Can we make a discord chat for hearing loss?

I think it is a good idea to have a discord chat so we can all communicate in realtime.

Would you be interested in doing so? if so,I have not setup a discord chat server but joined many of them, any volunteers to help out with it?

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@ssa: I’m curious as to what tou think the real rime dimension would add to the conversation, other than placing rime constraints on people who might like to participate, but can’t conform ro your timetable.


Sorry i am using software engineering term for a chat app. Discord is a chat app like slack at work, All i’m saying is that people can join and idle there and participate in convo and we can ping one another.

It just mean the message you post will disseminate in real time to all computer once the server basically gets the message. (less than 1 second)

I have set up a IRC Chat room on “libera server” for Cpap, sleep apena .

If there is interest I could set one up for hearingtracker .
That is IRC chating … not everyone know how to do that, and it requires a irc client.

@ssa: Thanks for explaining that … I completely misunderstood!


it is better to do discord because discord is the new IRC in 2022…

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To be able to chat in real time, how would that work?

I don’t want to be pinged when I’m asleep… Australia is 15 hours EST ahead of the US…

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It is literally a chat room, yeah all i’m saying people can chat whatever/whenever they like and ping whomever they like…

I created an example for you to take a look at it, I’ll let the community decide on this idea

I’d be BUMMED if informative folks here hung at the Discord Chat site and then didn’t post here, too. Clueless as to how this app works … but I’m sticking with HearingTracker for now.

I guess what I’m saying is that I value the input HUGELY, but don’t necessarily need all the great info in real time if that makes sense?


I agree with you message here are read by many people … so miss information can be corrected.

If people want to chat I have created a discord server:

Interesting concept, I wonder if it’ll take off, but I can’t help but wonder about our “hearing disability” getting in the way of a good ol yarn!

LOL! Adding meaning to the “Discord” Chat! :crazy_face:

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Ha ha, yeah I remember having a go on something similar, with a overlay of subtitles, I can’t remember which one, but it was hilarious, nothing much matches with what was being said, impossible to follow, YouTube auto subtitles about the same quality, a lot like pidgin english or something!

Surely the proposal isn’t for a voice chat, right?

no but if you want, there is a voice chat option too

The nice thing about a forum like this is that useful information that is posted can be found at any time by anyone. Chat’s usually disappear into the ether.

There’s a discord server that originated from the r/deaf subreddit if anyone wants to join. It’s fairly active, the video chat is basically used for movie or game nights!

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That’s true. But this is not the goal of chatting.
Being HOH or deaf is just the reason to join ssa’s chat. But most of the time in chats you talk about completely different things than about hearing aids etc.
A chat-server does not replace a forum but enriches the latter.

(Btw on discord you can still read old posts that were written long ago)