Just a heads up, some of you will remember a couple of years ago, i purchased a pair of Hansaton Veneto aids on Ebay from bidbybid, and i sang their praises, on service, the aids them selves and of course the price, they came with full remote, and a 3 years warranty, well its only when you have a problem you find out how good a compay is, just after Christmas, my aids started to go wrong, so on contacting Bidbybid Phillip asked me to send them back to him, along with the remote, which i did, and have now just got them back, fully operational with out a cost to me, with exception of the postage, now bear in mind i am in the UK, it took about 1month to get them back, the delay was having to wait for some parts from Germany,
I put this post up to say great job to Bidbybid, and they lived up their word, would i hesitate in purchasing from them again, no,and would i recommend them ? A big resounding yes!
You pay. Your money, and take your chance, i hope from this post some of you who are considering buying from this company, won’t hesitate now.

Thanks for taking the trouble to tell us all that Phillip continues to make customers happy.

When I’m ready for Siemens, I’m heading to him.

cheers, elijah

I’ve only bought batteries from him, but it’s always been an easy transaction.

Phillip is the best. Bought Pure 5 Mi from him. Seamless, program was darn close and all happened from start to finish is 5 business days.

Just out of curiosity… where does he get the hearing aids from?

I am about sure that he gets them from Siemens. Not black or grey market. but let’s see what others opine.

I will feel totally safe when I order from Philip / bidbybid

The Hansatons I brought are equivalent to Siemens pure 701 I think are from the states, but had to get parts from Germany, but feel totally comfortable in using them. :0)

Mine came from Siemens. Checked serial numbers and there is nothing funny about the sale, programming or product.

Phillip at eBay “bidbybid” or ( is good to work with. Never a problem.