Automatic program change issue with Phonak Audeo Paradise

I have Phonak Audeo Paradise P90-312’s. When I am in a cafe or restaurant I often do not use my remote because I can usually hear well. After about 20 minutes the program changes by itself to extreme chaotic noise and makes it impossible to hear just one thing. I never know what to do but if I open the remote and change to Restaurant, then back to Automatic it usually fixes it.

What am I doing wrong?

Does anyone else have this problem?

I’ve never heard of this issue. My Phonak’s don’t do this. :slight_smile:

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It is extremely annoying! I usually jump up out of my chair which really looks strange to everyone because I don’t tell anyone that I wear them :rofl:

Sounds like AutoSense hears something that changes the program.
Have you tried putting the aids in a manual program while in that environment? I believe the latest update will keep the aids in that manual program until you manually change them. Otifications will not put the aids back in AutoSense I believe.

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What do you mean by manual Raudrive?

The easiest way to resolve this is to take them in to be looked at. Why go nuts trying to fix this yourself

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I also think the autosense switches wrongly to a nother program. If you have the MyPhonak App activated when this happens, you can see there, to which program it changed. This is helpfull to explain your problem to your audi, to fix it.
Or you can, as @Raudrive suggested, activate one of the manual programs by long-pushing the up-button on one of the HA


My audio is not interested in any Phonak problems since he does not like them. He was not averse to selling them to me though ££££

You to tell your Audi to do his job and be a professional about it

So often Automatic (Autosense) sets me in an inappropriate program. Most times I’m in the music program and I switch to a custom program based on the music program with a little noise reduction added when in a noisy environment. This suits me.

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Hahaha!!! I wish that would work…

It happened again to me yesterday. It always happens in the same coffee shop but other places as well. KeithL, I will try that from now on and will get back to you.

Autosense which is your priority program on your hearing aids is made to automatically switch programs depending on your current environment. You can also have your audiologist set up custom programs on you aids such as music, restaurant, speech in noise, etc. These programs can be switch over to manually by pushing the button in your aids or using the myphonak app or even using the remote when programed by the Audi. This prevents the aids from switching to other programs automatically until you return to the original priority program. Tell your Audi you want to program custom programs into your aids in addition to your priority program

I met someone yesterday who has been using HAs for about 5 years. He doesn’t get on with them very well. His audi never set him up with manual programs. He was intrigued when I told him. And he was far from being of an age where such may confuse!

At what age does this confusion thing set in