Artone Bluetooth LoopSet

Has anyone had any experience with this bluetooth neck loop solution? It seems like it is more compact than the Eli with neck loop. (I am planning on trying out the Micropower HA which can not be used with the Eli through direct plug as far as my understanding goes)

Yes, most if not all of the “micro” products from Phonak are not compatible with the ELI, thus you will have to use the My Link (loop) or another brand of T-coil loop to receive bluetooth signals.

This Artone looks interesting.

I will order one and give it a try and report back.

Please also let us know if you end up with it also.

I also am going to order it and try it out. I ended up getting the microSavia ART (though they wont be in until next week :frowning: ) After I get my hearing aids and my Artone device I will give some impressions on it as well.

I ordered a set of the Artones and will try them on several different types of hearing aids.

The Savia Art are great hearing aids…on the expensive side but you do get what you pay for.

Let us know how the combo works for you.

It is a lot cheaper this route versus spending $2K on the Micro Link/My Link system.

I am very curious as to how this all works out.

I will have to be using a remote to change my hearing aids to the correct setting, as I am currently trying out the microSavias, which do not have EasyPhone. I am sure that I will get use to clicking an extra button before I answer the phone, but come on Phonak! :stuck_out_tongue: Even the ITE Savia Arts have EasyPhone, and the micros have at least as much room for electronics as the ITE model :/. Aside from that, I really am liking these hearing aids.

As far as the Artone goes, I ordered from some company that was selling them at 220 rather than the 300 that they go for on the Artone web site. Unfortually, ATM the cheaper ones are on back order for like 2 weeks I was told. Once I get a chance to play with it I will report back.

With neckloops, you would want to manually switch instead of using easyphone anyway, as the magnetic strength is too low to activate easyphone, even on the ITE models.

I just got my Artone bluetooth neckloop this afternoon, so I will try them out on Monday and post ASAP.

I have also setup an account w/ them and should be able to sell them for around $150-$160 each.

Wow that is a lot cheaper than what I would have paid. The place I ordered from was on back order, so I am canceling that order for now, and will wait until you try them out.

Where can I buy one from you should it turn out to be a great solution?


Any word on your impressions of the Artone bluetooth neck-loop?

Yes, the Artone Bluetooth Neckloops have worked out very very well.

I prefer using it with a small custom CIC I had a manufacturer build for me, with just a telecoil, so it is virtually invisible.

We are currently selling the Artone Neckloops on our site at:

Well I have had my Artone neckloop for quite a while now. I own both the bluetooth one and the wired one. (the wired one I use as my Skype headset through a 2.5mm to PC headset adapter I got for like 2 bucks :p).

I really am liking my neckloop as well. I am using it with an HTC P3600 phone, and I love the fact that the Artone neckloop included the functionality for hands free operations. A huge plus for me, since I do not hardly ever have to even look at my phone to call people.

Great product, and I hope more come around like it. I will continue to be on the look out for cool new stuff like the Artone neckloops.

If I do find another one that looks like it has great potential I will let you know again :slight_smile:


This thread is a little old, but I thought I’d add to it for the next new user to come along.

I have an Artone neckloop. My hearing aids are Siemans Cielos. The sound quality, and volume is fantastic. And being able to use BOTH hearing aids while on the phone is a huge plus. The only drawback I have is when I am in a noisy location. I have my Cielos set to also use the microphone when in telecoil mode. Normally, that has been a good choice for me. But I’m starting to think about having one of my aids set for coil only when on the phone. I’ll use it awhile longer before I decide.

The neckloop has full functionality with my Razor phone. With my Treo PDA, it has limitied functionality. It seems the phone can’t do as much as the neckloop, so I can not fault Artone there.

All in all, it works well. It’s just a crying shame that even at $170.00 (or so) it IS overpriced. But, it seems “normal” to over charge folks who really need something, because we’ll pay. :mad:

I recently purchased the Maxit loopset, which although is slightly bigger than the Artone loop, the reception performance and application range is much better - very happy!

I recently purchased a Maxit loopset from Alibaba and found it works great with MP3 and my Nokia phone, it also has Blutooth version 2.0 compatability. Am verry happy

how do you know that the performance is much better? did you try Artone Loopset?? You bought both and decided that one of them is better?

Im an electronics engineer,
I have artone Loopset for 2 years now, one of their first models, and it works grate (although then they had bluetooth V.1 back then, now it should be better ), the sound fantastic and its very comfortable. Even the rechargeable battery after 2 years hold the charge very well. I used it with Nokia phones and HP Ipaq .
The performance is excellent on artone -
you wrote that the application range is much better on MASIT, the aplication can’t be different “fairted”- what applications? can you base it on something? the application for all Bluetooth audio chips (same version)are similar! If you don’t know what you saying, don’t say it! Also you did not mention what kind of MP3 you use… as MASIT can not work with regular MP3 players as they are not bluetooth compatible (there is possibility but you need special device to make MP3 players bluetooth compatible, but it can work just like that…), don’t confuse people with phony advertisement!

I just received the Artone loop set

I was able to pair it with my phone.

But now I don’t hear anything in my aids.

I just received my aids (Unitron element 16 moda) in march.

I am beginning to wonder if the auto telephone sensing is working or turned on.

Have any of you used this loop set with the unitron ?

I will try to see a audy tomorrow and advise.

Tom H


Today Wed july 25th I visited my Audi concerning my Artone bluetooth
situation stated above.

He enabled the Auto sensing east tel and that worked out good for those phones
that have a tele coil in them (basically the old MA bell hand sets) the auto sense still doesn’t work with the newer wireless phones. My aids would not
sense the artone tone in this mode. However !

We decided to try the setting for loopsets as a separte program and the Artone
does work with this program. I was hoping that the auto sense would work.

Now my only problem seems to be sound loudness in my ears (not always high enough) after some trial and error I think I’m able to say that the loudness isue maybe caused by other persons who call me that are also
using Bluetooth instead of talking into thier phone. When faced with a
low volume call I ask the person calling if they are using Bluetooth to see
if my guess is right. I will advise my findings.

Not sure I understand why all the features of my Aids aren’t turned on at the start of my fitting.

Tom h

ps My audi said he recently talked with a sales rep about aids that have
the Bluetooth built into future aids, the rep said the industry is working
on it but the Bluetooth uses alot of energy. ie currently lucky if you get
10 to 20 seconds with your aid battery. LOL

Yes, with auto sensing, auto coil, easy phone or whatever they call it, automatically switching (reed switching) telecoils often will not work with neckloops. Thus a manually accessible program for use with the telcoil works best. If you can make a specific program for use with the neckloop only and separate from regular telephones, it works even better, so that the specific program can be tweaked for best performance.

I have perfect hearing, yet when I use my bluetooth devices and the person I am speaking to is also using a bluetooth accessory, then I often find I have to ask people to repeat.

As for our earlier MAXIT post…we have tried both and know what the capabilities of both models are. Thus, we ask that any future posts about 1 product versus another be limited to actual observation. If you only have the results from one product, than please do not put down another product that has not been tested side by side.

On our website (, we sell the product that we felt worked the best and had the best benefit for our customers.

I have a friend that is curious how much a small custom CIC as you described would cost. He is interested in the neckloop bluetooth applications.

As my previous posts show I am in the process of learning to use
the Artone loop set . My main issue is the volume( not high enough
in a noisy situation)

I have made a appointment with my audi to adjust the volume up much
higher on the program we set up for the loop set.

I have determined the Bluetooth volume resets the volume to mid way
point when turned off, so when I make my first call I must readjust it to
the maximum of the 15 settings before using ( i forget to do this and
then miss calls).

I will have the Audi set the volume up much higher so when i start out
I can either raise or lower the sound level as needed. this way I can hear better when its noisy.

I really like this Artone product, especially the stereo effect.


Yes, you may want your audi to set the T-coil program higher. Some newer digitals, such as the Oticon Epoch will actually let the audi choose a telecoil program differently. Most manufacturers only have 1 telecoil choice, whereas the Oticon Epoch can choose between telephone T-coil or loop systems. The loop system choice gives greater gain, since the magnetic induction is less powerful when farther from the device.