Audio from TV and Hearing Aid Transmitter at the same time

I have a LG TV and LG soundbar, which work fine together. I want to connect my Phonak Roger On base station so that I can listen at one volume and my wife at another. The base station takes an optical cable and the TV outputs only one sound type at a time. If I set the TV to HDMI eARC I can connect the soundbar but not the base station. If I output Optical from the TV I cannot connect the sound bar. I have not found a device that will pass through the HDMI eArc sound and split off an optical signal output.
The $449 HDFURY Vertex 2, after a week of trying, does not work. Any other suggestions?

I found that my tv has to be set to PCM sound to get sound form eArc and optical at the same time … give it a try … if not try this one


Thank you for the information. I’m not sure if I can get two different outputs from my TV using the PCM solution as I cannot find a setting for that, I did send an email to the company about the Amazon product you set a link for. d

Thank you for your suggestions


My LG TV has a setting that pushes sound through optical and internal speakers, but it, too, will activate HDMI or Internal or BT or Optical or Opt + internal or BT + internal.

Your soundbar might have an optical input, in which case an optical splitter might work - something like

I checked with LG Chat and they said that the TV will only output to one port, with or without the TV speakers. They will take our situation and a recommendation to change the output to two devices in the future as a software update. But who knows if they will do this. I like the link you sent me. I will order the splitter and post a response once I test it out.

If your Roger device has a volume control that should help you.
Otherwise the Phonak tv streamer will work and does have a volume control to do as you are wanting.

The Roger On remote mic does not have a volume control. It can fit in the Roger On base station with volume controls. The issue is that the base station only has an Optical input port and no other ports. I cannot get my TV set to output two signals simultaneously. For example: HDMI eARC to my LG soundbar and optical to the Roger On base station. Talking to LG they said that the TV is not currently capable of doing this. My soundbar has an optical input port and HDMI and Bluetooth inputs. So I just ordered an optical splitter. One optical input and two optical outputs. I will try and have the TV output an optical signal and route it through the splitter. One line to the soundbar and the other to the Roger On base station. If it works, great, however, I will lose the capability of turning on the soundbar with the TV remote and controlling the sound the same way.

A powered optical splitter, two- way device might help.
I used one for a TV streamer and a power bar with good results.

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That one plug is eather a optical or a 3.5 audio input … just use a 3.5 cable.
But when you plug the 3.5 into the tv it will probable turn off the eArc output .

This is what I ordered today on Amazon:

It is a splitter but does not seem to be powered. What is a power bar in your post?

Read the one star review about their LG

The TV does not have a 3.5 mm output.

The TV has a Sound Out setting with the following options
TV Speaker
Bluetooth Device
WiSA Speakers
Mobile Device
Optical Out Device
Bluetooth Device
Optical Out Device + TV Speaker
HDMI (Arc) + TV Speaker (WOW) Note: this is what I have been using.

The Soundbar

Some settings Auto Power and On TV Remote = so that the TV Controller controls the soundbar

Basic Connections to the TV
Optical Cable
HDMI Cable


HDMI IN – according to manual used for DVD or Blu-ray player
HDMI TV (eARC/ARC) – according to the manual used for TV
The soundbar is wirelessly connected to the subwoofer


BT (Bluetooth)
OPT/HDMI ARC – this is my normal connection

Normal Configuration

TV Set to HDMI (ARC) + TV Speaker
Soundbar connected to TV on soundbar HDMI TV (eARC/ARC) port
With HDMI ARC function
In this configuration the sound comes out of the TV speakers/Soundbar/Subwoofer

I checked various review sites before making a TV purchase. The sound quality was not great which is why I purchased the soundbar. With my aids I really can’t tell, but my wife with normal hearing likes the sound,

I think he was saying if you have an LaG TV you’re better off with a powered splitter.

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Do you know where that review is? I did not see a link to one

At the top of the item you will see the review stars.
Touch that. It will take you to all the reviews.
Than just choose the one star reviews.
I always read the one star reviews.
A lot of the time they make me laugh.

Sorry. Potentially stupid question. I mean well! Have you actually tried using the optical even though the settings on the tv might say eARC? My Samsung from about 6 years ago (may it rest in peace) output a signal through optical no matter how the sound was set. I believe most other tvs of that time did the same.

Somewhat off-topic- yes, extremely annoying TVs (and soundbars) appear to phase out the convenient 3.5 audio connectors, which you can endlessly split and tinker with. My oldish (Samsung) TV has both optical and 3.5 outputs but I use the latter because only this TV output responds to my remote’s “mute” button…
The audio connects to a Bluetooth transmitter, to a receiver that splits sound to a cheapo amplifier and a pair of speakers for my wife, and a Phonak TV streamer with a separate volume knob for me.

On the question of using the optical along with another output, I did try that. This TV will output to only one external device via optical, HMDI, HMDI eARC, or Bluetooth at one time. Some options allow the internal TV speakers to also work at the same time. in trying to use an expensive external device, from HDFURy the HDMI signal was not split off correctly to the optical out port. They had me try various settings and non did the job. I had the same poor result using a device from another manufacturer. Now I’m going to try a simple optical splitter and see if that works.

Get the powered version if you can.
I have used both the powered and non powered.
The powered was the better choice with the TV streamer and a sound bar.