Cholesteatoma effecting balance and the brain


Has anyone been really effected by cholesteatoma? I have had problems with my balance for about 7 weeks now and also my left arm loses function sometimes with numbness and memory loss. I went to a&e as I thought something bad is wrong so they did a MRI and said the cholesteatoma has eaten into the bone and causing inflammation on the brain. So 2 weeks later I had surgery and surgeon said they could see my brain when they shouldn’t be able to (but didn’t elaborate so don’t know why she could see it). My balance is still very off and my arm still feels the same and also feeling very fatigue like I can’t do anything. Feel like I will never feel normal again. Would they have had to do anything to the brain if they could see it, nobody said anymore about so just assuming I’ll be fine if it had maybe eroded a bit of the bone by the brain. If anyone got a similar experience would love to know