Changes to Oticon Beta App

Got a message dated 1/18/2024

Edit: More screen>Important News.

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Our screen is blank! (Xceed BTE)

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The beta app updated again yesterday that fixed a connection issue with the right aid on android

Did you check for an app update?

Unreal, Chuck, The app has stayed open for 24 hours w/o a d/c since the update!
Between android 14 & the app update, it’s quite solid.

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How do I join the beta program?

Google play store Oticon Beta App
idk if you have iPhone, but they must have it,too.


This is a replacement for Oticon ON? There may have been something newer since ON by now too (Companion?). I’m using Own1’s with Android 12.

Wow the beta version of companion app on my Samsung S23 with Android 14 hasn’t lost connectivity all day. Today I am wearing my More1 aids and have been streaming from my phone, also by way of the connect clip, and even the TV adapter without once dropping connection.


Yes, that’s what I observed in post 4.
Unfortunately, phone calls are only streaming to either left or right side only! Using pixel 5a android 14.

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The On app was replaced by Companion, but @cvkemp discovered the Companion Beta app in the google play store, and it has had a few updates,however it’s going private, so you’ll have to get on the list to get future updates.

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Not see that problem with my Samsung S23.

Never happens with the CClip on the OPN S, but have always had ASHA issues w/ Mores.
I answered a call w/CClip earlier, and it still only connected to one side w/ Mores.
I don’t think it’s the phone, but I don’t have another ASHA handset around to test.
Maybe I’ll bug one of my friends who have a S22 to do a test.

Mine is not a beta program. That is why the screen is blank. Try to join the beta program and see what happen.

Exactly, you have to install the Beta app, than you’ll see it…

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Thank you for this update! I had missed notices of the beta until now. Just installed it (still visible in the Play Store) and it seems to be working better than the previous version with my Real HA while also connected to CClip1.1. Next…I’ll try the TV adapter…

Edit: TV adapter is still no go. The app indicates lost connection to one HA and cannot control that one. However, the TV adapter’s connection to that side is still valid. :unamused:

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You must get an invite code from oticon and access the beta through TestFlight. And, of course, Oticon won’t give out an invite code.

Not when using android it is much simpler.

You can email I got an invite from them when I emailed and asked to get access to their iOS beta app.


That’s pretty sad, Oticon markets their MFI, and won’t even let you get the app without jumping through hoops.
Likle I posted above, it’s readily available in the google play store for android users.

So, Chuck, the problem is the CClip!
If I have the CClip turned on and the Mores paired with my pixel, they fight for control.
I turned off the CClip, and ASHA has been solid, so I guess no hands-free for me :frowning: