Costco hearing aids

Does anyone have experience with the open fit HA’s at cotsco? Currently use an interton in the canal type HA for the last 6 years from Costco. I am interested in any feedback on the Kirkland premium HA’s vs the Interton Avio 5 HA’s since they’re both in the similar price range I believe ($2000/pr vs 2800/pr). Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

Hearing is about the same in both ears:

500hz 20 db
1k 55
2k 60
4k 55
8k 55

The Costco thread:

I was told by a Costco (Canada) HIS that Costco are about to launch a new high end Kirkland HA; some time in the next month. I am holding off buying my new ones until I get a chance to try it out. A manufacturer told me that things are developing so fast that they are bringing out a new product every six months now.:eek:

Thanks for the help. Based upon the threads, sounds like a good idea to possibly try different ha’s and test them outside the store.

I have the Kirkland Signature Premiums. I have had them since December. If you have questions that are not answered in the other conversation, I’ll try to answer them.

Hi. I’ve just come from the doctor with the news that it’s time to get my first hearing aids. I’ve done a little research, but I’m confused about the products Costco offers. It looked to me like the Kirkland Premium BTEs are $1999 each. Is this correct?

My local Costco also has Rexton Bridge HAs, and someone recommended the Bridge 12 at $1299/aid. For $325 extra I can get bluetooth.

Is this in line with your experience?

Overwhelmed, but learning!


The Costco Kirkland Premium aids are Rexton Gem 12’s, and they’re $1999 for the pair. Add $85 for the remote.

They also carry the Bernafon Verite at $1299 per aid, and something in the $325 range for the bluetooth streamer, or $3700 for a pair of Rexton aids with 16 channels and the BluRCU bluetooth remote/streamer.

i strongly suggest the verite, the price seems quite resonable…

I double checked and brought home the brochure. Different Costcos may have different products. In addition to the Kirkland, they have the Rexton Bridge 12 (BTE) for $1299 each. If they have the other, it’s not in their display case.

Still sound like a good deal?


For $1299 each I’d go with the Bernafon Verite. They just started rolling these out, but I’ve seen them in the display case in Chantilly, VA.

I tried the Verite in-store today. They seem to be an excellent HA. I did, however, think they were a little large and I did not like the feel behind the ear with my glasses on. Things seemed to crowded.

How does your Kirklans Signature Premium ha’s work in noisy environments such as restaurants? That’s the most challenging for me right now.

Good point. Since i wear glasses, that may be an issue. I have an appointment this week to check out the ha’s. Really would like to see if the receiver in the ear open fit ha’s will work with my hearing loss. A year ago, most of the one’s I tried at Costco were not poerful enough, but that was before they introduced some new ones such as the cobalt, verite, and Avio 5.

I purchased an AVIO 3 or 4 last year. Currently it is an Avio 5.
Since then I have had it replaced twice because it keeps cutting off then on with from no apparent reason to heavy pressure on it.
Like from no apparent reason, to my glass temples touching it, to me pressing on it.
NO ONE, the audiologist, the factory rep, or the factory, can figure out why and I am told that I am the only one with this problem. I guess it must be the excess energy in my brain. (like I believe that). I am an electronic engineer.

It doesn’t seem to do it in the winter, but it also doesn’t seem like a water problem. It is like the battery connection is loose and opens up then closes again. But that doesn’t appear to be the case either. It goes silent then beeps once as it comes back on. It is NOT changing programming, it is actually going off.

I would like to hear if anyone else has a similar issue.

this reminds me of a batery spring issue

I have an appointment tomorrow afternoon to check out Costco’s hearing aids. I am trying Unitron’s Passport MOxi 13 right now from a private audiologist…and they are tinny. I was told I should have this adjusted and it should go away. THe problem I have with the Unitron is that it is $6000 for the pair. I am hoping I can find something similar at Costco for a lot less cost. (I have to take the Unitron’s back on Tuesday).

I tried the verites in store today, and didnt want to give them back. This was my first fitting of open fit… what a sweet treat to hear normally even for a few moments.

Do you recommend trying two diff aids in store before making a choice? He’s suggesting the verite and the rexton bridge.

15-18 hours a day of wear and I hate taking them out at night… I have had a great experience with these aids. Battery life about 7 days, I use the Soundgate, I am on Conference calls all day using Blue Tooth, I listen to MP3 from my phone (DROID) Blue Tooth and watch TV with the adapter included…

My only complaint is the length of time it takes for the HA’s to do their magic and control feedback (milliseconds maybe 1/2 second on occasion) other than that it has been nothing less than wonderful.

Good luck with the trial period.

why would anyone go to Costco to buy a hearing aid? Dont concentrate on price…shop around for service. Buying cheaper does not mean that the service will be good-and from my experience it isnt. The problem with these retail outlets is that they concentrate on price-as evident through their advertising. Your hearing deserves an audiologist…especially a doctor of audiology. Why would anyone just settle for a cheap hearing aid…I dont get it. Yes, bluetooth is worth it if you want it for your cel phone, television, home phone, etc. I would avoid places that concentrate their efforts on price-that should be an indication about their services. There are guidelines for prices in most provinces that people follow-some dispensaries have elevated prices so they can offer things like this-hidden in their dispensing fees…chances are you can get the same cheap hearing aid for the same price at a reputable audiology dispensary. Recently, there are ads everywhere about “buy one get one 50% off”…that to me is a sign of desperation and I have shopped around and even with the 50% off, my audiologist was the same price.

Why would you dig up a thread from nearly a year ago to have a moan about Costco?

As your first post too? Interesting.