Connexx 9 software, where to get

Can you please share the download link for Connexx 9.x software?

Hi there, sure but don’t forget you’ll need the correct programming device as well for DIY projects, what models have you got?

Check out the user guides as well, very handy videos to follow, and do also check out the DIY school, lots more information can be found there.

Can someone please share a download link for Connexx 9 with me?
Thank you!

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Hi everybody!
Could someone send me a link to download connexx 9?

Here’s a link to → How to read DIY School PDF files

Suggested DIY School help files;

  • 02 How to Program Your Hearing Aids
  • Choose Hardware-Programming Device for Signia
  • Noahlink Wireless - DIY User Guide

I would also be interested in a download link for Connexx 9. Thanks!

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Hi there, glad your going the DIY route, but don’t forget you’ll need the correct programming device as well for DIY projects, also here’s some very handy user guides with videos,and don’t forget to check out the DIY school!

Long thread here and still need some help. I have a set of Siemens Pure Caret 701’s. Released about 2013 or so. I read somewhere that, the 701’s can communicate wirelessly via bluetooth to a programmer as long as they have the Siemens e2e (ear to ear) feature. Most all of the Siemens digital aids have this. Is it worth a try to see if they will link up to Connexx 9.9 via Noahlink Wireless?

Hi there, sure those 701’s are pretty old models now, but Connexx 6.5 would be a good guess, possibly ConnexxLink for wireless programming, but the HiPro would be your best bet.

Thanks.Is there a 6.5 manual floating around somewhere? Can’t subscribe to pro, no reply when I requested access. Googled but no hits.

You mean a user guide right, here.

Connexx7_Handbook_v2(1).pdf (4.1 MB)

Thanks. For an older model, the 701’s sure have a lot of advanced features.

Oh yeah, they were the biggest thing since sliced bread in the day, I even had a pair, that’s the thing with HAs, if they work for you and your happy that’s all that matters.


Hi everyone,

I’m new with hearing device, and I buy a Noahlink for DIY my Signia 312 3NX.

Can I have a link for connex 9 please ?


Welcome to the forum sure, you can check out the user guides as well for your DIY projects.

Thanks a lot tenkan :wink:

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I’ve the Signig Insio 5AX, and want to adjust an add to the program mode.
Please provide link to link for connex 9 .

Hi there, you’ve already asked this on another post, you could delete this one if you want.