Auto diagnostics

“Hear” is one for you.
My new Oticon Real 1 HAs have turned into auto diagnostic tools.
I am not sure why I have not noticed this sooner, but I don’t drive a lot, or maybe it just started this today.
When I push the car start button once (not start), I can hear the ECU start up.
If I push the button once more the ignition mode is entered and I hear a ticking about 5x/sec. No idea what that is. It does not change with speed when driving.
If I start the car, I hear the starter run and if I push on the accel I hear the fuel injectors.
When coasting that sound stops.
I hear a whine when I turn the steering wheel fast.
When I stop for a light, the injector sound and a few others go away when it auto stops the engine.
When I drift to a stop, foot off accel, before I stop, the injectors run again.
Any Idea why the HAs are doing this?
Do I need to see the audi or my mechanic?
Never noticed it with my old HAs.

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I don’t understand what you trying to describe. Could you tell in other words and be more verbose?

The HAs are picking up electrical noise in the car. It is not audible noise. I have driven b4 with them and not noticed it, but it is very noticable now. Don’t know what changed.

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I got a couple tattoo sleeves last year, and one (and only one) of the artist’s tattoo machines caused electrical noise in my aids. And if the alarm goes off on my uninterruptable power supply, the interference is more noticeable than the audible alarm.

1st, is your car set on auto stop/start. When you stop at the traffic light, the car will switched off. When you step on the accelerator, the car starts again to dive. Check this function with mechanic. Modern cars to save gasoline.
Maybe your HA’s is tuned to high frequency setting and you will hear all the car sound such as fuel injection, brakes or mechanic movement inside the car engine. Talk to the Audi on this scenario of the HA’s . You might need some adjustment.


Yes, as I said, when I stop many of the sounds stop. When it restarts I hear a buzz I would say is the starter and I again I hear noise that I can relate to injectors since it varies with engine speed. It stops if I take my foot off the accel.
I never heard that with my other HAs and it just started with these.

@dankailo and you have Oticon also, interesting.But it isn’t audible sounds. It is definitely electromagnetic interference (EMI) sounds.


Do you have telecoil active im your HAs?
It picks up any nearby electromagnetic interferencies. These may be audible if they occur in the right frequencies.


I heard some some sounds from the car when I used Oticon Xceed but not the Oticon More 1.

Mine are the Oticon Real 1.
I have an appt Fri. Maybe the audi can tell me.


I have a telecoil, but they are not on that program.
Though it could be some kind of bleed thru from the coils. Good thought.
What I am hearing is definitely EMI and wouldn’t be audible at any freq.
Got any idea what the ticking is when the ignition is on? I can’t relate that to anything.
It doesn’t change and reminds me of some clock operations that move 5 times per second.

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You need to tell your audiologist that you’re hearing engine noise. Do you have Bluetooth and phone app for your hearing aid? If so, you can create a program to reduce car or background noise.

If you are talking about audible noise, that won’t work for EMI. The Companion app doesn’t have a feature to create a program. I can only change volume, programs already set by audi, and it has an equilizer for the mics and one for streaming. But that is all for audio sounds.

Interesting you mention electromagnetic interference. I was using a Phonak, I believe (or it could have been Widex) when I was on vacation once. Went through the checkout gate of a store in the mall and it set of a sound in my hearing aids.

I had a pair of 2007 Starkey BTE aids with telcoil and heard a buzzing sound walking thru a security detector.

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Also do you have the auto start function. There might be an option to turn it off by pressing a button.

Yes, I can turn off auto start, but that isn’t the issue. I’m trying to figure out what about the HA is picking up that EMI. So far, the best possibility is bleed thru from the tellicoil. I guess I will try turning on the TC and see if it gets much louder.

Just generic trouble shooting comments: I really try to not be overconfident I know what’s going on. Describing things in generic terms rather than being confident I know what I’m “hearing.” It’s possible you’re just hearing sounds you didn’t used to be able to hear. My car makes all kinds of noises that I might not notice without hearing aids on. Decide whether what you’re hearing is a problem or a curiosity.
That can have a huge impact on how much it bothers you. If it’s definitely something you want to pursue, try duplicating in presence of a good mechanic.


Or anyone with good hearing.

When I got the CI’s it was a new world for me. I thought every vehicle I got in was falling apart!

My friend was a Mercedes Benz Service Manager in the local dealership.
His retired client bought a brand new Benz and drove to Florida. He called at every stop complaining about noise. Visited Florida MB dealer who had no idea what he was talking about.

Client returned to London Ontario. Mick figured it out. The Client’s HA’s were picking up the noises you describe.


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