Carrying batteries

I am curious …on how everyone carries batteries on their person. Do you just carry them in the package they came in…in a pill box.?

Package. One in my laptop bag, one in my car, and one in my wife’s car. I re-use and refill the packages and I keep two batteries in each.

I use the package. I keep one package in my pocket (in a plastic pouch); one in my laptop bag, one in my car, and one in my wife’s car.

I have several cheap pill boxes. About 1.5" square that has a divider in it. One battery per side. I keep one at the office, one on me, one in each car.

I used to carry spare batteries in this little silver cylinder, with a screw on cap, kind of like a pill box. But everytime I took out a pair of batteries, and peeled off the tabs and then put the batteries in the aids there was always a long time delay before the batteries would activate. The aids did not have a time delay, and this only happened with the batteries that were stored in the cylinder. I figured that I might be damaging the batteries by storing them in the cylinder so I stopped using it. But no one has ever given me an explanation for the delay.

I carry a package in my pocket and a package in the kit.

I have a little battery case thingie that the audi gave me when I got my hearing aids, I keep 2 batteries in it, and keep it in my purse. I occasionally forget to refillit it when I use the batteries so I’ve been outta luck before.

And for those whose audie did not give them one you can buy these at radio shack. About the only thing I have to add is you need to make sure you don’t leave a ‘stash’ unused for too long or you might come to find it has died when you need it. This is especially true of car stashes where they are subject to high and low temperatures. Once the adhesive on the tabs begin to weaken, the battery will die shortly thereafter.

So what does the “adhesive on the tabs begin to weaken” have to do with battery life. I’ve often wondered why all the companies put the tabs there, I thought it was convenient to pull out and oils from you fingers were bad for the batteries (like other products) but you’re implying something else.

Any further details? How long do these batteries last in their packaging?

The packages have a use by date. The batteries are zinc air batteries and the current is generated when the zinc is exposed to air. The tab keeps the exposure from happening and prohibits the battery from becoming active. When the tab is removed and the battery is exposed to air the battery begins to work and will eventually die whether in an aid or not. Never remove the tab before the battery is needed.

There is a precaution not to keep batteries in medicine containers as the battery may be toxic if mistakenly swallowed. I keep new batteries in the original package in a soft hearing aid case I carry in my pocket. Also in the soft case, I carry a small plastic container where I store partly used batteries. I replace batteries every Monday morning and they’re good through the workweek and part of the weekend. Once they die on the weekend, I insert partially used batteries, if any, in the HA until Monday morning when I replace them with new batteries. The weekend backup batteries last for a while even though the tabs have been removed - I’m still figuring out how long. This way, I avoid having to interrupt activities at work to change a battery.

I keep a package in the soft velveteen case the HAs came in, in my purse.

David B said in part…

Why is it you only get one weeks worth of battery use while I get three?

I’m using iCellTech #13’s in my Starkey J13 Cierra BTE’s. Even at my cost of 27 cents each, (and at that rate) it would cost you $28.08 per year in batteries.

As it is now, my cost is $9.34 per year. My basic three year cost totals a few pennies less than your one year.

So once again, why is it you only get one weeks worth of battery use? Just curious?

Maybe I should ask those who read this post… “Do you also only get one weeks use out of your batteries?”

P.S. I average 10 to 12 hours per day, or approx 230 hours total of battery use per set of HA’s.

Shi-Ku Chishiki

Your aid uses a 13 battery, whereas Davidb, IIRC, wears AH SIEs that use a 10 battery.

In my experience with a variety of aids, battery life is like this:

10 - 5-6 days
13 - 20-21 days
312 - 10-11 days
625 - 30 days

The larger the battery the longer the life.

Thanks Jay_Man2… :slight_smile:

Sorry DavidB. I guess I left my brain out of gear that time. :o

Shi-Ku Chishiki

They are extreamly toixic to the environment. They are responsible for a large amount of heavy metal in the water supply. With the increased use of hearing aids today and the fact that each person is going through about 2 batteries a week—PLEASE don’t toss out your batteries with the trash. either take them to a place that recycles batteries or ask your audiologist if they save them. Often times they will take them to a recycle place themselves.

I keep batteries in the kitchen drawer, in my desk at home, in the closet in my bedroom, in the center console of my car, in my briefcase, and my desk at work. About all same locations have a pair of reading glasses stashed somewhere close by. :stuck_out_tongue:

Being the geek that I am I was looking for something cheap, small and that would carry a couple of batteries. So I did some looking on the web and found something on Ebay…

I bought some …they are a larger around than an American quarter could hold about 4 quarters stacked inside…

What I did was fill these up with cotton and put a couple of batteries on top of that so that when I closed the lid the batteries wouldn’t rattle around.

So now I have one of these in several places,car,desk,pocket,wife’s car,etc…

Cheap…small…and easy…

Oh…I don’t know the person on ebay nor will I make any money off of anything sold…

My previous hearing digital aid used 312 and would last sometimes 2 weeks. I just started on Costco Digital “over the ear” Rexton aids with DSP which works great. Yesterday was day 6 with the hearing aids and last night as I was watching TV I still had the aids in though I had earphones over them and first one then the other started with the dual beep to indicate low battery so I replaced them this morning. I found with the older Interton Digitals that I could sometimes get an extra day out of the battery in “the other” hearing aid but gave up on that because it was too much a nuisance so I change BOTH batteries and put them in a plastic sack for recycling at the same time.

I was given with the Interton aids 3 years ago a small plastic snap lid case to go on my key change and it fit a 312 battery in each side of the compartment divider. I now have TWO #10 batteries in that case.

I have found that hearing aid batteries at Costco were far cheaper than what I could find anywhere else so have always bought them there 30 or so at a time on card where you press the battery out through the cardboard backing over the plastic on front of the battery.

I wonder… if you plan on using these batts as the next up, on deck, would peeling the tape off before-hand, with no real drain on the battery itself avoid such a time delay?