Connexx 9 Fitting Software

Has anybody heard anything about the new Connexx 9 fitting software?

Anybody looked at it to see if any notable changes, or if new hearing aid models are included? I looked briefly at the description and it seems like they are claiming improvements to work flow. I’m guessing they will eventually come out with a Rexton version.

From what I could tell from briefly looking at the course, it was mainly about Signia NX features.

I am hoping to program a siemens orion 2 hearing aid using the connexx fitting software but although I managed to navigate the audiogram section, I realized that one needs a special coupling device which I suppose professionals (usually) have. Although the cost of getting one is not prohibitive I want to confirm that hearing aids are not directly accessible from PC through bluetooth. I also wonder whether mobile phone apps such as signia mobile fitting do the job. I tried to use it but it asks for a code to allow one to login which of course I do not have.

Gleaned from Update Manager:

Signia Connexx 9.0.8 ver. (5/21/2019)

Update Description:

Support for new hearing instruments

  • Styletto 2/1
  • Pure and Motion Charge&Go 2Nx/1Nx
  • Intuis 3 RIC 312

Fresh & Modern Connexx User Interface Design

New Connexx functionalities

  • Extend Monaural to Binaural Sessions
  • Fit two incompatible devices in one session
  • Copy settings from one side to the other
  • Improve Critical Gain Measurement

New hearing instrument firmware V6.6

  • Improved volume slider control with myControl App

New ConnexxAir firmware V1.3

  • Resolves an issue where Connexx Air was crashing during Fitting Sessions

Bugfixes for sporadic crashes reported from the markets and to address observations that Connexx is “hanging” in certain workflow steps

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You definitely need a “coupling device.” Search for PVC and click on his avatar. From there he has links that should give you the info you need.

I think you’d likely need a Hi Pro or Mini Pro and cables. You’d likely be talking close to $300 investment and it wouldn’t be usable for a lot of newer hearing aids. Do read through the stuff from PVC and confirm what you need. Guessing doesn’t work very well with this stuff.

Thanks so much for the advice. I managed to get hold of a connexlink that links to the Orion 2.

I simply cannot find a link to download Connexx 9. Can you help me?

I got mine through the update manager on Connexx 8.5. I am not sure that you can force it to update from 8.5. I was prompted when it asked if I wanted to download it. I suspect you can do it as I see there is an Update Manager option under the Connexx folder on my program menu.

One of the things I have noticed with Connexx 9 is that it provides an estimate of potential feedback issues. When you change fittings it changes the estimate, and shows you the feedback potential areas shaded in red and blue for each ear.

I am also quite sure that the SmartFit prescription formula has changed some. When I look at my older gain charts for SmartFit made with the 8.5 version they look different than what is produced now with the same fitting inputs. The gain curve is now more smooth and more like NAL-NL2. I will ask for a refit when our Costco updates to version 9. I asked the fitter about it, and she was expecting a visit by the Rexton rep and thought that is part of what it was about.

Does the Connexx program have “backwards” reading - I.e. if my HA has been programmed elsewhere will the software recognize the current settings when first connected to a new computer?