Connecting/using hearing aids on airplane in-flight entertainment/TV

Hi all… I have REAL 1 Oticons, iphone 12 pro… I did a search and there are various topics,etc, but couldn’t find anything recent… Question: I’ll be taking a LONG (11 hr) flight later this month and would like to find the most comfortable way to connect to inflight TV to enjoy … I believe I’ll have a screen on seatback in front of me … I know I can connect to my iphone , but would like the option to have audio from bigger screen to my hearing aids… I don’t have any BOSE headphones or anything like that, and I’d rather not shell out the $$$ for something that I probably will not use very often … I do have a ConnectCLip - don’t use it very often … I saw somewhere about buying a relatively inexepensive Bluetooth Transmitter to use with connectclip ? Is this the best option? Also, would having audiologist activate telecoil help at all? TIA for any advice …

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  1. Get a BT transmitter that connects to both the headphone jack and the USB port to keep it charged. There are lots of them to chose from. Get one that says low latency.

  2. If you stream the whole flight your aids will be DOA. Bring a battery pack to charge them, USB on plane may not work.

  3. Test everything before you go.

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Thanks… Luckily I have the “smart charger” so I’ll be able to charge the aids… I’m considering trying out BOSE earbuds - they offer 90 day trial - I’m just thinking the sound will be “muffled” , since they’re not hearing aids…

If you can hear well enough with ear buds, and it’s mainly for the flight, you can get great apple or Sony wired earphones for under $20.

Edit. Just looked at your audiogram, forget the bud or earphones. Stick with the HAs

Thanks. I was afraid the AirPods wouldn’t do it.

As mentioned above, BT transmitter should be the way to go. AirFly is probably the most popular one. I have one by 1Mii that works very well and is just a touch cheaper (I connect them to Bose headphones that I wear over my HAs, but I THINK it should be able to pair to your ConnectClip). Both available among others on Amazon.

Thanks… would the telecoil help at all? Don’t think mine is activated (REAL 1) … unless it’s automatically activated?

I don’t think so, but I am not sure. I have the Mores – for those, you have to have them set as one of your program slots.

I use the TV Connector doodad whatever your brand might call it. 1/8" (3.5mm) out of the plane headphone jack into the audio-in of the box. Wall wart into a plane power socket or just usb-a and micro-usb into the box. Magic.

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@nedunla You mention that you have Telecoils. You can use a neckloop with a 1/8” plug to connect to the plane’s earphone jack.

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Think about Oticon EduMic with wired input

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Thanks… I have an email into audiologist as I think she has to “activate” the telecoils?

I have a connect clip … can i use that if I buy a bluetooth adapter thing?

Yes, you can - if you will buy any Bluetooth adapter with 3.5 mm audio input, for example - eppfun Fly01 Bluetooth 5,0

Thanks to all… here’s a request … can someone post a step by step way to use the connect clip and AirFly with hearing aids? I got the AirFly today so I’m ready to try it out, but I’m a little lost here … do I pair hearing aids (REAL 1) with connect clip … and then what ? TIA

These are what you want…
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Thanks but with my hearing loss I really don’t think this will work…

Can you plug a headphone plug into the phone clip? If yes you could go from airplane headphone jack to phone clip jack.

Connect clip does NOT have headphone plug… I think that’s why I had to buy AIrFly , which plugs into the airplane jack … I’m just trying to understand/figure out, how to get everything set up …

Ok, sounds like you would need a transmitter to pair to the phone clip.