Costco Hearing Aids

Hi, I am new to this forum and have been investigating and trying hearing aids for a while. I have had a lot of trouble finding one I could tolerate and I heard from one friend that he thought the Costco hearing aid was good. Has anyone here tried them and can anyone give me any recommendations please?

I’ve investigated the Resound Hearing aid from Costco but it by no means the only line they sell. I am very close to the conclusion that there is very little difference in the technology available from each manufacturer BUT the main source of satisfaction or dis-satisfaction lies with the audiologist that fits you. Whether they are a salesperson or doctor doesn’t really matter if that person can’t relate or understand what you’re trying to describe to them.

The people that i go through are all about customer satisfaction. they will sit with you as long as you would like and show you how to make the HA more comfortable and they offer some BTE’s that might be better for you. if your having problems with fit you might want to look into one of those.

I am trialing the Resound Future (Alera) from Costco. I’m satisfied with their service, selection, policies, etc. I would recommend them.

Was seriouslly considering Costco HA’s along with an online seller (America Hears) as $ is definitely a factor in my final purchase. Then I remembered that I would have to pay close to 10% sales tax :eek: (welcome to California!:mad:) at Costco where there would be no sales tax from America Hears. That made my decision a lot easier!

america hears is a great company but in my opinion you get better customer service and a better product from HearSource

From looking at both websites it appears that AH has a wider range of HA’s than HS and would work better for my range of hearing loss.
After doing a bit of reading I think I am liking the ADRO that AH offers.
Have you tried both companies and, if so, can you cite some concrete examples of why you think HS is better before I make my decision?
Thanks! :slight_smile:

Freq L R
0250 25 20
0500 25 30
0750 45 45
1000 55 30
1500 40 50
2000 40 30
3000 60 45
4000 70 60
6000 60 65

Sorry, but I didn’t understand a thing you said…:cool:.

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I support you considering “Personal Programming” of your own hearing aids. If your up to it, it is a great way to go. But I do have a question for you. You stated you are leaning towards AH over HearSource hearing aids in part due to “ADRO” technology. Not trying to be argumentative (seriously) here, but would you please explain to me how you came to the conclusion that ADRO is superior to WDRC. I kinda understand the theory behind WDRC, but know nothing about ADRO. No marketing jargon please (like “fuzzy logic”, etc). Every major hearing manufacturer in the world uses WDRC. What does AH know that every other major hearing aid manufacturer in the world is overlooking?

(Disclaimer here: I am a HearSource FreeStyle open fit hearing aid wearer.)

HearSource does not seem to have a open fit BTE that covers my hearing loss. I thought I might contact them via email to see if they offered anything other than what is on their web site. That was 2 days ago, and still no reply. I am not too impressed with their lack of response. Not a great first impression. America Hears has spent a lot of time answering questions and has always responded quickly to any query.
I have also spoken personally to a couple of folks using America Hears and ADRO and they love them.
Also here is a link to Dynamic Hearing with some clinical trial results.

did you leave a phone number. bc i have referred friends to hearsource and they always get great customer service. i get great customer service. are you sure your doing the right thing when u contact them. try calling they have a phone number. email doesnt always get sent.

Update: I did receive a response from Hear Source to my email early this morning. :slight_smile:

reading this thread i didnt think that the hearing aidcompany hearsource did bad business like that. they have been very reliable to me and my family over the years. they fix every kind of hearing aid on the market and give you a very personal feel. something didnt seem right when you said u hadnt received a message back. i have attatched a link to the site if anyone has any interest.

Well as much as I was excited about trying out America Hears and the ADRO technology, I think I will not be ordering from them. This is strictly a vanity issue for me. What they recommended for me was an open fit HA (that’s good) but it is built on their largest case which is the same one used in their traditional BTE aid (that’s bad), and IMO, is quite large. They would use the smaller open fit style tube instead of the BTE tube. All I could do is visualize the elderly gentleman with the quite large BTE’s that I sit in back of in church sometimes. Man, those BTE’s are big, and I am still relatively young! I am pretty disappointed. So now I have called HearSource and they were very nice and they recommended their RIC open fit aid which looks to be quite a bit smaller. May give those a try. I also got an appointment with the closest Costco awhile back - (first one I could get was late August!) as I like the ReSound Future (Alera) they have. Called another Costco 10 miles away and got an much earlier appointment - a week from Tuesday. So I will see what they recommend for me. Only thing I hate about purchasing from Costco is I have to pay almost 10% (:eek:) sales tax and this purchase is coming 100% out of pocket. Another reason to purchase from HearSource. We shall see…

Thanks for the information about Costco, which wasn’t a lot, but helpfull. I have an apointment for Mid June for their hearing test and look forward to it.

New today to this forum, and new today are my GNresound Future hearing aids from Costco. Only a few hours old, but already I know they are better than my last, owned, set of GNresound Azures. I will try to keep you informed.

I still dont see why you would waste your time going to costco. would you buy a pacemaker from wal mart…its basically the same principle.

FYI Costco hearing aids are manufactured by Rexton, Resound and Bernafon, all well respected manufacturers. I have an appointment there Monday and am looking forward to trialing some new HA’s and saving some money too!

No, it’s nothing like that at all. Audiologists are licensed by each state. Previously audiologists had to have at least a master’s in audiology but now new ones have to have a doctorate. Costco has a hearing aid center with a booth and all the same equipment any other hearing aid center has and my two Costco audiologists have had a doctorate and master’s, respectively.

A better comparison would be in the vision field. If your doctor of optometry changed and went to work in a Wal-Mart optical center, would you go there? Do you think the optometrists at Wal-Mart optical centers are any less professional than private practice optometrists?

Do you think the audiologists at a Costco hearing aid center are any less professional? My experience is they are just as professional and in fact, more knowledgable than my previous audiologist.

I’m happy an ethical company like Costco has a hearing aid center where I can buy premium hearing aids, get great service and exams, at “Costco” prices (nothing marked up more than 17%), with NO pressure.

Actually, I’m not sure hearing aids are included in the “nothing over 17%” thing but maybe they are.