Connexx 9 software, where to get

I think it is a long term question now, but has anyone a link to the Connexx 9 software?
I can’t find anything in the forum. And the older version can’t update. The update manager always says I’m uptodate with 8.3.2 :frowning:

I have 8.4 and it updates to 9.2.11 583. Are you using the Update Manage in the software folder?

If it doesn’t work, send me your email at and I will send you 8.4.

If that does not work you can buy it from for $20.

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Thanks to everybody in this forum.
I’ve got a few links and it works great!

can I get a link for 9? thanks.

Can someone give me a link for Download Connexx 8.4.


Hello, please, can someone give me a link for Download Connexx 8.4.


Thanks to all <3
God bless You!

The $20 site has the previous version 9.2.11 whereas 9…3.1 is available

Later versions are downloaded through the software, using the inbuilt update manager.

This site is a gold mine of info - thanks to all - cant wait to get the progammer

I’ve got 6.5 which has the information for my hearing aids, and I have 7.0 which looks nicer but doesn’t see the hearing aids. If I were to get the 9 software, (or even for the 7 software) is there a way to update them to see the older model hearing aids? They’re Siemens Pure Carat 501, only the 6.55 sees them though.

Is there really any benefit to getting the newer Connexx software? Or would 6.5 work well enough?

Sure will, Version 6.5 is suitable for your older model Siemens, later version are for later models, those 501’s are pretty old tech now, you can get much better/later models on eBay pretty cheap now (like Signia Pure BX,PX,NX)


I have 8.3.2. I note people have commented saying they have managed to update. Can someone provide instructions on how this was achieved? Or provide me a link to the update?

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Check your PM.

Good luck.

Can someone provide me a link to connexx 8.5 or higher ? Thanks in advance!

I am switching from Phonak to Signia.
Was reccomended this by my audi.
I have NOAH wireless and Phonak Target.
But I now should obtain Connexx.
Anyone have a link for download Connexx?

Much appreciated. :slight_smile:

Thanks all. I have gotten several PM with DL-links. :slight_smile:


is there a download link for Siginia Connex 9. I still have the older version 8.3 from which it is not possible to update to Connex 9. Since I will soon test the new Signia Charge & GO AX, I need the software in particular to tune the music program to my concert guitar.

Many thanks in advance.


Hello to all,

could someone please send me a version, that can be upgraded to 9.x?
It doesn’t work for my 8.3.2
Or a link to download 9.x?


Got it - thanks all!

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