Bluetooth and iphone microphone

I contacted phonak but I was wondering if any of you found a solution to my issue.
I love hearing my wife over bluetooth directly in my hearing aids, but she doesn’t hear me well.
And she hear me well over speaker mode.

Is it possible to have both?

seems like my issue is that phonak isn’t MFI so I’m doomed.

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This might help you.

It’ll work for Marvel, Paradise and Lumity, plus KS9 and KS10.

NoiseBlock is the worse culprit.

seems like I’m talking to myself but after putting my phone on standard instead of voice isolation she hears me well :smiley:

I need to find this setting.

Where about is this setting on an iPhone?

Why do you think you’re talking to yourself? I commented!!!

oh your reply probably was approved after I sent that message ahah!

In iphone, on a facetime call, you can configure the voice mode.

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I have the same issue with my KS9s. I can hear others great. Others say I sound muddy, speakerphone-ish.

Here we go!
I have iOS 16.3 and iPhone 14 pro.
I don’t know if its ios or the latest iphone. Google isn’t helpful.