Audio from TV and Hearing Aid Transmitter at the same time

I ordered the non-powered first and then saw the post about getting the powered one. I canceled the original order and placed one for the powered version. It should arrive early next week. I will post the result of using it.


Hi Raudrive,

How is the cochlear implant doing? I was told I should consider one.

I am bilateral with Cochlear Kanso 2 and also Nucleus 7 processors.
It’s been life changing for me. My hearing had gotten bad enough that I isolated myself from many things in life. The CI’s have enabled me to get back out into the world and not be shy about it.
Have you had the CI evaluation yet? If not you should just for your own education especially if your audiologist has mentioned it


Just a thought on this…
I’ve got both RogerOn and Roger Select, and I can’t get a stereo feed to my hearing aids through either of my TVs (Samsung & Panasonic). Both only have the PCM option. I get full stereo, on both, with the Phonak TV Connector. I don’t know for certain, but I suspect the TVs have to have Dolby for stereo on the Roger base stations (which have the Dolby logo on them)

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Hi Raudrive,

I live in a small community in Oregon. The location for the CI evaluation is an almost 5-hour drive. My understanding is that it would take multiple trips to be evaluated, have the procedure, have the device turned on, and training. So I’m still considering it and have not yet made a final decision.

The evaluation for me was a one day thing. The ENT and audiologist worked out of the same office.

5 hours is a long drive!

Did you ever find PCM in the TV’s settings?
As mentioned I also get stereo from my TV streams as well.

Set to PCM or DTS and see if that works :

Yes, the five-hour drive is long and would require an overnight stay for each visit. I was unable to find a PCM setting in the TV menus. A Google search showed steps to take to find it, but I could not find all of the links/tabs to follow. I’m going with the optical option now and if it does not work, I will try and find the PCM setting again,

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I can’t seem to find CPM or DTS in the options. When I tried to follow the instructions in the link that GrayGhost supplied I could follow only part way and then it showed some settings which do not appear on the menu for my TV. I do not know if LG changed the settings on some TV’s like mine, Mine is a 2022 model: LG OLED55C2PUA. There are a lot of detailed instructions for RS-232C. I don’t know if these are required for CPM or DTS. They are beyond my audio understanding.

It should be in the audio area.

To access the Sound Out setting:

  • Open the Settings menu either by using the button on your remote, or if your remote doesn’t have a Settings button, press the Home/Smart button, then click the Settings icon.
  • Navigate to the Audio/Sound menu.
  • Choose Sound Out, then select the type of connection you used to connect your audio system.
    Try the option: “Use Multiple Speakers
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I believe you. I just can’t find them.

Hi, Thank you for the video. I have gone to the indicated settings and I am currently running the eARC HDMI out with TV Speakers to the eARC input port on the soundbar. Everything works fine. I just cannot at the same time run an optical cable from the TV optical out to the optical in on the Phonak Roger On base station and get any sound to the base station. My manual and the LG rep I talked with said the TV will support only one output type at a time. I tried two different external devices to take the HDMI eARC signal and split it into an eARC signal for the soundbar and an optical out for the base station. The soundbar worked, the base station did not. If I change the TV to optical out the base station works. From the little I understand is that one option is to use the optical out and a splitter to send optical signals to both the base station and the soundbar at the same time. I’m hoping this will work. I know I will some some advanced sound quality and the ability to control the soundbar with the TV remote. I’m sure I am missing something else about this, but I’m not sure what,

Do you have a DVD player connected to the TV. If you play a dvd do you get sound from the soundbar and the optical.

If you do then you will know that the TV is capable of output to both… if you find the correct setting … that is how I found out that my new Samsung was capable and then I found that setting to DTS and it works just fine.

I have not found a DTS option in my LG user manual. I have a 2022 model. I found the following on a web search and it looks like I’m a year too old.

LG has announced that its new 2023 TVs will offer native support for DTS audio codecs for the first time, including the Dolby Atmos rival DTS:X.

Xperi, the company behind DTS:X, revealed in a press release that LG’s latest OLED and premium LCD TVs would incorporate its audio codec.

EUREKA. I received the optical-powered splitter this afternoon (on a Sunday) and connected everything.

The TV remote turns on the TV, adjusts the TV speakers, and outputs to the optical port. The cable leads to the optical splitter.

One optical line from the splitter goes to the soundbar. The soundbar is turned on/off and the volume is with the soundbar controller.

The second optical line goes to the Phonak base station. Sound is adjusted via + and - switches on the side. The Roger On sits on the charging connection in the base and must be turned on. It recognizes the optical signal.

Now I have simultaneous sound from the TV speakers, the soundbar, and my hearing aids. Not as convenient as using HDMI ARC out, but well worth the trade-off.

A $20 product works and a $450 device does not.

My thanks to all of you who offered me suggestions.



Just in time for the Superbowl.

I skipped that. Instead watched a movie where I could control my sound and my wife’s hers.

Did I miss much?

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Great news Dennis, and valuable feedback