Cochlear KANSO 2?

Cochlear: NEW OTE Processor ( KANSO 2?) - Rechargeable - Waterproof - Direct Streaming from iOS / Android Devices

The US FCC has just approved the radio equipment in a new OTE processor, the CP1150 - similar in appearance to the KANSO.

Certain information, including the User Manual, remains under embargo - here’s my best analysis of what information has been published:

  • Rechargeable: It would appear that there is no provision for the use of disposable batteries.

  • Water Resistance: Rated IP68 “waterproof”. The original KANSO is rated IP54 “splash resistant”

  • Connectivity: Incorporates a Bluetooth LE radio, same as the CP1000 (Nucleus 7) uses for direct streaming from iOS / Android source devices

  • The CP1150 has yet to be approved by Health Canada or the US FDA - commercial availa Health Canada Approves KANSO 2!

Health Canada, on March 3, 2020, approved the CP1150 / KANSO 2 sound processor.
Also approved, a “Home Charger” and a “Portable Charger”.

This was quite a surprize, as approval was not expected anytime soon!

No word so far on approvals in other regions.

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Thanks for sharing this information.
This could bring the Kanso up to the other CI devices networking ability, I think.

It’s good that it’s waterproof.

I just realised it might not be called Kanso 2 even tho it’s off the ear.

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The IP68 rating is pretty good.
Our aids are IP68 rated and I wouldn’t want to submerge them in water.
I wonder if the Kanso would fit in a typical hearing aid dryer?

I wouldn’t want to submerge it either.

My Dry and Store Global would fit the new processor in.

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From the looks of it that is the FCC approval, which means that all of the wireless components meet appropriate standards. This is a necessary step but it won’t be approved for use until the FDA gives approval.


So I dug up Cochlear’s half year report for investors that came out in February and there is no mention of a launch for a Kenso update in there. A lot of talk about Osia 2, which is an alternative bone conducting system to the Baha but nothing on a new CI processor, which means they probably don’t expect to roll it out until at least the end of the year.

Looks like the Kanso 2 will be available sooner rather than later


Thanks for this update.
This happens to be the direction I hoped to go in.

On a facebook group im part of someone has the Cochlear PDF of the Kanso 2 with pictures. From the pictures the Kanso 2 seems thicker than the original Kanso but you cannot completely tell. If it is thicker im sure that is so they can use a stronger magnet to fix the issues myself and others with the new profile plus implant were having - we couldnt use the original kanso because the magnet was not strong enough.

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Someone had posted the photos over on r/cochlearimplants on Reddit a couple weeks back; I was going to link their photos but it looks like they were forced to remove them just as I guessed they might. Oh well…They had measurements on them which would’ve helped answer your question @Lou82

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I’m hoping to get my 622 implant on 7/23, providing things don’t go back into a shutdown state again. I’m in Illinois and originally to have my surgery on 3/12 (postponed due to high blood sugar due to diabetes), then 5/22 cancelled to COVID.

I’m getting a Nucleus 7. Now they are releasing this update to their Kanso and Nucleus products wonder where this leaves me? This update will involve new hardware and won’t just be a software update.

They didn’t update the Nucleus 7 for the Profile Plus implants @debbie_o so it won’t affect you at all.

The Nucleus 8 might come in 2021, that is based on the 5, 6, and 7 each being 4 years apart, or it might not for any number of reasons.

Based on past performance when it does come out it will be compatible with any of the current implants. One of the other things that was in the initial article is that Cochlear got FDA approval to match the Nucleus 7 to their first commercial implant, so it is now fully backward compatible.

Maybe I misunderstood the article I thought it had said the Nucleus 7 was being updated.

Isn’t the 622 the new implant array that was released in mid 2019 or is there something newer than that? I thought that was the Profile Plus. It’s supposed to be the implant you can have an MRI with.

The only change to the Nucleus 7 is approval to use it with the old 22 implant. That probably needs some different software or firmware, but unless you were implanted in the 80s it doesn’t matter. Nothing in the article indicates any change to the hardware in the N7.

And yes the 622 is the most recent implant version.

Here it is. Definitely looks thicker than the original

Cochlear’s US branch now has a web page for it, Kanso 2 Sound Processor | Cochlear

Availability is expected later this year.

From a quick read, it looks to have most of the features of the Nucleus 7 with a built in rechargable battery.

For those that are about to have surgery there appears to be an exchange program for anyone who is implanted between FDA approval and actual availability.

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I’ve found this Cochlear comparison chart, it has the Kanso2 and compares to other Cochlear processors.


This chart shows the Kanso 2 needs the phone clip for smart phones. I sure missed that earlier, thought the Kanso 2 was connecting to smart phones like the Phonak Marvel aids.