Costco Kirkland Signature 5.0s

I Just got a pair of these last week. They came with a “Normal” program and a “Restaurant” program which is for background noise. Are there any other pre-set programs available?


BTW, I am quite happy with the aids.

Party is Restaurant with more noise reduction, Outside is omni-directional mics and wind guard turned on, Traffic is set to reduce road noise, Music is omni-directional mics with feedback suppression turned off.

Went to local Costco and inquired about the Kirkland Signature 5.0 ($1899 pair). Audiologist said that the Kirkland 4.0 ($2600/pair) is a better product. Why would they release a new flagship product that is not as good as the previous version? I notice that the 5.0 does not come with a battery recharger as does the 4.0. Who manufactures the 4.0 and 5.0. Thanks for any help you can give.

Marc Hamilton
Saint Louis MO

The 5.0 is made by GN ReSound. The 4.0 was made by Siemens. I would disagree with that assessment. I tried a similar pair a few years ago, and my Mom wears the predecessor to the 4.0. They are good, but I wouldn’t in any way say they are better. More likely the audiologist is more comfortable with programming them versus the new model.

How did they come up with $2600? The 4.0 was $1999, and included the charger/dryer, and a remote. The 5.0 is $100 less, and does not include a charger or rechargeable batteries, but does include a remote.

not sure flagship model is the correct idea… I suspect they got a better deal from Resound then they could from Siemens/Rexton this time around. IMO, the Rexton
RICs with the miniTek (includes TVLink) & eCharger is a better all around package. since you are talking with Costco try both. any product from a few years ago will not compare to current models of any brands. would need to see an audio-gram to be sure you need to go up to the Quintra vs the Finesse. again try both brands including the bluetooth accessories if you plan on using bt.

Thanks Jay. I thought the $2,600 number came out of the air - the guy was somewhat dismissive of me as he was trying to go to lunch. What really ticked me off is the fact that when my favorite retailer releases a new product that for all purposes appears to be an upgrade to the previous product of the same name (Kirkland 4.0 Signature to Kirkland 5.0 Signature) the perception is that the newer version is an upgrade. But in this case the audiologist said the 5.0 is not as good as the 4.0. And why would they release 5.0 without a battery recharge option? Different manufacturer? What I have read shows the rechargeable batteries to be a significant part of the experience vs. changing the batteries frequently.

Jay, forgot to ask. Can you use rechargeable batteries with the 5.0? And if not how often do you need to replace batteries? And can you add a bluetooth remote to use with the T.V., iPhone, etc as well?



Thanks Doc. As I am new to the entire HA discussion is the Rexton RIC the MFG’s model name for the Kirkland 4.0? I am guessing that the 4.0 should still be approx $1,900.

WW, am in the market for my first HA and considering the Kirkland Signature 5.0 because of the price point. Can you use rechargeable batteries with the 5.0? My sister has the 4.0 and points the rechargeable batteries as a major advantage.

While you could get rechargeable batteries and a charger, the initial expense is high, and the daily routine of taking the batteries completely out, charging them, then putting them back in the aids the next day would get tedious. I replace the batteries every 5 to 7 days.

You can get the Phone Clip + from Costco, to use with an iPhone for phone calls and streaming music. You can download a free app for the iPhone to use with the Phone Clip + that turns the phone into a remote to control your aids.

For TV, I’d recommend getting the TV Streamer. You can get the aids, Phone Clip +, and TV Streamer for less than the $2600 quoted for the other aids.

From a cost standpoint I’d say its a wash. The rechargeable batteries cost $35 and last about a year. You can get a year’s worth of Costco’s zinc air batteries for that, assuming you replace them every 5 to 7 days as I indicated earlier.

I’m not a Costco expert but the current Rexton models offered by Costco are not the same as last years Kirklands sourced from Siemens. I think the Kirklands that were the Kirklands of old were the Rexton Cobalt’s 16. If they are trying to sell you some leftover Cobalt’s… but from Costco’s web page they have the new models of Rextons. you can do all the research you want but trying both would let you compare the two. some guys like redheads and some guys run when they see one. same with hearing aids.

Good morning!
I am new on this site, but work for Costco as one of their dispensers. There seems to be a little confusion here…
The $2700 price point reflects the new Rexton Quintra, and not the old KS4s. The Quintra and the new KS5s are ABSOLUTELY better products than Cobalt or the old KS4s, with better moisture protection and feedback suppression. By the way, the KS4s have been discontinued, and are no longer available at all, except for loss and damage claims.
Hope this helps!

Jay Man and Doc Jake,


a great kindness to those of us (most of us) who know less than you know.

big thanks!


As I had posted earlier, I am new to hearing aids and thanks to this forum, took the suggestions of the responses to go to Costco and try the new Kirklands 5.0. My testing is this Sunday, and fitting will be on the 14th. It has taken me countless hours to find someone who could provide me with their ‘SPECIFICATIONS’ sheet, and then only with the promise of never reveiling the source! Why does Costco/ReSound not want this information available to the consumer? Course I don’t know what to look for on the sheet, but like having information.

If you are committed to getting a rechargeable unit, try the Rexton Quintra from Costco. A pair will set you back about $2600, so they’re a bit pricier than the KS5 but right now, Rexton will throw in the charger for free.

The KS5 has specifications that are very very close to the Resound Verso 9 which is a much pricier hearing aid than the KS5. The answer to your question is somehow buried within that last sentence.

Actually, the KS5 is on par with Verso 9. With features like Binaural Directionality, it’s more advanced than Verso 7.

Thank you. You are correct and I have edited my original post to reflect that correction.

Does Costco carry a version of their KS5 that is TS like the Versos 9? It is an upgraded feature for tinnitus that I have on mine. Thanks!