Behind the ear or on the head ... which is better?

A question is always asked regarding the external cochlear implant : ( by My doctor )

Behind the ear or on the head … which is better?

The external device on the head is available in two companies only ( cochlear and med-el )

The external device on the head for any head is on any wires, easy to use and very acceptable in shape, as there is nothing on the ear and easy to charge …

The external device on the ear is in the normal position to receive sound and has more than one microphone (and one of the head devices from a company also contains 2 microphones) (very useful in noise) and easy to install …

All the latest types in different companies and their latest releases are all devices that are worn on the ear with higher and better technology …

The latest release from Medal is (Sonnet 2).
And the last version of Coclear is (Nucleus 7)
And the last issue of AB is (Nayida 90)
And the last version of Oticon Medical is (Nero 2)

And display it placed on the ear …

If we are looking for the better look, the device on the head is better
Control for fear of losing it in the upper for children of 4 years

As for technology:
The device on the ear is the highest technology (based on the latest versions of the four companies) …

The choice is based on the child’s age and the family’s recommendations after discussing them with their doctor in charge of programming …

For me i think the external device on the head is better and next upgrade is coming its in the head ( kanso 2 and rondo 3 ) . so now only the different the technology and the shape ( design)

what about u guys??

Greetings to all of you …

I believe it is a matter of preference. It is not that the on the ear devices have better technology, but they are always a generation ahead of the on the head option. I cant speak for the other companies because i do not follow them as closely, but Cochlear will be releasing the Kanso 2 in a few months. THe Kanso 2 has all the technology and features of the Nucleus 7 which has been on the market for a few years already. THere are no benefits. I am assuming next Cochlear will release their Nucleus N8 which will surpass the Kanso 2 in technology/benefits. So the Nucleus is always a step ahead.

Just my two cents.


I agree with you @Lou82 yes, they are only updates technology and different designs.

By the way, they told you? It is kanso 2 available Will the current processor be replaced( N7) ? by agreement? Is your magnet problem solved?


My doctor told me the Kanso 2 is compatible with my implanted device so it should work. I am not sure if i am going to get the Kanso 2 yet so ill probably never know

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What type of your implanted device?

Cochlear Profile Plus

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For me it’s on the ear. Latest technology always as someone else said. I also keep a very short haircut as you saw in my Just Saying Hello thread so I personally think the off the ear would look weird on me.

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it is all what works for the best for the individual person.


I’m also have a preference for OTE. Having the N7 with the microphones pointing forward give me a better hearing option.

I’m not sure where they are on the Kanso, but if the devise is on the side or the back of your head. How can the microphones pick up as good a sound as the ones pointing forward? I have no clue, it’s a question I would be asking though.


This a question we will find the answer at the who uses it . ( any one here uses kanso or rondo ) ?

@Deaf_piper Does OTE mean On-the-Ear or Off-the-Ear? :slight_smile:

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My Audi has told me that the worse areas for hearing aids to get moisture in them is the battery doors. And the second is the recievers. I was worried about the mic openings and he said they issues with the mics is dust covering the mics. I sometimes wonder how any of the aids I have ever had survived because of the way that I sweat. I do not believe that a rain storm could drown my aids any worse than me sweating in the summer time.

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@phobos512 :joy::joy::joy: it’s so good to wake up to a laugh and a wise guy!

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If my CI goes as planned the Kanso 2 will be my choice.
As mentioned earlier it will have the same technology as the N7 so no lack of bells and whistles.

I guess I am ready to get things off my ears. That idea is pleasing to me.

The AUD that tested me has 2 implants using Kanso processors. I asked him a little about how he does with them. He said he has had implants for 9 years. He doesn’t need any Bluetooth devices because he can hear the TV, phone, etc just fine with his processors. That was very exciting to hear.

So, I guess the style of process is totally up to the person wearing it. Except maybe the hybrid implants.


@Raudrive what will you do if your surgeon preserves your residual hearing? As you have some at present looking at your audiogram. Will you just go fully electric or go with the EAS attachment?

My AUD said I was not a hybrid candidate so all electric. That’s a new term to me.

@Raudrive that’s interesting that your Aud said that. I only had about 10-13hz more than you at time of op. And all mine was preserved.

My hearing has deteriorated the past year. The AUD knew this. This might have something to do with him saying I was not a hybrid candidate.
Seems I remember reading the hybrid cut off dB is around 40 but there would have to be more to it than that.


can you or anyone explain ?? what the hybrid candidate…

@Toti a hybrid is suggested if you have reasonable residual before CI op. A hybrid candidate goes through the exact same process as any CI candidate. I tried to look at your audiogram but you haven’t charted it yet.

If you look at mine you will see my L ear on approximately 30hz. My R ear was the same pre op. I have a N7 EAS attachment and a 522 Long array, because my residual is preserved for the time being. But surgeons won’t guarantee for how long it will remain. When it does fail I will have to go all electric.

The EAS itself is attached to where ear hook position generally is. It’s a very small receiver, much like a RIC receiver. It’s used to bring in the high frequencies that I have had missing for decades.

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