AudioTelligence is set to help solve the ‘cocktail party problem’

Don’t know when this will hit the streets, but it looks interesting. Looks like a Whisper type device but without hearing aids, perhaps transmitting via bluetooth.

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Do they sell hearing aids, or are they planning to, or are they going to license this technology to hearing-aid manufacturers?

No - they don’t sell hearing aids, and I don’t think they are planning to. It’s an audio tech company.

Licensing to hearing aid manufacturers? No idea, sorry.

Certainly, it looks like from the demo that bluetooth is involved, as there was a woman wearing earphones, so the device will probably link via bluetooth.

Interesting @glucas …… Thank you for the link :wink:

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Seeing how the baby boomers are getting old and hearing impairment is going through the roof I tend to be skeptical when a company comes out with new technology until I see actual proof that it works.

Is there an actual product at this point? Looks like a set of intellectual property in search of a home.

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Hello, Thanks for your comments on this article.
I am the product manager responsible for this tech.

We are looking to license it to consumer tech and hearing aid companies. To help our prospective customers evaluate the tech we have integrated it into a tabletop device which connects to Bluetooth earbuds. The device is fully functional and has been tested in the real world. In fact, the audio you hear in the video is from the device itself.

We are working hard to find a partner who can help is bring this to market either by integrating into their own device or by licensing the design of our prototype. We hope to get this into the hands of end users very soon.

For more info do visit


Very exciting! Thanks for getting in touch with the info.

Welcome to the forum @r.radia…. Sounds very promising, perhaps the “Holy Grail” of hearing loss, so you may find some forum users slightly sceptical of your new product? If it works effectively, and can be integrated as a “assistive listening device” for hearing aid users, you will be onto a winner…. Good Luck, cheers Kev :wink:

Um. May I just say THIS:

<<Aiso for Hearing adopts a different approach – instead of amplifying all sounds from a particular direction, Aiso separates the speech signals from the surrounding noise. This allows a user to hear individual voices clearly, with the technology giving an improvement in the speech-to-noise ratio (SNR) of up to 30 decibels (dBs) – compared with improvements ranging between only 2-4 dBs for the directive beamformers typically found in hearing aids.>>

Direct quote from the link glucas posted. So … my dear r.radia, if you’re staying tuned to this thread, THAT IS THE HOLY GRAIL! You now know what all we here know. How you use this benefit statement to a manufacturer of hearing aids is the key.

AW, let ME write it! I want to tell Phonak, Oticon, et al, this is what millions of us wearing aids are NEEDING. It’s that simple. License this to a manufacturer and that company will not only have a unique competitive advantage for a while, but will be the leader dragging all other manufacturers of HAs into the 21st century.

As others point out here, we are JADED. We’ve been fed promises for decades about aids that have AI, Genie on board, MAGIC. None of which does one squat diddly to helping us just hear folks at a table with us in a restaurant. It’s almost comical it’s so obvious.

So now your company is targeting ALLLLL those baby boomers who love to party hardy in noisy places with an earbud/bluetooth thingey that helps these vibrant, young 'uns HEAR each other in a mob.

How about US? We’ve been here for decades asking for devices that would boost human speech frequencies so we hear people talking and not the bartender shakin’ martinis behind the bar.

HELP US. :worried:


If (a HUGE if) AudioTelligence and/or a HA manufacturer partner can actually produce a HA that will do what this sound clip comparison does:

that HA will totally blow away anything else on the market at this time. Talk about disruptive technology! But we’ll have to see what, if any, product actually ends up appearing on the market.
Frankly, IF this technology could perform this well in a HA in the real world I would be concerned that a big HA manufacturer might buy the technology just to kill it.

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Very interesting. But it reminds me of the Roger Table Mic from Phonak: what is different about it? I am passionate about cinema, could this device help me to better understand the dialogues by connecting them via bluetooth to my P90?

@1Bluejay thanks for your message. After reviewing a lot of tech out there I can understand why you are jaded from the promises made. We do hope this technology benefits everyone who struggle to hear in busy environments. The feedback from end users has been extremly positive. Given your experience I would love to give you a chance to test the tech in the real world. We are hoping to run some more trials in the UK in March. Not sure the policy on leaving contact details here but if you send an enquiry on our website I will pick this up.

Also, I would like to assure you there is no plan to withhold this tech from hearing aid users. In fact our recent trials 50% of participants in our recent trials wore hearing aids and some even had profound hearing loss.

Fingers crossed our tech gets as much interest from the HA manufacturers as it has from end users and audiologists.

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@lello58 the key difference is how the technology works. The roger mic uses beamforming which essentially amplify everything in yiur chosen direction. Our technology works by separating out all the sounds / speech from the noise and allows you to focus on your preferred sound source only.

DONE! Check your email! I went up to the AudioTelligence website, but the Contact fields didn’t seem to fit my “enquiry” type. I greatly appreciate your being here on the board with us finding out what our critical needs are! If I worked in marketing or product development for any manufacturer of aids - or even as a practicing audi! - I’d be on this board every single day to see what my customers want and need.

Fingers crossed we get this kind of focused listening technology into a pair of aids that actually WORKS - as opposed to more promises, promises, and then the reality of disappointment again.

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You’re in the United States, right? You can try Whisper now.

How is that technology different than the current Signia AX platform, which processes speech and other sounds separately? I am wearing those right now, and while I found it seems to be an improvement over some other aids for speech in noise, I wouldn’t say the improvement is a quantum leap by any means.

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Yes. To my point!!! We’re always told the newer aids will DO THIS or THAT, and then they always seem to DISAPPOINT in the most critical area: distinguishing speech in noisy places.

But hope springs eternal!! :slight_smile:

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Are you asking about AudioTelligence or Whisper?

I am indeed in the US! So I was reading some of the threads on WhisperAI. It seems there’s a bit more “gear” to that solution than just a pair of aids with the technology built in to boost speech frequencies without ANY cell phone or external box required.

I actually think I’d go for a monthly plan for that matter … so it’s not the pricing model I quibble about. Not sure if I’d find a good “hearing care specialist” in my area to fit me - and I’ve always considered a good audi like a marriage: it’s for LIFE (or till divorce/death do you part).