Bluetooth streamers and battery life


If you use a bluetooth streamer, I’m interested in hearing about it’s battery life. I use to charge my Siemens EasyTek every night. I spend about 2-3 hours on the phone every day, and sometimes 1-2 hours streaming music. In 3 years I never once had the battery die. I’m now trialing the Starkey Muse with the SurfLink Mini Mobile. The Mini Mobile’s battery only lasts about 8 hours with light usage.
Tell me what kind of streamer you have, how you use it, and how well the streamer’s battery performs.


I wear Widex Beyond 330’s and use their Com-Dex streamer. It lets me use my HA’s as a bluetooth headset and it also streams music. It’s rechargeable, and I usually recharge it every two-three days. My HA batteries usually last me in the neighborhood of 5-ish days or so, at 16-18 hrs/day.

While I don’t have any experience with the Starkey products, eight hours seems like not nearly enough.

Hope this helps.


I wear Oticon HAs w/their Streamer. If I’m streaming a lot of music or audiobooks I get 5-6 days on a 312 battery. I open my battery compartment every night. Not sure if it does any good, but it makes me feel better! If I’m not streaming a lot I can get 7-8 days out of a battery. Good luck!


Actually, I was asking about the battery life of the streamer itself. Does it last the whole day, several days, or just hours?


The Resound multi-mic and the phone clip+ will last between 6-8 hours of constant streaming.


With Oticon’s Streamer Pro, it depends on usage. I use my Streamer mostly at work with my office phone but I also stream music. If I’m streaming a lot and making calls as well, it’ll last 3-4 days on a full charge. Just making calls once in a while, it’ll last at least 7-10 days or even longer.

I’m getting the Connect Clip soon with my OPNs so be interesting to compare it with the Streamer Pro.


I’ve had the resound quattros rechargeable version for about 2 months… it is the best HA I have ever had… i mainly stream music on my I phone and also from television using resound TV streamer … I wear the HA’s avg. 15 hrs.a day and stream anywhere from 6 to 10 hrs… off and on everyday… when I recharge at night I have never had less than a 60% charge left per the indicator on the app and also on the charger… In the past I have had HA’s that used size 312 and 13 batteries best life was 13’s about 4 days… I also had a set of 3d resounds that used the Z system (garbage) charger and the HA’s died out every after about 11 to 12 hrs of use


That’s pretty impressive. Very helpful, thank you.


That’s amazing. I wonder why Starkey can’t make a streamer that lasts a full day?


At this time I have the Oticon Alta Pros and the streamer pro 2, I have a severe hearing loss. My streamer last about 5-8 hours on a charge while streaming. And will last a week or more if I am only using it as my remote. My aids are in the ear and use the 312 battery, I wear my aids all day everyday. My average day of use is about 16 hours. I change my batteries every Sunday morning before the start of my day. Sometimes my batteries will go an extra day but normally not. I stream my calls from my Iphone to my aids, and also calls from the house phone goes through a phone connect to my aids. I also have a TV connect and watch on average 3 hours of TV. due to my hearing loss I do not listen to music, but do listen to a few podcast each week.


So @ToriNi is getting 3-4 days out of the Oticon Streamer Pro, and @cvkemp is getting 5-8 hours out of the Oticon Streamer Pro 2.

Are these 2 different devices? Radically different usage scenarios? It almost sounds like @ToriNi is using the streamer more than @cvkemp, yet getting far greater battery life.


You also have to understand my streamer is over 4 years old and is on all the time even when I am not streaming. Also my battery is on its last legs as they say. I will be retiring my present hearing aids and streamer in early December, and going to the lastest Oticon OPN, with the connect clip


It is because I don’t have it on all of the time. So it lasts longer. I’ll only use it for a hour at a time mostly.


Ah! I see. I keep mine on all the time so I can readily answer incoming phone calls.


Connect Clip won’t last near as long as the streamer pro.


Phonak Com Pilot 2. Very long battery life with streaming. Also connects to two phones at one time and one more Bluetooth device. So you can stream from one laptop, and take a call from either office phone or cell.


Yeah I’m not expecting it to last as long. But hopefully still be sufficient for my needs. Besides I am used to charging things regularly as I have an iPhone. Just hope it connects better to my iPhone X than the Streamer. They don’t play together very nicely when connecting initially. Have to keep turning it off and then try to reconnect again. Probably because the firmware is out of date most likely.


Heard good things about Phonak’s line of products. Just a shame I don’t like the sound Phonak has!


What do you not like about the sound?


Always been quite robotic when people talk. I then tried Oticon and it was more natural sounding. But it really depends on the individual and how they interpret sound. For me, digitally, I didn’t like Phonak. And this was a surprise after many years wearing analogue Phonak hearing aids, with tuning amended by a screwdriver… :laughing: