through to the iphone and on up to the HA’s. I’m not even sure it’s possible.

IP phone indeed. (nodding head…riiiggghhht…of course) Except for choppy audio across the internet.


Good Day, I returned the ReSound, price $2500 as they nothing more than my three year old Phonak, I had just wanted the Bluetooth connectivity. The app was hinky the should was good, nothing great, Does anyone know if the Kirkland Signature™ 8.0 Premium have telecoil? I see they are made for iPhone and $1000 less than the ReSound… any feedback appreicated…


Good Day, I returned the ReSound, price $2500 as they nothing more than my three-year-old Phonak, I had just wanted the Bluetooth connectivity. The app was hinky the sound was good, nothing great, Does anyone know if the Kirkland Signature™ 8.0 Premium have telecoil? I see they are made for iPhone and $1000 less than the ReSound… any feedback appreciated…


According to the Product Information at the top of this thread, they offer a telecoil in the 13 battery size. My take is that bluetooth issues are not uncommon regardless of which hearing aids you get, but with patience and persistence can be worked out.


thank you for the quick feedback


thanks for the reply


Let me refer you to my long winded discussion and happily ending up with the KS8T as of yesterday.


Question on the KS 8.0. Is there anyone that is using this with the HP-Receiver? I would like to try them but a special HP-Receiver mold has to be made. That is a receiver that has to be made like a regular ear mold and there is no refund if they will not work for me.