Cochlear KANSO 2?

Cochlear: NEW OTE Processor ( KANSO 2?) - Rechargeable - Waterproof - Direct Streaming from iOS / Android Devices

The US FCC has just approved the radio equipment in a new OTE processor, the CP1150 - similar in appearance to the KANSO.

Certain information, including the User Manual, remains under embargo - here’s my best analysis of what information has been published:

  • Rechargeable: It would appear that there is no provision for the use of disposable batteries.

  • Water Resistance: Rated IP68 “waterproof”. The original KANSO is rated IP54 “splash resistant”

  • Connectivity: Incorporates a Bluetooth LE radio, same as the CP1000 (Nucleus 7) uses for direct streaming from iOS / Android source devices

  • The CP1150 has yet to be approved by Health Canada or the US FDA - commercial availa Health Canada Approves KANSO 2!

Health Canada, on March 3, 2020, approved the CP1150 / KANSO 2 sound processor.
Also approved, a “Home Charger” and a “Portable Charger”.

This was quite a surprize, as approval was not expected anytime soon!

No word so far on approvals in other regions.

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Thanks for sharing this information.
This could bring the Kanso up to the other CI devices networking ability, I think.

It’s good that it’s waterproof.

I just realised it might not be called Kanso 2 even tho it’s off the ear.

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The IP68 rating is pretty good.
Our aids are IP68 rated and I wouldn’t want to submerge them in water.
I wonder if the Kanso would fit in a typical hearing aid dryer?

I wouldn’t want to submerge it either.

My Dry and Store Global would fit the new processor in.

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From the looks of it that is the FCC approval, which means that all of the wireless components meet appropriate standards. This is a necessary step but it won’t be approved for use until the FDA gives approval.


So I dug up Cochlear’s half year report for investors that came out in February and there is no mention of a launch for a Kenso update in there. A lot of talk about Osia 2, which is an alternative bone conducting system to the Baha but nothing on a new CI processor, which means they probably don’t expect to roll it out until at least the end of the year.