Costco Hearing Aid Centers in Mexico?

I’m about to commit to a set of high-end Costco hearing aids. They come with a 3 year in-store warranty. Anyone here has some experience with the Costco Hearing Aid Centers in Mexico? I am assured that the service is first class in the U.S. but would like to know where to turn if these crap out in Mexico where we travel 6 months each winter (or more likely… I lose one or two).

I don’t really know about Mexico, but I would think your chances of getting no cost warranty repairs while traveling would be more likely in a Costco than if you buy your HA’s from a local independent franchise dealer. I was told that any Costco store can bring up your records on their in-store computer regardless of which store you originally went to purchase your aids.

I live in México and visited Costco to get info about KS6 few days ago. The Audi assured that in case I need Costco can provide service in any HA Center out of México, … so I guess the opposite is valid as well. Just bear in mind that Costco is still not selling the KS6 here in México, probably release date August or September, so they won’t be able to service these aids till then.

Hi Can anyone tell me if they find hearing aids to sell at lower prices in MExico? I’m looking for Resound 3D. Should I buy stateside, or can I save significan money by buying in Mexico?

I recall someone posting a price for KS8’s in Mexico that was better than in the USA.