Cancel out background noise on Paradise Mics

Hi all,

I used my Paradise Naida BTE hearing aids almost exclusively to dial into MS Teams meetings, and to talk and hear.

I used to always go into a quite room to have such video calls, and today tried to take a call in the office, and was told that people on the other side of the video call couldn’t hear me as the Naida Mics were picking up background noise. And to my amazement, the hearing individuals explained that they have special “noise cancelling” headphones/mics which cancels all noise out except their own voice.

Can the hearing aids/Paradise Naidas do this? I have noticed funnily, if I pull a beanie down long enough and cover the hearing aids, people have said its easier for them to hear me in noisier places! Hopefully there is a more professional solution though.

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Check the my phonak app.

I couldn’t really see any options actually.

I’m no tech expert, but maybe you could use a noise cancelling headphones with mic, where the headphones go right over your aids and the mic doesn’t pick up ambient noise as much? Were you just doing the video call seated in front of a computer, or were your Naida BTEs paired + conneccted to it for streaming audio on the call? Hope you get some more suggestions here.

This helped in my case to reduce background noise. You need to ask your audi to change the these settings:

In Phone call + mic:
Noise Block: OFF
Soft noise reduction: OFF
WindBlock: OFF

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Are you on a laptop or desktop? If you’re on a laptop try configuring Teams to use the internal microphone on the computer. If you’re on a desktop you’d have to plug in an external mic or headset. The hearing aid mics work pretty well for phone calls (in my experience) but aren’t going to be as good at rejecting background noise as a microphone dedicated solely for picking up sound from close by.

The other advantage to using to changing input sources is the hearing aid will switch to A2DP to stream the output back to you which is superior to HFP (Bluetooth profile for both input/output used by phones…meant for headsets).