Asymmetric power consumption Phonaks

I noticed that my right Phonak P90R consumes significantly more energy than its colleague on the left, lasting about an hour shorter after a busy (BT) day. Is this usual behavior, or have I been supplied with a somewhat worn device?

Right Aid is the master aka Bluetooth side so will drain more. Left side gets it sound not from Bluetooth but from signal from the right.

Basically only right is set up for Bluetooth.

If your right ear is worse in audiogram then the audiologist can set the Bluetooth side to left so it will even out the power drain.


As @Zebras said, the right is the master, @RobHooft at the end of the day my right has usually at least 5% less charge than the left.

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Just weighing in here with my own oddity regarding RIGHT and LEFT aids. Perhaps my audi set the LEFT to be “master” cuz I’m still having a lot of problems with streaming TV audio to the RIGHT aid.

That RIGHT aid will either switch to ambient sound or NO sound at all, while the LEFT aid continues to stream audio with no issues.

My ears are equally cinderblock, so perhaps the audi did a coin-toss to decide which one to make the “master”.

My cell phone’s BT app only shows the pair of aids as a unified device, so the percent of battery discharge is a single number that pertains to the pair.