Anyone using the new Signia Pure Charge&Go AX

I am curious to hear from real users. Their new “Augmented Focus” technology seems intriguing to me, but I haven’t heard from anyone using the hearing aids yet.

Signia’s unique beamforming technology forms the core of Augmented Focus. The sound input to the hearing aid is split into two signal streams. One stream contains sounds coming from the front of the wearer, while the other stream contains sounds arriving from the back. Both streams are then processed independently. This means that for each stream, a dedicated processor is used to analyze the characteristics of sound from every direction.

Source: Backgrounder Augmented Focus™ | Signia Pro

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Check out LawyerFL’s review here: Ready to upgrade from Oticon Opn 1. Should I select Oticon More or Phonak Paradise?

The discussion continues in that forum thread with another review here: Ready to upgrade from Oticon Opn 1. Should I select Oticon More or Phonak Paradise?

following. I’m interested in these, too. I’m wearing 3 year old Resounds, currently demoing the latest Resounds (underwhelmed) and on Wednesday I get to demo the 7x level of the Signia AX instruments, excited to try them. I’ll report back.

Have you tried them? They have also been proposed to me, but I would first like to hear the opinion of those who have tried them.
Where can I get a data sheet to find out if they are suitable for my type of severe loss?

yeah, demoing them right now and so impressed I’m buying them. I’ll come back when I have a bit more time and write up a more detailed review, but speech clarity is definitely better. One example. I NEVER watch tv without close captions. Ever unless it’s sports and the captions are showing up in an obtrusive spot. So we turn on a movie on HBO and after about 15 minutes a character says something I struggle to hear and look at the captions and realize they haven’t been on, and I’ve been tracking what they’re saying. That was very cool. I’m still using captions with these but I absolutely hear dialogue better. And one complaint with my Resounds was everything I streamed sounded harsh and tinny. These have a full, rich sound that is beautiful, and music is awesome.

The charger kinda sucks, stupid design, I keep it on my nightstand and it has two green lights that glow brightly so I have to put a coffee cup over it, and I like the Resound app better than the Signia one, though they’ve improved theirs a lot.

I wear custom molds with my Resounds, with these demos I have powerdomes that don’t really stay seated well and I’m still hearing better. We’ll do custom molds with these and I expect to hear even better than I do with the domes.

So, big thumbs up from me on these.


to compare Phonak Paradise with Signia AX. is the AX much better in quality?

By the way, is there an UltraPower version of BTE?

Thanks for the review. And I might ask you how much the Pure C&G 7AX cost from you?

I found one review from one page. But I’m surprised that other well-known audiologists haven’t made their own review of this hearing aid to see how different it is from Phonak, Widex, etc., for example.

Had the signia acitive pro for a few weeks. Now trying the pure c&g 7 ax. There is a larger earpiece on this one. Off the bat every thing sounds so much better. Have almost pulled them off myself a few times removing mask/ reading glasses.

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I also tried the active pro and now am trailing the 7 ax. The tulip domes are the most comfortable for me and sound decent. they also help with feedback.

How do your 7 ax sound in noisy environments like restaurant or large gathering? Mine are awful and I am wondering if it is a fitting issue (no real ear measurement is available from this provider).

My battery life is only about 15 hours - how is yours?

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Not sure on how long they last yet. First day having them. Will be trying them in a crowded situation on sat and will know more about them then.

I downloaded the Signia hearing aid setup software. To study what hearing aids offer for my hearing impairment. And I’m surprised.
Signia offers strong RIC versions of hearing aids, like the Phonak Naida Paradise in the BTE version. Power up to 115 db and with a strong battery.
It seems to me that signia is more oriented towards RIC versions for more severe hearing impairment and I like that. Maybe my future HA could be a Signia because I would like a Wire instead of a tube. I put a picture to you see where my hearing loss is on the chart.
Phonak Naida Paradise in the rechargeable version is not strong enough for me but this Signia is. I really like that.

It appears Signia has a stronger receiver now for RIC type aids.
Most receivers for other brands top out around 105 dB.
This 115 dB receiver by Signia is still not up to their own or other BTE ultra power aids with 675 batteries but getting closer. If the receiver fits in a person’s ear canal it does open new ways for severe and getting into profound hearing losses.

Thanks for sharing Signia information.

An attachment with more information.

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You might want to check out the Signia Motion x series. They cover up to profound loss. and over 60 hours per charge…If I stick with Signia, it will be in the Motion X series…only drawback for some folks is that they seem to be a bit larger than what is the current fashion, but that is not an issue for me…