Connecting Connectclip to PC

I have Oticon Opn aids and the Oticon Connectclip. It connects fine to my Samsung phone, and works fine when connected.

I want to connect it to a PC. THE PC HAS BLUETOOTH. The bluetooth works PERFECTLY with every device to which I’ve connected it. Tablet, speakers, whatever. Pairs, connects, works.

I’ve tried to pair the Connectclip with the PC.
Put the Connectclip in pairing mode and the blue LED sits there and blinks.
Bluetooth on the PC is on.
Tell the PC to pair to a new device.
PC is discoverable, and I presume if the Connectclip is blinking blue it should also be.
Nothing… Connectclip doesn’t show up…

I figure this has to be something simple since the PC works with every other device I’ve paired, so I cannot believe THIS device would require yet another $60 part (BTD 800) to make it work.

Is there some step in the pairing process I’m missing?

It require BT 4.2 and up I thought so if your pc has 4.0/4.1 then you are out of luck. We can easily order BT usb dongle for pc from AliExpress for just around $2 -3

I have a MacBook Air that my connect clip connects to with out any issues. But older computers have older versions of Bluetooth for them you will need a dongle. I will look it up and post the information in a little bit

May you tell your Mac Book Bluetooth version 4.2
/5.0 etc cvkemp

Well my MacBook Air has Bluetooth 4.0 low power and the connect clip is working just fine.

Not SURE what I did, but trying to connect somehow differently, the CC connected to the PC with no problem. It’s now connected fine… Shows up on the PC, blue light is on, everything happy.

In the SOUND screen I can SEE two devices:
Headset ConnectClip 1.1 Hands - Free
Headphones ConnectClip 1.1 Stereo

BUT they’re BOTH disconnected. I haven’t been able to find anything to “connect” them. Right clicking the device brings up a context menu with a “Connect”, but it doesn’t do anything. Is this a Connectclip problem or a Windows problem?

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The ConnectClip manual mentions in passing up to 8 devices can be paired.

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Just for giggles I connected the CC to the LAPTOP PC. Connected fine and the device in the bluetooth screen says “ConnectClip Music”. And it works fine… In the Sound screen the HEADSET is disconnected but the HEADPHONES ARE connected and work.

On the DESKTOP, it ALSO connects fine, but in the bluetooth screen it says “Connectclip” and in the Sounds screen BOTH the HEADSET and the HEADPHONES are “disconnected”…

This looks to me like some kind of Windows thing since the CC works with the laptop. I have a pair of “regular” bluetooth headphones I"m going to connect to the desktop and see if they work correctly or not…

I doubt only one can be connected either CC or earphones(BT) at once

The CC can be paired with up to 8 devices at one time. After that, if you pair it to another device, one of the existing pairings will be deleted. (I believe it will overwrite the least used device.) I have my CC paired with an iphone, android phone and laptop running windows 10. I’ve only had to pair them once, the first time, and I’ve never had a need to re-pair them. You also have to pair the HAs with the CC and after with the computer. When they are paired properly, the status on “manage bluetooth devices” will change to “paired”. When the CC is paired, you will see two devices in “manage audio devices”, a headset (CC 1.1 hands-free) and headphones (CC 1.1 stereo). When the devices are connected, both devices have a green indicator in manage audio devices. I manage bluetooth devices, only the CC will show paired.

What type of computer are you having trouble pairing the CC with? What operating system does it have? Does it support BT 4.2? If not, you may need to get a USB BT “dongle”.

Since you already have the CC paired with your mobile, be sure the BT on the phone is turned off when you are trying to pair it with your PC. You also have to pair the HAs with the PC.

OK, this is really weird. I previously used Oticon OPN1 (first generation) with 312 batteries and ZPower and ConnectClip, and I could not get my HAs to connect to my desktop computer Bluetooth without the use of a USB dongle. I’m currently wearing the newer generation OPN-S1R, and I’m able to connect to the desktop Bluetooth without using a USB dongle. Not sure why there’s a difference, unless the newer-generation OPN-S1R has more power because of lithium-ion battery, or maybe a stronger Bluetooth connection?

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The difference is might be with the wifi/bluetooth adapter and/or the driver. My laptop is relatively new (supports BT 4.2), has a recent intel wifi/bluetooth adapter and is running with the latest bluetooth drivers. Bluetooth is a “standard”, but there can be a lot of variation in the way it’s configured.

The power of bluetooth signal is fairly standard and should only have to do with the range, not whether or not it connects.

The CC connects to the computer using BT classic. The connection to the HAs is BLE.

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I have an Acer R13 windows 10 laptop and I’m able to connect it to my Connect Clip just fine. Only had to pair it once and it’s been working flawlessly with my laptop in combination with my Samsung Note 8.

My guess on this is that maybe your desktop Bluetooth has recently been through an update after you tried the connecting via Connect Clip to your original OPN 1, but before you tried it with the OPN S 1 R. So the update on your desktop Bluetooth now works with the Connect Clip but didn’t work before.

It should have nothing to do with it being the OPN or the OPN S because both of the hearing aids are on the other side of the Connect Clip communication, totally isolated from the Connect Clip to PC side of the communication.

If you still have your OPN 1, you can verify that your OPN 1 should work now just the same as the S.

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Do you have your HAs paired with the laptop? I do, but the pairings are BLE, so I don’t think they are actually needed.

@darylm and @Volusiano, I think you’re right. Windows OS has had some updates since I last tried to pair my desktop computer with first-generation OPN1, and that’s probably why I don’t need a dongle with OPN-S. Thanks for the input, guys.:slight_smile:

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Set the CC aside and pulled out a set of Bluetooth headset earbuds…

Paired them on the desktop. They too said “disconnected” for both the headset and the headphones.

Fired up the LAPTOP. Paired them, connected them, THEY WORK PERFECTLY.

Did the same thing with the CC (unpaired from the desktop and turned the cell phone OFF so there’s NO possibility of confusion). Paired IT on the laptop. Connected and IT TOO WORKS PERFECTLY…

Back to the desktop. Went out to ASUS and downloaded THEIR latest bluetooth drivers for this motherboard in case Windows has done something stupid (not REAL likely since both laptop and desktop are at same revision), but… Rebooted desktop. Went BACK into bluetooth settings and REMOVED the CC (and the other bluetooth headset).

Re-paired the ConnectClip. Same exact result. Disconnect and nothing so far has gotten it connected. Re-paired the other headset. Same exact result.

SO, it appears to be the desktop. I presume I have something set wrong, but I have NO IDEA what it is. I’ve asked in the windows 10 forum 'cause I DON’T think it’s a ConnectClip problem, I think it’s a Windows setting problem - most LIKELY something stupid I’ve done along the way!

What is the make and model of your desktop?

ASUS X-99 Deluxe.

BTW: OTHER bluetooth devices like a cell phone and/or tablet connect and work perfectly. It’s ONLY the audio devices that aren’t playing nice…

Your motherboard only supports Bluetooth 4.0. More than likely, that’s your problem. You will have to get a bluetooth “dongle”.