Connecting Oticon Opn S to airplane entertainment screen

For some reason I still can’t post a link but once again I recommend searching on Ebay for the Taotronics BT transmitter. It is only $10 instead of $30 but that is not the only reason I am recommending it. It is a BT transmitter only, not a 2 in 1 combo with a receiver. That is, it is designed to only do what it seems most here are interested in doing. It will not do what you will probably never want to do anyway. But the main reason to get this one, for either airplane or TV, is that it is more simple, with fewer unnecessary components, no unnecessary switch, and thus easier to use and probably more reliable .

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I also found this on eBay . It’s C$10 (around $US 7)

OK, reading all this again before I purchase, couldn’t I somehow use the transmitter to BT direct to me HAs (Signias) or through my iPhone as a controller? I don’t have the ConnectClip type device and at that point, would just use the headphones I guess.

Oticon EduMic may be your solution


Signia makes a SteamLine mic, my question is, why can’t I go direct to my HAs with the transmitter?

I have the connectclip but it’s different than the Edumic you shared as it doesn’t have the 3.5mm port. Is the Edumic also compatible with OPN S? It doesn’t she this as one of its accessories

Oh, yeah! There is 3,5mm jack input!!!

It looks just like the connect clip but in white and not black

I just looked it up at Oticon website and it’s actually compatible with all OPN series.
I will ask my Audi to exchange my Connectclip with it. It’s much more useful than as we will have the 3.5mm port+you can use it to connect to Telecoil loop +FM SYSTEMthis what the the brochure mentioned)


I think the EduMic is only compatible with the Pediatric OPN aids. Hopefully, I am wrong.
Please let us know what your Audi says. The 3.5 jack was very useful on the Streamer Pro on previous generations of Oticon Aids (Alta’s, Epoch and others.)

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It is compatible with all OPN series. See below

Thank You AshFan! I can’t seem to get to that page on the Oticon site.
This is good news. I need to talk to my Audi about the EduMic. Looks like it combines the best features of the Streamer Pro and the ConnectClip.

Thank you. I got them paired easily. This is good news. I will have to see if it works despite all the background noise on a plane. I’ve been taking my plug in Bose headphones that fit over my hearing aids. That gives me quiet and good tv sound quality. But they are bulky.

Don’t forget to mute the hearing aid microphones. That will eliminate most of the background noise.

Actually on my last flight, while I was trying to sleep, I just put volume low (-4) it didn’t mute the surrounding but gave me enought quietness. I think with the volume of entertainment it will be close to natural.
The only drawback of closed domes was the ear vacuum while Landing.

Talked to my Audi yesterday About the Edumic vs the Connectclip. She asked me this is almost the same why u want o change and when I showed her the 3.5mm option, she was astonished that no one previously asked for it and that’s why it’s her first time to notice it. She will ask Oticon to replace my Connectclip with it and mentioned “this would be a good option to offer to others”


I recently traveled with Transat which is a Canadian carter airline, mainly for vacation travel. They use an on board WiFi system. You can connect with it using their app, or just using a browser and navigating to the WiFi address. Then with MFi the sound goes direct to your ears. The only problem was that background noise was high, and the volume needed for me to hear was at the limit of the aids or my iPhone. Sound quality was not good. I think part of the problem is that I used closed click sleeves and they don’t provide as good an isolation from background noise. I had traveled on another airline when I was using molds, and it was a much more satisfying sound quality. But, I could not tolerate molds, so I have returned them.

Short story is that it works but sound quality is not good. My wife was using noise cancelling headphone. I used them for a bit over my hearing aids and sound quality was much better. Lots of volume and noise cancellation was excellent. Much better way to go.

This all works by putting your phone in Airplane mode, but turning WiFi and Bluetooth back on manually.

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@AshFan, Elsewhere on the Forum is a discussion about the battery for the ConnectClip not being able to be replaced (although Oticon led purchasers to believe it would be because of the wording used in their ConnectClip user manual and their FAQ brochures). I wonder if Oticon is going to discontinue the ConnectClip and replace it with the Edumic, and maybe that is why they are now saying that ConnectClip batteries can no longer be replaced? Can you ask your audiologist to inquire if the Edumic battery can be replaced? Or–are there any audiologists reading this who can answer this question? Thanks.

Am not sure about the battery thing! Never heard about it. But the Edumic was already been used for students. Not sure why Oticon made this different than the original Connectclip.
On my next visit will get the answer for the Edumic and ask her about the battery.

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Just came back from my Audi because the color of the mold was leaving blue mark on my ear! She reported that this shouldn’t be happening and took impression for another one.
For the Edumic, she asked Oticon and they mentioned that it cost $C950 :flushed:. The high price is that , as she mentioned, it is used for teachers to be able to connect to several students in the class .
For sure I will pass this out and before next flight, will be the Transmitter found on Amazon with $C20.

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