Bernafon Oasis 19.0 software

I am working with Oasis 19 for 5 months now. You can enter you audiogram in the client database. Then in the Oasis programming environment you can use that or you can do an in-situ audiogram. You use your hearing aids in your ears to measure what your hearing threshold levels are. My audiologist agrees that it is more precise than the audiogram they measure with headphones, since the complex of you-with-those-aids are measured. ‘Precision’ is relative, because the measuring error is still 10dB. Don’t be surprized if you see differences between audiograms within that range. Apparently our ears are not that precise.

If your hearing aids generate painful/uncomfortable sounds at times, you can even measure the level at which sounds become uncomfortable. Then MPO is than automatically adjusted. As I have a two-year-old with a rather loud voice—Happiness is around 82dB, I never measured her when she’s upset because it’s painful— this is a life saver!

My audiologist never did a REM. If yours did and you can get a paper printout of it, you could input it in the program, though.

Bernafon’s Oasis v20 is available for download on their website:

Hi markismus,hey thanks for sharing this,as this had been a hard one to find!

Yes, thanks. It works on the latest Bernafon Juna 9 from Costco. Now I can do my own.

+1 more thanks from me as well. I also have a Juna 9 (IIC) from Costco, and am much happier now that I can make adjustments myself.

For those of you who have mentioned the ability to self-program with the Oasis software, what have you used for a connection device from the computer to the hearing aids? HiPRO and cables? The wireless FittingLINK? Does anyone know of a source for the FittingLINK?

I use a fitting link. Bought it in germany in a regular shop.

Sigh. If only I lived in Germany. I am quite surprised how hard it is to find a source for the FittingLINK in the USA. It was much easier to track down the Phonak icom back in the day. I’ve come up short everywhere so far.

Look at eBay Item number 181778259108
Though it’s $475. I prefer Hi-Pro and cables and I don’t recommend wireless fitting for self programming.

Thanks for the tip PVC, i’ll jump on this I think. This wasn’t listed this morning :wink: I like the peace of mind that it brings to do small tweaks and small repairs myself…thank God for ebay. If I thought I could find a hi-pro and cables easily I might go that route as it would be a more permanent solution.

cheapest way to program bernafon aids is this:

Sonic innovations expresslink, in case the link doesn´t work. You´ll need cables, then, but if you are to stay with bernafon / oticon /sonic innovations, it´much cheaper than hi-pro and things like that.

In case it was you who bought the fitting link: This is, of course, much more comfortable than plugging in cables.

Be sure to save your original settings. After the first time I used it, there was a strange error in my aid (volume control didn´t work anymore), but after re-loading and re-saving the settings, everything was fine. I´ve never had any problems since.

Hi-Pro and cables are not difficult to find. Though Flexconnect strips and Boots/Shoes are more of a challenge. But many who are new at this prefer one-wireless-device-made-for-one-specific-brand (wham/done/no more searching for cables/strips/boots). Myself, I prefer the flexibility of programming all brands of hearing aids using a Hi-Pro.

No biggie though. That should get you started. If you ever change your mind you can always sell it to a newbie.

Suggestion: Audiology Online has free courses online. You have to become a member to view the courses but it’s free unless you wish to receive credits for the courses. Try searching the directory of courses By-Company/bernafon…
>> Audiology Online free courses <<

Musician_72, PVC, you guys are both incredibly helpful. I do appreciate it tremendously; the hard-of-hearing world can be a tough and lonely one at times and its a great thing to find support here. I’ll definitely check out the free audiology courses online, that looks very interesting.

I have downloaded the Oasis 23 My problem is it don’t work with the older hearing aid I have they need the older version that supports the Brite 503

I’m looking for a Bernafon software

You should look on the main software sharing thread, this one;
How to find Fitting Software to Program Your Hearing Aids [DIY].

can you provide me with a copy ?

can you provide me with a copy ?

People, the thread already gives the link. Why not use find “download” on this page and it will give you the relevant post!