Bluetooth streamers and battery life


Mine sound normal and natural to me. What does robotic sound like?


Like a Dalek in Doctor Who. That’s how they were sounding when people spoke to me. But that was a few years ago. I have had Oticon for at least twelve years now so they are probably just as good now, but again, it is the individual’s preference. Approx seven years ago, I tried Phonak again but it was a poor fitting. They tried to move the high frequencies that I couldn’t hear into the low frequencies but they were awful. They later admitted it was more ideal for children or older people so that put me off even more! But I have heard only good things about Phonak’s line of accessories.


Hi ToriNi, I have a similar path with aids, started with Oticon synergy from th NHS, then had my private Oticon iic versions. Just last month I have been trialing the Phonak Brio3, and I know exactly what you mean about the dalek sound…having said that, by reducing the 1k frequencies just a faction, the sound immediate felt balanced and more natural…very similar to the Oticon sound. I’m convinced Daleks must speak using mid range frequencies only :grinning:. At the moment i’m Very happy with the switch to Pkonak, but it really is a very personal thing.


Care to expand on that comment?


I was told the connect clip will last 7 hours on the full battery charge at the most


Good grief. Shouldn’t the technology be getting better? I work a 12 hour shift, and my EasyTek never once died on me.


But the connect clip is only needed if you are connecting to android or computers. The hearing aids will connect directly to IPhone and IOS devices


Ah, yes. Let me point you to my previous comment on that matter. I started this thread because I’m an unwavering Android guy, and that ain’t changing. So I’ll be needing a streamer of some sort. The streamer will play a key role in deciding which brand I go with.


Just throwing in my 2 cents, I’ve used the Resound Phone Clip+, the Signia/Rexton Streamline Mic / Smart Mic, and the Phonak Com Pilot 2.

I like a strong, robust connection to multiple devices at one time, so that leaves out the Signia/Rexton device.

Both Resound and the Phonak work well, but the Phonak has more features. It can connect to two phones plus one other Bluetooth device, so you can be connected to two phones and still stream from a third device. Also, the Com Pilot 2 has an audio in port. And, you can connect a lapel Mic to it, and that’s what I do. Since it announces caller ID, and has a lapel Mic in place all day, I keep the Com Pilot2 under my shirt and i never take my phone out of my pocket unless I make a call or play a game. It also has a very long battery life. I think the spec is 20 hours. I have done some heavy streaming and phone use with Webex meetings, and it has never run down.

By the way, Signia and Oticon use the same device. I don’t know which one developed it or maybe they both bought it from another developer. I think the Oticon version has the same limitations and performance as the Signia/Rexton version.


Yes, Oticon/Signia streamer is identical in capabilities.

I have two Resound Bluetooth Streamers. Together, the get me through a 12 hour work shift. I am using them for connecting to a Motorola 2way radio.


I’m an Android-guy, too. Maybe Phonak’s Audeo-M-direct (coming soon or next year) is a chance for you? (Audeo-B-direct is already available but can stream with/to only 1 HA at the same time :frowning: ).
Like @Don I wear Phonak with ComPilot II, the latter last a couple of days although I keep wearing the streamer 12-16h a day and in this time it is connected to my bq smartphone all the time. Actually streaming (phonecall, music or listening to tv) is done about 1-2h a day. (Btw. the 13-sized batteries of my HAs last for about 16 days each).


It’s starting to sound like Phonak is the clear winner here.


The Phonak Audeo M will incur a much higher battery drain compared to the aids using low energy Bluetooth and MFi.


Well, I wasn’t specifically referring to the Audeo M, but rather the ComPilot. It seems to me that the ComPilot has significantly better battery life than other streamers.
Your idea of having two streamers has also caught my interest. I could switch them out at lunchtime.


Of course, it is much larger…bigger battery


I would Phonak sounds “harder” than Oticon. That was the reason to choose Oticon OPN 1.


For the sake of completeness: It’s called “Audeo-M” (without “-direct”). These versions are available:
Audeo-B: streaming is only possible with a streamer, but in stereo
Audeo-B-direct: for use without a streamer but streaming to one ear/aid only
Audeo-M: for use without a streamer and in stereo
There is no streamer available for any Audeo-M => keep an eye on battery-drain as efigalaxie already mentioned!
There is no Audeo that can use a streamer and use direct streaming.


I, too, have the Resound setup. I have the TV streamer situated behind my TV with the charger permanently plugged in, so don’t have a clue on the usable time on the battery. In fact, it never occured to me that it could be run off the battery. It’s worked flawlessly for over 3 years, and still going strong. Best system I’ve ever had.


I have a charge and stream cable for my Surflink Mobile 2. Maybe someone makes one for your streamer, too.


I told my audi that I was interested in Phonak, mostly because of the ComPilot. He ended up ordering the Marvel for me, no streamer needed. I’ve been participating in the Marvel thread. I get them on the 10th.