Connecting spare Phonak hearing aids to phone

Going on a trip to Europe here pretty soon needing to know what to do in case of hearing aid failure other than dead battery. I know to delete the old aids and pair the spare ha to the phone. My ha are Paradise Naida 90s UPs My question is do I need target software to pair the spare aids to the Phonak App?

No … and YES … BUT :
Best to try it at home before you go.
Replacing one aid … the two will not be paired together … I believe Target is needed to pair the aid together … I do not have a spare aid to try this.
Edit ;
I can see several problems using unpaired aid … lack of directional sensing … individual volume control and which aid will you connect to the phone?


Definitely try this first now at home as GrayGhost recommends!

To put your mind at rest, you should not need Target in order to REMOVE the “dead” pair of aids from the list on your phone’s BT. And you should not need Target to pair + connect the backup pair of aids to your cell phone.

I’ve swapped around aids hundreds of times with my Android phone. On the cell phone, I literally go to: Settings → Connections → Bluetooth → and right there I can see both the list of “Paired devices” and “Available devices”.

This is where you may need to do the following:

  1. Under “Paired devices” just click on the dead pair of aids and then hit “Disconnect”
  2. Then turn BT OFF, turn your backup pair of aids OFF, and then turn BT ON, and turn your backup aids ON.
  3. The backup aids should now appear in the list of “Paired devices”, so you can connect them - and be sure to test it out with a phone call to ensure they are streaming!

I have a similar challenge: trip to both Switzerland and Greece coming up this summer. I’ve only got the rechargeable Lumity Life aids, so now I’m stuck with aids that don’t give me even 18 hours a day of use (so int’l flight will be fraught with “AIDS AREN’T CHARGED UP!”) and each country has different power outlet, so a universal plug PLUS two pairs of rechargeable aids PLUS at least ONE clunky charger for them, PLUS Roger stick, PLUS Roger charger.

If ever there was a great time to buy the Lumity Life 312-battery aids it’s now. But I’d need to rob a bank first. I can bring my Marvel 13-battery aids with me, but they have different programs and settings. Hope springs eternal, and I hope to figure all this out before leaving.


Sitting on my hands trying to suppress a rant.

Does it really have to be this hard? I don’t understand and hope things improve.

I’ve used Phonak hearing aids for over 12 years. about 4 years with a wonderful audi and hearing aids that always worked. Phonaks. They were the gold standard for me!

I’ve yet to find a company that will fix my Paradise P90 hearing aids remotely, as they could be. Or I think they could be. I have the APP; I’m set up.

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Thanks for everyone’s input. My question was how will changing ha affect the phonak app. And Dave yes Phonak aids have been a gold standard for me too. To my understanding they can only adjust ha remotely not fix them if they are dead dead! Bluejay good luck with your trip sounds like an adventure. And yes ha can be a problem away from home.

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It depends on your aids and your phone!
I have the Real1 aids as my primary set of aids and More1 aids as my backup set of aids. I have the Samsung galaxy S23 phone. I have my Real1 aids and More1 aids both paired to my phone. I use the companion app with my Real1 aids and the beta companion app with my More1 aids. All i have to do and remember is to use the correct app with the set of aids i am wearing at that time. Once i paired my aids to my phone and app i am good.

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if the hearing aids are the same brand, say phonak. You also need an application for the main and backup hearing aids. Then you can duplicate the application in android.

If it’s for audio streaming and calls, then you can pair as much as you want. I use two pairs of hearing aids, Unitron and Phonak. It is important that they are not both on at the same time, because then the smartphone does not know which one is the main one.


Are you changing ONE aid … or a PAIR of aids ?

I read you first post as changing out one of your aids … if you are changing a pair of aid NO problem … just forget the aids and repair the other aids.


If you have two sets of Phonak Paradise aids, you might try just pairing them both to your phone before you go. I do this with my L90’s and P90’s. The myPhonak app will not let you pair with more than one set of aids at the same time. However, you can download other apps that will work along side the myPhonak app. I have tried the myPhonakJr app which works ok but is less functional than the myPhonak app. I have also used the Amplifon app which is more functional and works with both sets of Phonak apps. I find unpairing and repairing to be a pain, and this is a possible alternative. I have not tried this with Naida aids so your mileage may vary.

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Thanks for all your help. The spare aids connected to the phone and myphonak app without a hitch. I did forget the original aids in the phone app. I will connect both pairs to the phone and go from there. Thanks again


If I used two pairs of Paradise P90 I had some problems in re- connecting as I didn’t delete the BT devices on the phone settings and in the myPhonak app. But otherwise it is always very easy to redetect and connect BT devices in phone settings and app settings.
I also use different Phonak types and different brands during the day. You learn how to solve the connections in no time.

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I have two pair of Phonak Lumity aids (different colors) and an iPhone. I simply use the MyPhonak app with my primary pair of aids, and the MyPhonak Junior app with the backup pair. Once the two apps are set up, all you need to do is remember which app goes with which aids. Easy! Both apps can change programs and set volume … and never any reconfiguring!

Note that if you want to use a Phonak Remote with your Phonak aids, you have to either a) Make sure to quit the MyPhonak app before turning on the remote, or b) Turn off the remote before launching the paired MyPhonak app. The aids only pair with one external controller at a time!

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I can’t find out how to set the Ambient Balance in the junior app. Would you know how?

By design, the junior app is a simplified version of the MyPhonak app, so it would be easier for kids to use. It works for me only because I only require the basic features. You may have to get the ambient balance set by your audi, if it is important to you.


Thanks. My attenuation in Target is 0 dB so audiologist can’t do any further adjustments. I have to use the App.

In another thread, we found out that the Ampifon App works with the Phonak Aids and has the Ambient Balance feature.



That’s interesting! I’ll check out the Ampifon App. I have 2 Phonak Audeo Paradise P90R’s.


Interestingly enough that I can connect my Phonak HA’s in the Amplifon app. But I don’t succeed in connecting an Ampli-energy (Amplifon) HA in the myPhonak app. They will be seen but then the app says incompatible devices.


Why not get the regular app?

@Don For those of us who have more than one pair of Phonak aids and don’t want to pair and unpair each time we switch. The regular app will only work with one pair of HAs at a time.

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