Costco HAs in the UK


Has anyone purchased Kirkland branded HAs in the UK?

I know the Watford store has an Audiology department. It’s not really near to me so I was looking for information.

I’m considering visiting. I’m already a Costco member.


That’s odd: When I went to the Costco website for UK for a referral, I didn’t see any locations at al for hearing aids. So I can refer people, which locations have hearing aids?


I bought some Phonak Brio P-UPs off eBay which are in warranty until 09/2020.

The Watford store have agreed to carry on the warranty with me even tho I bought them off eBay.

I’ve been very impressed with the Watford store.



Did they do any reprogramming for you or do you do that yourself and they’ve simply agreed to service them within the warranty period?

I’d consider making a special journey perhaps. Might have to call the store and see if I can arrange something prior to travelling.


They didn’t do any reprogramming of the Phonak Brio P-UPs but I did try the Phonak Brio 3 B-13s for 2 weeks. I was very impressed with the store. I couldn’t get used to the AutoSense programs so returned them, which is then, when I bought the Phonak Brio P-UPs as they use SoundFlow programs.


I’ve got an email address for the audiology at Watford, would you like it?


Just seen this reply, thanks!

Do you pay for the trail HAs then they refund if you don’t like them?


Yes they’ll refund you if you want to return the HAs.


Hi Zebras, I’d be interested in the Costco Watford audiology email address please. I’m not too far away, so am keen to see what they can offer in the UK. Thanks, Bob.


Messaged you. :slight_smile:


Got some Kirkland 8’s in May from the Hayes store. Very impressed with test and service. Have now swopped them for Phonak Brio 3 R C on trial and so far, very happy with them.


I’m booked in for a test at the Watford store, though a little disappointed that it will,be a 3 week wait! Did Costco on Hayes do the R.E.M. test I keep reading about? Also do you know if Costco do solid molds as well as soft domes? My NHS aids would only sound good with solid molds, otherwise I couldn’t get any bass response. Thanks…


When I trialed the Brio 3, I had solid moulds as I have a profound loss.

I went to the Watford store and waited 2 weeks for an appointment.


I had a REM test when I was fitted for the Kirkland 8’s and again when fitted for the Phonak Brio 3 R C. Not sure about solid molds but the hearing center manageress at Hayes is Vicki Derry, details, Costco Hayes Hearing Dept

[+44 20 8571 8694)


Well, my long awaited Costco appointment is nearly here, and I’m excited to see where it goes. From reading so many informative posts, I’m leaning towards the Resound Forte option as I’m very attracted to the idea of extended control via the app. I’m not sure if I can get away with using domes of any kind, as I rather think I might need a solid mold, but if the domes were an option, is it usual to be fitted with them on the first visit, or is that just to take a test and discuss options?


When I trialed the Phonak Brio 3, they had to order them on the first appointment. They didn’t have them in stock.