Costco Kirkland Signature 5.0s


What you can do with the KS5 is load tinnitus masking sounds onto a DAP with Bluetooth (iPod) and stream them directly to the KS5’s through the Clip+. I have white noise (typical masking sound) as well as a “nature” sound, a babbling brook sound, and my favorite - “wind chimes with rain and distant thunder.”

Honestly though, the hearing aids alone greatly helped me with my tinnitus. My Phonaks have a tinnitus masking feature but I never use it.

Can you give me some info on the new KS5’s? Are those $1899? What comes with them? My dad needs some, but I’m not sure about HA’s from Costco or Sams

The Kirklands are $1899, and include a remote control, 3 year repair warranty, and 2 year loss and damage coverage.

Many of us love Costco.

Fine products

Great return policy

Amazing prices.

Hard to beat IF YOU GET A GOOD FITTER. Many do.

I have a real star here in hawaii.

Good luck!

Let us know how it goes.


And they are made by GN ReSound for Costco, and appear to be roughly equivalent to the Verso 9, which would cost thousands more from an audiologist. I like mine.

Here is my fathers test. Would he be a candidate for the $1899?
Freq R L
250 35 40
500 35 40
750 50 55
1000 55 55
1500 50 55
2000 70 70
3000 70 75
4000 70 70
6000 70 75
8000 75 75

Yep, he would probably do well with them. I have the previous generation of those (Resound calls them Alera, Costco called them Future) and I really like them. My experience with my Costco Audiologists and staff has been very good. Ms Stacie and Ms Mimi have taken good care of me and I recommend them.

We could definitely fit him with this product. One thing we can’t be sure of in your Father’s case with this loss, is whether he has cochlear dead regions or not. If he does, then our Bernafon Acriva or Rexton Quintra would be better, as it has a frequency shifting feature, where the KS 5 does not. Hope this helps!

Not to assume, but are the Bernafon Acriva or Rexton Quintra the same $1899 price?

Actually, those products are 1399.99 each.

I investigated this also, the outcome of which is that prudent buying of the standard air-zinc batteries was overall a better way to go.
I bought a ‘mystery-pack’ from an online supplier, with a packet from each of a cross section of manufacturers. I recorded the life of each brand, from expensive to cheap Chinese, and to my happy surprise, found very little difference in longevity. Some lasted 9 days, some 8 days.

To avoid them going flat in the middle of work, I resolved to change them every Monday morning regardless, and given that the cheap ones were only about 40 cents each, I doubt I could think of anything that costs me less than a dollar a week to run. And no re-charging.

The price of the batteries varies wildly, with some places charging over a dollar for the same thing, so scout around on the net and you will find good battery prices.

To keep the answer on the same scale, meaning $2799.98 for a pair.

I bought my Rexton Quintras at Costco for $2800 and I am very happy with them. I also buy the batteries there at $8 or $9 for 40. I don’t want a recharger since it would be more money than just buying disposable batteries. I, too, change my batteries every Monday morning for convenience. So far, they always last me through the week.

:):):)Depending on where you live (in CA they cost $100 a pop more) Quintras or Acrivas can be purchased for $1299 apiece, $2598 a pair. KS 5.0s run 1899 a pair. Technology is there. They will run with instruments at double (or more) head to head and do just fine. Will they make your hearing as good as you remember? Probably not. Will it make it better? Hell, yes. Yes, I am a Costco Audiologist and proud of it. i am a hearing aid’s worst critic and proud of that, too as I have used them for 5 years and dispensed for over 30. Costco does not endorse what I say or compensate me in any way. That being said, I would think that it might be a bit foolish to go elsewhere without checking the place out. I work for them because I get to help people hear better ( why I spent thousands on the friggin’ degrees) and save them money, too. Find the provider you click with and go for it. All we want to do is hear batter, regardless of what we spend. You’ll never hear like you were 10 again. That’s only a memory, just like the rest of them.

Ditto Sunday mornings for me. It takes a few seconds. No fiddling. And I’m going on 78 yrs old and can change my batteries without even putting my glasses on! Love my KS5s! The only thing that takes time is following the Costco guy’s advice to let the new batteries open to the air for 60 seconds after pulling off the tab before putting them in. My last audi never told me that with my 5 yr old Phonaks even though I paid six grand for the privilege of buying and wearing them. (Other than that I liked him too.)

Regards, Nate :smiley:

I don’t want anyone to rely on what I said I paid for my Quintras. I don’t handle money at home, haven’t for 27 years, so I don’t really remember how much I paid. I figured my co-pay (I have good insurance) was less than $400 more than the Kirklands and I went with the Quintras based on the fitter’s recommendation. I am very happy with Costco. I had Rextons before, the previous model, also through Costco. Not affiliated etc…

I went to my ENT and she sent me to her audiologist in her office. They only offered the Opticon to me and they only dispensed 1 for $1,700. Everything I have read says you should have 2 HAs and not one as it is better on your brain. I saw the KS 5.0 at Costco with a price of 2 for $1,899 plus remote. It looks pretty good. I need some response from someone with more experience in this. I am a newbee. Since I am still in my trial period for the Opticon and the KS 5 units have many more features, I am thinking about returning my Opticon and getting the KS 5 units. Any advice? Is this a smart move?

What are your audiogram values? Perhaps your audi felt that your other ear doesn’t require amplification, or wouldn’t benefit from it, and that’s why only one hearing aid was dispensed.

Not totally sure how to answer your question. I am a rookie at this.

250 500 1k 2k 4k 8k
L 10 15 50 60 60 45
R 10 10 15 20 25 40

Middle Ear Function
Compliance 3.0 0.9
Pressure 20 25

Your right ear is still considered normal for all the important frequencies. I don’t think you need a hearing aid in that ear.