Bernafon Oasis 19.0 software

Hi there, hey anyone know where I can get a copy of the Bernafon Oasis 19.0 software, please PM me if you know, thanks

hello did you found a copy of the software?

Hi there, no I didn’t,version 19 is unavailable to us unfortunately.

I may have found a copy through an international vender on Ebay. I will post a note after it arrives and I have had a chance to check it. probably the end of next week.

Hi there, yes I also found an eBay member who has Version 15.0, but it seems that version 19.0 is not available, what version have you managed to get? Thanks

I was told that it was 19.0 We will see what it is when it arrives.

Ok then keep us updated.

I am very much interested in 19.0. You can PM me and maybe we can discuss. I have used the Oticon software successfully in the past. Is Oasis similar?

if you go onto the Bernafon download site, you can view a tutorial for an earlier version of Oasis, v.15.0, I think, which except for the models it covers, seems to be pretty much the same.

I have finally received version 19.0 of the Bernafon Oasis software. If there are others who want this, contact me by private message and I will provide you with the venders contact info. It took a while, because it can from India and had to pass through Customs.

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Didn’t see a follow-up message related to the above?:frowning:

Did you read post #10?

By the way, if you plan on fine tuning what your audiologist/hearing-specialist has programmed for you, be aware that without the data they entered for the audiogram and the RealEar Measurements, etc, you will be limited to just tweaking existing programs. If you try and move programs, replace or add new ones, the software will try and access the hearing data and if there isn’t any, you will get a program without any data. In other words, an empty program.

You can certainly enter your audiogram and work off that, but REM and other input that may may have been done or entered by your audi will not be be available.

Hi there,all the data that is used to program by the audiologist is automatically stored in the hearing aid when they save the session, so adding a new program or changing one the data is still there for the software,I guess the important thing to do is when you connect to your software for the very first time to make sure you,when asked to enter or read from the hearing aid and not a new session,and save that to work off.
Also isn’t there an option to do REM with your existing hearing aids in the software like Phonak target? Anyway there seems to be a lot of debating about REM on whether it’s even worth doing,a lot of the clinics don’t bother anyway, remember REM is only measuring the output of the hearing aid in your ear,but not WHAT you can actually hear.
I’ve had it done a few time’s myself and could tell no difference at all!so being able to make adjustments at home or on the fly has always worked best for me so I’m sure it would work for most others as well.

Doesn’t appear to work that way. New programs come up empty when I attempt to add a program or move a program. And yes, I copied the data on the hearing aid to the software. Yes, it can make a guess about REM, but that is not the same as adding the measurements. As to whether it makes a difference, that is something I don’t have enough knowledge to address.

Figured out what was going wrong. The Oasis program was unable to write data to its database, so if I made a change it wasn’t being recorded. I missed the error message. May be a permissions issue. I am running Oasis in Windows 7 under Parallels on a MAC. I may shift gears and load it up on an old PC I have and see if the issue is solved.

I have a couple of Bernafon Oasis 19 disks, and based in Europe

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I have a copy of the Bernafon Oasis 19 software I no longer need. PM me if interested.

I am working with Oasis 19 for 5 months now. You can enter you audiogram in the client database. Then in the Oasis programming environment you can use that or you can do an in-situ audiogram. You use your hearing aids in your ears to measure what your hearing threshold levels are. My audiologist agrees that it is more precise than the audiogram they measure with headphones, since the complex of you-with-those-aids are measured. ‘Precision’ is relative, because the measuring error is still 10dB. Don’t be surprized if you see differences between audiograms within that range. Apparently our ears are not that precise.

If your hearing aids generate painful/uncomfortable sounds at times, you can even measure the level at which sounds become uncomfortable. Then MPO is than automatically adjusted. As I have a two-year-old with a rather loud voice—Happiness is around 82dB, I never measured her when she’s upset because it’s painful— this is a life saver!

My audiologist never did a REM. If yours did and you can get a paper printout of it, you could input it in the program, though.

Bernafon’s Oasis v20 is available for download on their website: