out of business?


I recently purchased a pair of hearing aids through They said it would take approximately two weeks but that I would be getting an update about delivery. I have not received an update and it’s been over two weeks. I contacted them through their site and sent an email and received the following email back…

Thank you for your email. At this time, Buyhear support is in transition. If it is an emergency, call 911 or contact your local provider.
If you have a hearing aid in process for delivery, contact We are fulfilling all final purchased orders immediately.
Thank you.

I tried emailing that email and it came back several times as a “permanent error”. I tried calling their number several times and it has been disconnected. I’m at a loss at this point as to what to do and I’m worried I’m out $2000 plus I have no hearing aids! Anyone else have this happen to them or know what’s going on? Thanks for any information you can provide. Sue


Contact your credit card company to get your money back.

There are a few other threads about this, no better info than you have.

First thing is recover your money, then start the search for new aids. I had good experience with Hearing Revolution, though I did not buy from them due to the Audi they referred was not helpful…


Hopefully your devices arrived, but with them out of business there will be no support. I purchased my hearing devices (widex) and was initially happy with them. I had some difficulty with the beyond 440 and Buy Hear exchanged them for the new evoke. I have some feedback in them on occasion and I called Buy Hear. After many calls over a two week period with no return calls from Buy Hear and no response to my many emails , I called them on another phone, to my surprise they answered the call. I asked them why no one returned my call and I was told that they were moving and downsizing. When I presses the woman on the phone about the lack of follow up she told me they were going out of business and she did not care about my problem as she was losing her job. She suggested I find someone local to service my devices. This is what I will have to do but in my experience if you don’t buy the devices locally it is very difficult to get service. I did call widex to confirm the devices I have are in fact genuine devices and it was confirmed that they were the actual product. My advice would be to stay away from any company associated with this company.


i am unable to understand why every hearing aid company not awarding warranty claims direct from hearing aid wearer and why we have to go to audi from every small work. cleaning service to domes change and replacement/repair?


I guess I learned my lesson about buying hearing aids on line and trying to save money! I did contact my credit card company and they are issuing me a refund. Thank God. Seriously. Now to Costco where they will be twice as much but I’ll have them and the service to get them adjusted, etc. Thanks so much for everyone’s input.

I cannot for the life of me understand why insurance companies don’t offer better coverage for hearing aids.


I buy many things online, one just needs to be careful. I would call this bad luck with BuyHear. I went to two audi clinics and was very disappointed in the service and prices offered. On recommendations here, I called Hearing Revolution and they were excellent, referred me to a third audi who was like the first two in terms of service, though the price through Hearing Revolution was good, Oticon OPN 1 for $3700 instead of the $8000 quoted by audi #2. When I called Hearing Revolution to cancel the order, they were very concerned about the poor service, and tried hard to find another solution. I would still recommend them and use them in the future.

However I had made an appointment with Costco, and was very lucky to get an exceptional person in the HIS who tested me, and has now fitted me. I have a long running thread with all the ups and downs of my HA journey posted here.

The information and assistance of the people here on Hearing Tracker is “priceless” as the saying goes. Good luck getting your hearing aids! Keep us updated on how it goes.


Because insurance companies like to make money :face_with_raised_eyebrow: