Dangerous time to buy online

With the apparent implosion of BuyHear, and reports of issues with Factory Direct Hearing, I suspect everyone should be extremely careful when buying online these days (this said as someone who has himself purchased HA’s online). There have been lots of warranty issues with Oticon HA’s, and both Phonak and GN Resound have been threatening to make it hard for online purchasers to receive service.

Frankly, I think these companies are acting against the interest of their customers, and that it’s possibly illegal for them to discriminate in this manner, but … it is what it is!


I don’t see any difference between “these days” as opposed to any other days.

But I don’t buy from vendors. Their hearings aids are priced too high. I buy used and usually from someone who is selling their own hearing aids or a relative’s hearing aids.

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Indeed you are the 1%!

Hi, @yarrowgordon,
Could you please tell me more about the “apparent implosion of BuyHear”? I purchased from them a while back and am pretty happy with my aids. The aftercare, of course, has been somewhat suspect… but largely, it seems to me, more a function of “bumbling” on their part than any intentional bilk-the-customer scheme.
Too many details to go into here, but I am curious as to what’s happening with them. If you could provide some details, I’d appreciate it!

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See this post.

Thanks for responding, PVC! I hope not too many BuyHear customers are adversely affected. In that regard, I feel fortunate. While I’ve not received responses to my most recent emails (and now realizing I probably never will), I do have some equipment from them that should prove useful: fitting software, etc.

As I mentioned, I’m pretty happy with my aids, but I also know that they definitely need adjustments (and perhaps different domes). So I’m trying to decide whether to return to my old audiologist or learn how to self-program. I’m good with computers, love learning software, etc… but the technical aspects of fitting seem a little daunting to me. I’ve even looked at some of the online courses—just not sure I have the time, patience, or aptitude to be successful.

Thanks again for the quick response. :slight_smile:

There used to be a presence in this forum from an online vendor @audiometrix. I haven’t seen him active for a while here though. Maybe If he’s still around, he can chime in on this thread.

Well just a follow up. BuyHear is having some major problems. However, the owner of BuyHear, Luke Jorgensen has a dozen other online hearing stores. I actually called one of them today and Luke was VERY SURPRISED to hear from me. He just happened to be in that store.
He hemmed and hawed and when I told him that his attirude made me very uncomfortable, he said I would have my aids by Wednesday. We’ll see.

My sense with Luke—who is, in fact, Dr. Daniel L. Jorgensen, MD, an otolaryngologist… I kid you not, just did a bunch of research—is that he and his crew have basically overextended themselves and are completely overwhelmed. Not an excuse whatsoever (esp. since I am one of the customers suffering the consequences).

But whenever I’ve been able to talk with him, he’s been helpful and caring.

I’ve conveyed to them that their tendency to not get back to customers is awful (not to mention, completely self-defeating). But it doesn’t seem to have changed. :confused:

Still (and, of course, I could be wrong), I don’t think this is a “sham” outfit. I just think they’ve, sort of, outgrown their britches. That might not help those who are paying the price for their “business model,” but my thinking is that it might not be a hopeless situation for many who’ve bought from them.

Also, @sandielee, you said that Luke has a dozen other online hearing stores. Did he tell you that? I’m not seeing a bunch of online sites, but I do find several brick-and-mortar locations at his base in Iowa.

@Volusiano: Apparently audiometrix over-extended their welcome here and have been banned. Another user here has had rather negative adventures with them too.

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I thought I saw that Dr. Jorgensen was older. I knew his liscense is under Luke Jorgensen in Iowa but his name is REALLY Luke Nesnegroj. I am cautious about doing business with someone who has multiple names. I found this on Facebook

Um…backwards last name maybe? I use a pseudonym myself on that site. Although I barely ever use it.

A pseudoym on an internet site, I can understand. I too, do the same thing. But a professional person doing the same thing, comes across as deceiving. Makes me feel as if they have something to hide.

Quick note on BuyHear: there are two pending lawsuits against them by manufacturers - Phonak and Oticon. It’s probably not a coincidence that both brands are no longer on BuyHear’s site. ReSound previously indicated they wouldn’t honor warranties for HA’s purchased online, so Widex and Signia are probably the only brands that can be purchased relatively safely. Still, there’s reason to worry whether BuyHear (and others) will be around much longer.

Phonak trying to put them out of business. Phonak can’t block sales of used phonak items on eBay.

We have been ripped-off long enough by the oligopoly of hearing aid manufacturers. However, I spoke with Starkey and was told hearing aids sent in for repair will not bit be confiscated, unless they were stolen from, or replaced for the original owner. I can buy 6-7 good hearing aids on eBay rather than buy new ones for $6,500! I have purchased several hearing aids online, and if the seller has a long history of satisfied customers, I have no fears of being ripped off. eBay has a great policy with regard to controlling fraudulent sellers.

What I believe now is that it is time for a class action suit by folks who have been refused service or had hearing aids confiscated. I would join in, but I’ve had no problems. I’m afraid the days of refusing to work with online buyers is fast coming to an end. By the way yarrowgordon, are you by any chance an audiologist with a traditional practice?