Connecting/using hearing aids on airplane in-flight entertainment/TV

THat’s why I bought the AirFly … I’m trying to figure out how how to connect all three (hearing aids, connect clip and AirFly …) and in what order,etc … any ideas?

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If your lost is much worse than mine you would be wearing a CI. They cut out all the background noise. I use them to mow 5ac weekly. This past fall i used them on a RT between JFK and Barcelona.

not sure what CI means?

I assume that your ConnectClip has been configured to operate with your aids using Genie 2 by your hearing aid provider. If not, that is the first step. You can do that yourself but you would need Genie 2 installed on a Windows computer and a Noahlink Wireless interface device.

If the ConnectClip is new, pull out the Instructions for use and find the “Getting Started page”. If you don’t have the Instructions, download them from the Oticon Download Center:

Select the Wireless Connectivity on the left side and find Instructions for use for the ConnectClip near the top.

Make sure everything is off (aids, ConnectClip, and AirFly and anything else that might try to pair including your phone). In my old IFU book, the page you now want is titled “Pairing hearing aids with the ConnectClip” - it is straightforward.

I have no idea about the AirFly but the next step should be similar to pairing the ConnectClip to a phone which is on the next page. Basically you put the ConnectClip into pairing mode and do the same for the AirFly. I assume the AirFly came with instructions on how to put it into pairing mode. If they pair correctly, the status LED on the ConnectClip should turn from flashing blue to steady blue.

Use whatever method you wish (buttons on the aids or phone) to select the program for your ConnectClip. Plug the AirFly into a sound source and then you should be able to test streaming through the AirFly to you hearing aids.


Thanks much! I think connect clip is set to go with the aids… I hardly ever use it … I appreciate the guidance… I just didn’t know if I should pair connect clip to the aids first , and then to the AirFly … I’ll see what I can do… Thanks again…

If it is ready to go, the phone clip is already paired to the aids. Turn it on and pair to the transmitter. Then in the future, when you turn both on (phone clip and transmitter), they should connect. Remember, pairing is, usually, a one time process where the devices meet each other. Then, when they are in range and powered on, they connect and interact. So connect and disconnect happen over and over.

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Thanks! Somehow I was able to pair them both yesterday and I plugged the AIrFly into laptop jack and it worked like a charm! Hope they stay connected but guess I’ll be bringing instructions with me in case I have to re-pair them …

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I’ve tried to read through all the comments here but I am still very confused about what kind of 3rd party device will work to stream to Phonak Lumity hearing aids when watching video (tv or movies) during a flight. I’m primarily looking for a lowcost adapter that I can plug in to an airplane entertainment unit that I can pair with my Phonak L70s. I saw AirFly mentioned several times but want to make sure that something like this (Twelve South Airfly SE that is listed on Amazon) would work. I’m hoping to be able to do more travel this year and would really like a solution where I can use an in-flight entertainment system rather than trying to stream something from my phone. I seem to have all the other “bits”: HA charger, extra battery packs, multiple types of cables, but am missing this one piece. Thanks for your help

Hi. I’m no expert - just your average hearing aid user … I have Oticon and in addition to the AirFly, I have to use the connect clip as well… the connect clip - basically to enable wireless phone calls,etc - the connect clip connects to my hearing aids - then I connect the connect clip with the AirFly … not sure about Phonak but I guess check with your audiologist to see if you need something in addition to the AirFly … Good Luck!

With Phonak, you should be able to pair directly with any device/screen since it uses conventional bluetooth (at least the Paradise did, I am assuming the Lumity does as well. If I’m wrong, then disregard everything). For the newer planes that have direct bluetooth connections with the seatback screens, just follow their instructions on pairing headphones, you wouldn’t even anything else. If you still need a headphone jack for older planes, then you would still need some sort of bluetooth transmitter like AirFly, as you’ve already searched, or Mii (I have this, works well and is couple dollars cheaper – and there are even cheaper options as well) to plug into the jack, then pair directly with your aids from there.

Well, I guess I will be able to dry using the AirFly on my next trip (in April) I need to find something around the house that I can plug into to see how it will work. I think maybe one of the televisions. I haven’t been able to connect to those, but that was with my old M90s. I now have L70s and we just haven’t had an opportunity to try connecting (shrugging my shoulders here). Will keep you all posted when I get all the bits figured out.

Bought an Airfly to experiment.
Hooked it up to my
Tecsun radio.
Paired it with my Google buds A.
Tomorrow I’m going to see if it will work work my sound bar.