Connecting Oticon Opn S to airplane entertainment screen

I was on a flight last week and thought why not watching a movie to kill time but then got question how to connect this to my OPN S (I don’t want to take it out and use normal headphones) ?? The question pushed me to do some research seeking Bluetooth sender/receiver with AUX input . But then another question came up - how to pair the aids to the Bluetooth device!
It was annoying to watch the movie without sound.
Does anyone came to same experience and how to connect HA?

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The Oticon hearing aids are MFI, which means made for IOS. You could maybe use the ConnectClip which pair with your hearing aids and will pair with bluetooth, but even then there have been issues with some bluetooth computer and a dongle that Oticon recommends has to be used.

I had the connectclip, but also i don’t know question how to connect it to the plane entertainment screen! This means to get an Aux/Bluetooth sender/receiver adapter !?

I haven’t flown in over 10 years know. And I wore Bose noise canceling headphones over my hearing aids back then.


I travel frequently and I use one of these: Transmitter - 2-in-1 Wireless 3.5mm Adapter with the ConnectClip. It’s a bit finicky to connect and there is some latency, but generally it works quite well, especially considering how inexpensive it is. I find that I have to mute the HA microphone to eliminate the background noise.


Agree with the little TaoTronics thing above but get the latest model and get the transmitter only, no need for the 2 in 1. Under $20 on Ebay or Amazon. No latency with the new model. It also works great on hotel TVs. I used to travel with lots of electronic things and headphones but not anymore.

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Wow. This is more simple than I thought.
I went and ordered it from Amazon. Hope it will arrive before my next flight.
Thanks guys :blush::blush:

It appears it might be possible to use an adapter to connect to a motorcycle audio system . I guess as long as the connectclip is the one that connects to motorcycle , then hearing aids can connect to clip.
Has any had any luck listening to motorcycle audio with bluetooth aids?

Is this and these gadget look like this - without screen - pairable with Connectclip? Really? Just press [Menu] + [+] and step in to the same function on the gadget which setted to TX (transmit) function to pairing to each other?

I need something look like this in the library to listen CD before hiring, but the TVA3 linked to Preset1 not the Music preset. And the other and main reason… TVA3 has a stupid threshold limit throught RCA connection. I hate this “feature”.

This would be working with ConnectClip?

The one with Toslink would be good option while watching TV. Planes are only equipped with 3.5mm AUX . Am more convinced with this unit as it’s cost effective and will do the job.(On Amazon it’s only C$30)

My husband uses MPOW BT transmitter receiver on flights to connect to his BT earphones. It hadn’t occurred to him it would work with my ConnectClip. How do I pair the connect clip to the transmitter? What can I use to see if it works in advance of getting on an airplane?

The BT transmitter and ConnectClip pair to each other exactly the same way as they pair to other devices. Set one to pairing mode, then set the other to pairing mode. As far as I can remember, it doesn’t make any difference which order.

You can use your home TV or HiFi: connect the dongle to the TV or HiFi jack and then proceed with bluetooth pairing.
Beware that for some TVs and HiFis you need to activate/select the sound channel on the jack output for it to work.

This is a great way to do it! It will then stay paired and you won’t have to fool around with making the connections on the plane.

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@Psych1, could you share the link or product info. I am new at this but travel quite a bit.

Just search on EBay for taotronics bluetooth transmitter they are now $10 or Amazon for $20. I seem to be unable to paste the link from my phone.

This is one of the models. Am going to purchase this but you may be interested to check other Taotronic models.

@AshFan, thank you. I am assuming this will work with my Signias.

It should work with any Bluetooth. But I don’t know if the Signia have a connectclip same as Oticon or something else.