Compare Phonak PartnerMic with Phonak Roger Select

The PartnerMic is much less expensive than the Roger Select. I understand both are similar in function. Does anyone use a PartnerMic with KS9s? Can anyone compare the PartnerMic to the Roger Select in terms of functionality?

They’re not even close.

Partner mic is worn as a lapel mic only, 20 to max 50cm of speaker’s mouth.

Roger select sits on the table and focuses on (switches onto) currently speaking person while removing some of the background noise. It can also be worn as a lapel mic and then yes, they behave similarly.

So, it depends what you need. For putting it on one person only, then yes, I’d go with partner mic as well.

I have PartnerMic and use with KS9s. Used as intended it works great for enhancing one on one conversations. (likely nearly as well as Roger Select) However, it won’t work in a group situation. My understanding is that the only real difference in how they function when used as lapel mics is that the Roger Select is adaptive and will increase volume if it’s in a noisy situation. With PartnerMic you’d need to just increase volume via hearing aid buttons or app. PartnerMic require no setup from hearing aid fitter.


If you mean ‘special connection’ then yes.

But it also has a program available for adjustments, if default one isn’t quite good. I have to tweak most of the programs, not just the autosense calm one.

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Update. Bought one used on ebay for about $60 and very worth it. The partnermic works great with my KS9s. My wife wears it on her neck and I can hear her much better in the car and walking outdoors. Downsides: the fidelity is not good - she sounds rather robotic. Also when she gets about 5 - 10 feet away, my aids do that doorbell thing as they disconnect, then do it again when she gets close again. If she is walking on the edge, it is a constant doorbell noise in my ear. Irritating but not problematic really. Glad I have it.

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The “fidelity” may improve if you have the streaming program adjusted. Having problems with her 5-10 feet away is surprising. Mine works through walls up to 25 feet or so.

I have not had any programs added for it (so far), it is just whatever the automatic program does when it connects I guess.

I believe there’s a streaming programming that’s automatically built in. I’m not sure if it’s part of Autosense or not. Perhaps @Blacky or @Raudrive could explain better.

This might help explain.
The PartnerMic program is very adjustable.

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The advice here is spot on. If you need both groups in noise and individual, then the Select will work for both and the Partner Mic will not. It also serves as a TV Connector, so it is the most versatile of all the devices. That said, the Select is very expensive.

In July 2020 I upgraded my Brio-1 hearing aids at my local Costco center for KS-9 aids and have been happy with them except that they did not support a Remote Mic like my Brio-1 did. I recently were in the Costco center and talked about not having a remote mic for my wife to wear when we were in our car with my driving and trying to talk with her with car noise. The Costco rep said the KS-9s supported a PartnerMic which would provide a direct connection to the KS-9s which would provide the connection I want while driving. She gave me the user guide for the PartnerMic which did not make clear if the direct connection to the aids was Bluetooth or some other FM connection. So, I would be very interested for feedback from users of the KS-9 aids with the PartnerMic who use it while driving and other noisy situations, .

PartnerMic works well with KS9 aids if it’s worn around neck or clipped to shirt. Should be about 8 inches from mouth of speaker. It does not use Bluetooth. I think uses same system as TV Connect. They are a bit pricy at Costco (~$300) Available online for ~$200 and I’ve seen used on Ebay for~$100

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