Connexx 9 Fitting Software

I simply cannot find a link to download Connexx 9. Can you help me?

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I got mine through the update manager on Connexx 8.5. I am not sure that you can force it to update from 8.5. I was prompted when it asked if I wanted to download it. I suspect you can do it as I see there is an Update Manager option under the Connexx folder on my program menu.

One of the things I have noticed with Connexx 9 is that it provides an estimate of potential feedback issues. When you change fittings it changes the estimate, and shows you the feedback potential areas shaded in red and blue for each ear.

I am also quite sure that the SmartFit prescription formula has changed some. When I look at my older gain charts for SmartFit made with the 8.5 version they look different than what is produced now with the same fitting inputs. The gain curve is now more smooth and more like NAL-NL2. I will ask for a refit when our Costco updates to version 9. I asked the fitter about it, and she was expecting a visit by the Rexton rep and thought that is part of what it was about.

Does the Connexx program have “backwards” reading - I.e. if my HA has been programmed elsewhere will the software recognize the current settings when first connected to a new computer?

hi there did you manage to get a link for download as im now looking for the same - thanks

Download the 8.3 version, at that point you’ll be able to update that version to 9.

Version 8.3.2

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can anyone tell me where to find rexton database for connexx 9?

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version 8.3.2 does not update to version to 9

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When there a new version of Connexx available it may not be for the specific Connexx flavor that you are using. For example if you are using Rexton and an update is released for Signia then you don’t get (and you don’t want) the updated Signia.

For the Rexton version (8.3.2) mentioned above there is no Update Manager at all! So (in this case) you cannot rely on Update Manager when there is no Update manager.

You can click the ^up arrow on your sys Tray (bottom right corner) of your Windows Taskbar, to determine if Update Manager is running, then find and right-mouse-click the Update Manager to get a popup window showing Options. Like this;


I have connexx 8.2.3 but it donot upgrade to 9.2.5 version…
Any possibe help?

Signia? Rexton? other?

I think Rexton/miracle ear use the same update manager, the software is from Signia tweaked for their particular models.

Older Rexton Connexx version 8.3.2 with RexFit Hearing Instrument database 8.3; has No Update Manager, None, Nada, Zip. You cannot update this version using Update Manager because there is no Update Manager.

Newer Rexton Connexx version 9.0.8 with RexFit Hearing Instrument database 9.0.7 has the Update Manager. When you install Connexx you will get an option to install the Update Manager. Like this;

  • Update Options
  • [ ] Install Update Manager

I am planning to do my own adjustments to my Siemens/Signia Pure Micon 7mi and bought a ConnexxAir which my audiologist used and downloaded Connexx 9 software. My problem after loading my audiogram is that my hearing aids are not listed in the hearing aid instruments list in Connexx 9. Can I get a data base for Connexx 9 with my 7 year old hearing aids or do I have to get an older version of Connexx software to self-program them?

You need Connexx with a SiFit Hearing Instrument database for Signia hearing aids. It has other flavors, for example Connexx with a RexFit Hearing Instrument database for Rexton hearing aids, and even other flavors too.

On top of that; Yes, there are versions for older/legacy hearing aids in each of the flavors.

I do have Connexx 9 with a Signia database but it does not have my hearing aids listed. I seems to have only the newer hearing aids listed. Do I need to uninstall Connexx 9 and load Connexx 6.5?

I am new to this and I appreciate your prompt reply. Thank you.

Yes, uninstall Connexx9 and install Connexx6.5.5/SiFit6.10 for Signia older/legacy.

Yes try 6.5, otherwise I believe it was version 7 for the Micon platform.
(Actually I think you do need to install 6.5 first before installing a later version)

Thank you all for your help. I will do as you suggest. Uninstall Connexx9 and install Connexx6.5.

Hi, Sir do you have the link for Rexton Connexx version 9.0.8 with RexFit. Been looking for it with no luck.

Appreciate your help

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